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Historic Chester County
South Carolina

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Chester District Genealogical Society...Serving Chester, Fairfield, Lancaster, Union and York Counties
PO Box 336 Richburg, S.C. 29729

Publications Available as of January 2007:   (All prices INCLUDE postage unless otherwise noted)

1.    Back issues of Bulletins 1978 - 1993                 $12.00 / year
1a. Back issues of Bulletins 1994-1999                    $16.00 / year 
1b. Back issues of Bulletins 2000-                            $20.00 / year 

1c. Complete Index to Back Issues of The Bulletin’s

Articles 1978 – 2004 $15.00

12. Dr. Chalmers Davidson's 1977 address to the American Scotch-Irish Society  "The Scotch-Irish of the Piedmont Carolinas"                                                                             $5.00

2. Hopewell A.R.P. Church Cemetery Inscriptions,
    pictures, list of Elders from 1787 to date, brief 
    church history.                                                                  $12.00

13.  1825 Mills Atlas Of Chester County, SC
Small Size 8 1/2" x 11"                                                        $2.00
Large Size  20" x 30"                                                           $5.00

3. Records of Session Meetings of Hopewell ARP
    Church,  1832-1892                                                          $10.00

  14. Rose Hill Cemetery Inscriptions (2200) stones
        in York, SC                                                                   $10.00

4.  Dr. Robert Lathan's "History of Hopewell ARP
     Church" pub. date 1879                                                  $16.00

15. Wardlaw's "Genealogy of the Witherspoon Family"  $18.00

5. Revolutionary Soldiers (65), families (900),
     individuals (2700) of Old Catholic Presbyterian
    Church & Index                                                               $19.00 

16. "A McFadden Chronology" by William T. Skinner,
        begins with Candour McFadden (1710) and continues
        through 1900.                                                               $14.00

6.  Cemetery Inscriptions of Old Catholic Presbyterian       $5.00

  17. "Captain Bill" Records and writings of         Capt.W.H.Edwards,
           Co. A, 17th Reg. SC Volunteers  CSA
           Volume I                                                                   $15.00
           Volume II                                                                 $15.00
           Volume III (now available!)                                   $30.00

7.  Minutes of Old Catholic Presbyterian Church
     1840 - 1844  with index.  (Never Published Before)      $14.00

18. Historical Sketch of People and Places
       of Bullock Creek - Rev. Jerry West                              $14.00

8.  Dr. Robert Lathan's "Historical Sketch, Union
     ARP Church, Richburg, SC                                            $14.00

19. Bethel Churchyard Cemetery, York Co.                       $10.00

9. Old Purity Presbyterian Church Cemetery Inscript.       $ 6.00

20. Tombstone Inscriptions - Evergreen Cemetery, Chester SC
       334 pages updated 2004 Hard back with City Cemetery
       Maps!                                                                             $40.00

10.  Minutes of Providence and Hopewell Baptist
       Churches 1826-1876  (131 pages)                                $10.00 

21. Descendants of Ulster McFadden Settlers of Chester County

1710 - 2004                                                                    $17.00

11. Bethel Churchyard Cemetery, York SC                        $10.00




To download an order form for any of the above publications, go here.


" Some Families that Settled in Chester County in the Late 1700's" by Thelma Burnside Shannon

   This book names and describes the KNOX, McDANIEL, JOHNSON, MOBLEY, McKEOWN, ELLIOTT, SHANNON, BARBER,

Order by mail from the author:   Mrs. Thelma Burnside, 1424 Center Road, Chester, SC 29706
COST:   $25.00 +$2.00postage = $27.00

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