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These cards belong to the portion of my collection dealing with the old county courthouses of North and South Carolina.  There are almost 200 counties that fit into this collection and many of these counties have a "new" and "old" courthouse.

I am always interested in trading these cards if you happen to have one and are interested in a trade.  For those unfamiliar with post-cards; if the card is not absolutely mint, unused, with very sharp corners then the value is between only $1 - $5 even if it is 75 years old.  Too many folks are sending emails offering to sell me these old cards for $20+...  One of the pleasures of post-card collecting is that they are cheap.

USGenWeb Project volunteers may link to these graphics if desired or I can make you a larger scan -- others please make a copy to your own drive.

N-690 Buncombe County Court House and City Hall, Asheville N.C. E-6509 postally unused by the Asheville Post Card Company.

Automobiles indicate a period of pre-WWII.

427: - Cherokee County Court House, Murphy, N.C. 45770 postally unused.  By the Asheville Post Card Company.

Estimated period is about WWII era.

M-13 Cherokee County Court House at Night, Murphy, N.C. E-9103

A postally unused linen era card by the Asheville Post Card Company.

S-10 East Entrance, Cleveland County Court House, Showing Artesian Well, Shelby N.C. E-4522 postally unused.  By the Asheville Post Card Company.

Forsyth County Court House, Winston-Salem, N.C. -- 24.  3532-N Glass litho by E.C. Kropp Company.  Postally unused.

Estimated period is "divided back - white border" era of 1915 - 1930.

G-13 Guilford County Court House, Greensboro, N.C. This is a CURTEICH (C.T.Art-Colortone) number 1BH1869 printed in 1941 and distributed by Davis News Company of Burlington NC.

S-10 Illuminated Fountain at Foot of Jackson County Court House, Sylva N.C.  This card is number E-11975 postally unused by the Asheville Post Card Company.

N-446 McDowell County Court House, Marion, N.C.  This is postally unused card number E-4865 by the Asheville Post Card Company.

EC-13 -- Pasquotank County Court House, Elizabeth City, N.C.  

This is a CURTEICH numbered 2B-H255 produced in 1942.

BC-3 Court House, Bryson City, N.C. E-8025

Bryson City is in Swain County.  This card was produced by the Asheville Post Card Company in about the early 1940's.  Notice the ESSO station in the lower right...

H-12 Vance County Court House, Henderson, N.C. 73185 postally unused card produced by the Asheville Post Card Company.

Wake County Court House, Raleigh, N.C. CURTEICH No. 61026 ("C" card ?) -- This card is postally used and postmarked Feb. 7, 1942 in Raleigh.  It is a "Divided Back - White Border" "gloss litho" card dating to before 1925 according to the production number.

A beautiful momentary peek into the past...

W-31 Wilson County Court House at Night, Wilson, N.C. E-6637

A postally unused linen era card from Asheville Post Card Company.

W-16 Wilson County Court House, Wilson, N.C. E-5735

A postally unused linen era card from the Asheville Post Card Company.


More postcards...

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