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John Sauer 5/21/2000
Does anyone have information on AGERTON's that were descended from Thomas AGERTON, Sr. Thomas AGERTON moved to Chesterfield County from Cumberland County, NC, sometime before 1820. Thank you.

Rosalyn Alsobrook 5/21/2000
Can anyone give me any information about this ALSOBROOK family? Anyone know who Willis Wall ALSOBROOK's father was? Anyone know what became of this son, William ALSOBROOK? 1850 Chesterfield County Census, page 167 b dw 1056: Willie W. ALSOBROOK 58, farmer, 8000, SC; Elizabeth P. 38 female, NC; Franklin L. 23 male, farmer, SC; William 16 male, SC; Jane POWELL 24 female, SC. Thanks.

Rosalyn Alsobrook 3/28/2000
Our great-great grandfather, William M. ALSOBROOK, is listed in the 1850 Dyer County, TN, and 1860 Carroll Parish LA Censuses. Two out of three censuses show William M. ALSOBROOK born abt. 1831, born in SC. In 1850 he was in Dyer County, TN, with his bride, Sue Ann (Snow), living with a Pitts family. A search of GenWeb shows there was an ALSOBROOK in Chesterfield County in 1850. I am hoping this is either my William's father or a sibling. The census index lists only a Mary ALSOBROOK, an R.G. ALSOBROOK, and a WW ALSOBROOK in the 1830 SC Census and all three are in Chesterfield District. Any information on these Alsobrooks would be appreciated.

Anderson 1/23/2000
I am searching for information on Arlington ANDERSON of Chesterfield County, SC, Pageland area, born December 02, 1861, married Laura Mangum. Thanks.

Mike Atkinson 3/28/2000
Does anyone have information on ATKINSON's that were descendants from Burnwell ATKINSON (mid 1850 Anson Co.)? Does anyone have information on Ida Rosa HILTON that was married to Thomas WATTS? Does anyone have information past Willis GREGORY Sr. (b. 1785)? Thanks.

Catherine Baker North 3/30/2000
Searching for a William Preston BAKER, born in Mt. Croghan, SC, Chesterfield County in 1870. he was the son of William Perry BAKER and Louisa Sellers Gulledge BAKER. He was in Darlington, SC, in 1920 but have not been able to find anything else on him. He also had two sisters, Lou Anna BAKER Richardson, b. July 18, 1857, wife of Frank B. Richardson, residing in Mt. Croghan, SC, and Susan E. BAKER Hendrick, b. Dec. 1860, and married to Jeffe or Jesse E. Hendrick, also living in Mt. Croghan, SC in 1900. Lou Anna BAKER Richardson was the daughter of William Perry BAKER and his first wife Mary Caroline McBride. Susan E. BAKER was the daughter of William Perry BAKER and his second wife, Rebecca Jane Strother, also of Chesterfield County. William Preston BAKER was the son of the third marriage to Louise Sellers Gulledge BAKER. Any help in finding my Great Aunts and Uncles would be appreciated. Thanks.

Otis Madison Baker, Jr. 2/12/2000
I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Otis Madison BAKER, said to be born in Chesterfield County December 21, 1888. I would like to know his father and mother's name and any information that is available. I have the family name and have been told that it goes back for many generations. Thank you.

Keith L. Berry 10/21/99
Looking for any info concerning the following members of the BERRY family: John, German, David, Jemima, Blanche and Alice. John, German, David and Jemima moved to MS about 1820 from Chesterfield County, SC. Jemima married John SHIVERS. Thanks.

Kitty Barfield Gagen 3/06/99
I would like to get some information on BLACKWELLS MILL. I am trying to find where in South Carolina my BLACKWELL ancester came from. His name was Thomas BLACKWELL and his second wife was Mary GREEN? I believe Thomas was born abt. 1792. I hope that all the Blackwell named locations in Chesterfield Co. will provide some helpful information. In any event I would like to find out the historical significance of BLACKWELLS MILL. Thanks you very much.

Denise Chadwick 1/23/2000
I am currently doing some genealogy research on my maternal parents family. I'm interested in finding out any information you may have acquired on an Allen BLAKENEY, who lived circa 1870s? Thank you for your time and consideration.

Thomas J. Boatwright, Jr. 11/23/99
Can anyone help me find information on George BOATWRIGHT who married Garphia Sweeney. They had one son, Thomas Jackson BOATWRIGHT, Sr., born on October 9, 1916, died January 10, 1970, in Columbia, SC. Thank you for any help you can give.

Sue Breeden 9/19/99
I have received information that a James BREEDEN was listed on the Chesterfield County, SC census of 1779. My husband's greatgrandfather was a JAMES from SC who moved to Stewart County, TN, and is listed on that census in 1850 as being 52 years old. I've hit the "brick wall". Would appreciate any information. Thanks.

Mark Brewer 5/21/2000
I am trying to find information about the BREWER Mine that was located in Chesterfield County at approximately the time of the Revolutionary War. There is a reference to it in the 1896 North Carolina bulletin on Gold Deposits of North Carolina. I am interested in any information on members of the BREWER family that might have lived in the county and presume that a mine by that name would indicate the family was present there at one time. Thank you.

Danny Bryant 4/04/99
I am inquiring about the BRYANT/BRIANT surname in Chesterfield County, SC. I have ancestry there since the 1800's. My great grandfather was born there in 1900, and his parents, Georgianna and Lloyd BRYANT supposedly lived there their entire lives. Can you please provide some assistance with locating information on this family Name. Thank you.

Bevin J. Creel 7/16/99
My great great great grandfather, James BROCK, was born in 1793, in Chesterfield County, SC. I believe he was the son of one Valentine BROCK, born about 1767, in the Chesterfield County, SC area. James married Elizabeth Purvis, born 1806, in Chesterfield County, SC, the daughter of James Purvis Sr. James and Elizabeth moved via Alabama to Pike County, MS, settling here in 1828. James died here in 1876, having fathered nine children. Would appreciate any information you can give on these people. (I have info on descendants and would love to share.) Thank you.

Murie Medlock 6/17/99
I am looking for anyone with any info on a Earnest Lee BROADWAY Sr. He was born 9/16/05 and died 9/19/58. He was born in SC and lived and died in Chesterfield, SC. He was married to Carrie P. BROADWAY who was born 8/2/08 and died 7/87. She was born in NC, lived and died in Chesterfield, SC. They had 7 or 8 children. Some of their names were Kelly Sellers, James D. BROADWAY, Harold BROADWAY, born 3/6/27, died in 1952 in SC, Earnest Lee BROADWAY Jr. born 6/26/36, died 4/6/77, born in SC and died in NC. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Barbara R. Bryant 3/28/2000
I am searching for a Margaret (Peg) BROWN, born in Chesterfield County, SC, around 1832/1838. She had one son, William (middle initial A. or D.) BROWN, born about 1858-1862, who was married to Georgiana Gainey 1885/1890. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. I have found them listed on the census for 1860, 1870, 1880, but cannot find where they are buried, so that I can get correct dates, etc. Thanks.

Barbara Ward 10/21/99
I am looking for information on a Libby BROWN who resided in Chesterfield Co., SC and owned land on the east side of Lynches Creek near Massey Mill and the Holley's to the south. His neighbor's in the 1810 census were Jordan, Horton, Smith, Kirkley, Rodes, Jackson, Lane, Scarborough, Reader and McDonald, plus another BROWN, Alex and John. These were on page 578. Libby relocated to Perry County, Alabama by 1820. I am looking for a land grant or deed for my Libby BROWN; either him purchasing the land or possibly it being deeded to him from a relative. I found this land information from a book I found at the South Carolina Archives; an atlas with counties that was surveyed by J. Boykin 1820 (Mills Atlas) 1825. If you can help me in anyway, I would be so very grateful. Thanking you in advance.

Tony Powell 5/21/2000
As my BURKETT forefathers came from perhaps your area and removed to Butler County, Alabama, about 1825, is there anyone with these names in your files? Two of the original BURKETTS from this area to Butler County were married to Stapleton and Herrington females. Land documents from your area show transactions between these families. Thank you.

Betty L. Casiday6/11/99
Trying to find out about the CASIDAY family. Several of the spellings are Casada/Cassady/Cassaday. I was told that a William was born in 1796 in SC and later died in Georgia or Alabama. He was married to a Amias Davis. Thank you.

Leisa 3/04/2000
I am looking for any information that anyone can provide me concerning the CAULDER, KIRKLEY, RAINWATER and TURNER families in Chesterfield County. I am originally from Cheraw, and my father is a TURNER and my mother is originally a CAULDER. My maternal grandfather was a KIRKLEY, and both my paternal grandmother and a maternal great-grandmother were RAINWATERs. I have very little information on any of these families, and would like any help you can provide. Thanks.

Amma Crum 10/17/99
According to the Family Bible, my great grandmother, Elizabeth CHANCELLOR, was born 20 December 1816 in Chesterfield County, SC. Her parents were William CHANCELLOR (born between 1780-1790) and Mary (maiden name unknown). They were in Washinton County, GA in 1820 and in Monroe County, GA by 1824. According to his will, there were six children (besides Elizabeth): Marion; William, Jr.; Harriett; Sarah; Nancy and Gilliam. Can anyone help me with anything about this family? Who were the parents of William, Sr.? What was the maiden name of Mary? Where in Chesterfield did they live? Thanks.

Kathleen Clark Sullivan 5/30/99
I am searching for the Charles Wesley CLARK & Harriet Blakeney Evans family. Charles Wesley CLARK was born 1840 in VA, married Harriet B. Evans, abt. 1860 he served in the Civil War, he died in Pageland, Chesterfield County, SC on Sept 1, 1895. Harriet was born Aug. 19, 1840, died June 30, 1904, both are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Hwy. 9, Pageland, SC. They had nine children, all born and lived around the Pageland area: (1) Benjamin Franklin CLARK, born 1862 (2) Jo Ann CLARK, born Feb. 14, 1868, married William John Blakeney (3) Frances Roxanne CLARK, born 1864 (4) John W. CLARK, born Nov. 30, 1865 (5) Alice Victoria CLARK, born 1871 (6) Rufus M. CLARK, born June 18, 1869, married Effie Blakeney (7) Columbus C. CLARK, born Oct. 23, 1871 (8) Travis Alexander CLARK, born 1873, married Hattie Virginia Blakeney (9) Effie CLARK, born abt. 1876. Some of the children were buried at Rose Hill Cemetery also. Please, if anyone has any connection to the CLARK family, please share it with me. Thank you so much for any help.

Harold W. Cochran 8/08/99
The 1850 SC Census Index shows that in Chesterfield County, SC, there was a COPELAND, Archibald, #105, T: No Twp listed, C145, and family research shows that Archibald Joshua COPELAND married Delila Burgess October 10, 1858, by J.W. Jones. Archibald COPELAND had two small children by previous marriage, named Millie b. 1851, and Martha b. 1856 - According to the 1880 Blount County, Alabama, U.S. Census - Blountsville Township 11 RN 1 East, COPELAND, Archibald age 68 born in SC: According to the US Census, his father and mother both born in Maryland. Archibald had wife, Delilah (Burgess) age 55. Delilah was born in Georgia. Her father was b. in TN, and her mother was b. NC. In 1858 when Archibald Joshua COPELAND married Delilah Burgess he was 46 years old and Delila was 24. If anyone has information, please contact me. Thank you.

Jim Roberts 9/19/99
Seeking information on Aaron COPELAND, a Rev. War Veteran. I have his Rev. War service record and will exchange information.

Linda Kanevsky 4/24/99
I am researching the surnames DAVIS, SKINNER and ANDERSON in Cheraw, SC. Benjamin SKINNER had a 200 acres land grant in Sparrow Swamp, Cheraw, SC in 1785. He married (unknown) and had about 10 children, including a son, Benjamin, who was born in the Pee Dee River area circa 1775. Benjamin, the younger, was a farmer in the area, and married Charity DAVIS on 20 May 1796 in Bertie Co., NC, but lived in Cheraw. They had at least 6 children, probably all born in SC, as the oldest son was born there in 1805 and the youngest son in 1819. The family moved around the 1820's to Edwards Co., IL. Children born were: John Davis Skinner, born 1805, (possibly named after his grandfather?), who married Barpha ANDERSON; Nancy SKINNER, who married William Batson; Clarissa SKINNER, who married James Huston; Chlorinda SKINNER, who married a Mr. Carlton; another female child who married a Mr. Moss; and son Samuel, born 1819, who married Elizabeth Fortner. The original SKINNER family member was supposed to have come to America in 1642, but I don't know anything about him. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Bill Snipes 1/23/2000
Seeking information on the family of John Henry DAVIS, born in Chesterfield County, SC, married Elizabeth Mae SNIPES, born 1889. Their children are Dola, Juanita, Richard T., Martha, Mary, John, Mae, Doris and Bratton C. DAVIS, born 1910 (dob for other children unknown). I have quite a bit on the SNIPES side but nothing on John Henry's parents or siblings. Thanks.

Bob Mattox3/28/2000
My great great grandfather was Duncan DEAS/DEES. Duncan was the son of Absalom DEAS/DEES. Duncan enlisted in Company "B" of the 9th South Carolina Infantry (Pee Dee Legion) in 1861. I am unable to find any other information on what happened to Duncan. I suspect he may have been killed or rendered an invalid during the first few years of the war. Any information on what happened to Duncan would be greatly appreciated.

Rose M. Spencer 5/29/99
Seeking information on the parents of Richard DEES b. 22 Mar. 1814 Chesterfield County, SC, and his wife Zelphia PRICE B. 27 aUG. 1811. They both died in Pageland, Chesterfield County, SC. Their children were: Docia Mae DEES/mar. Dorsey Pigg; Priscilla; Charlotte/mar. John A. Maples; Keziah; Zelphia A.; Winney and Martha Jane/mar. Stephen Decatur MOSS. Would like to contact anyone who knows anything about the children of any of the above.

Lenard Hudson 10/17/99
I am searching for Bettie DeLAINE, probably born a slave; her husband, Burton THOMPSON and her daughter Sarah H., who later married Sumner BOSTON. I am told they were "from" Chesterfield. They later resided in Manning, SC, Clarendon County. Thanks.

Sheilia Dixon Waller 10/17/99
I am looking for any information I can get on DIXONs of Chesterfield County, SC. Thank you.

Ruby Wagner 5/21/2000
Looking for the names of Sidney Preston DONAHUE's mother and father from Chesterfield County, SC. Thank you.

Joanne Harley 1/23/2000
One of my ancestors was John DONALDSON, who was an early merchant in Chesterfield County, SC. His Rev. War records state that he was from England, and born ca 1745. His wife was a lady named Sarah, who I have not been able to trace due to the lack of a maiden name. He moved his family to Richmond County, NC, and died shortly thereafter, in 1781. He named Ely Kershaw as one of the Executors of his estate. Would be glad to hear from anyone with a suggestion on where to look for Sarah's family. She remarried Daniel HICKS.

Carl Cummings 3/28/2000
I am researching the EVANS family in Chesterfield County, SC. My ggrandfather Thomas Robeson EVANS was born 29 Dec 1858 in Chesterfield County, SC. He married Annie Causey Walsh. My gggrandfather was Robert Edward EVANS born 26 Oct 1836 in Chesterfield County, SC. He married Rebecca Ford Robeson. I am trying to find his father (believed to be Will John EVANS) and his grandfather (believed to be Enoch EVANS). Any help on Will, John or Enoch would be greatly appreciated.

Carol Lyles Canady1/18/99
I am looking for information on Everett FLOWERS. My grandmother's maiden name was FLOWERS and Joel FLOWERS was her father and his father was Everett FLOWERS. Thanks so much.

Timothy O. Jones 3/06/99
I am searching for my ancestors. My grandfather and grandmother both were born in Chesterfield County. My great grandfather was Harold FUNDERBURK. He was founder of Flint Ridge Baptist Church, Pageland, SC. I have hundreds of relatives in Chesterfield County. My mother and sister currently live in Pageland. My paternal grandfather was Joe Bridges of Pageland. Also, if you have any information on him I would also be glad to get it. My paternal grandmother was Mary Threatt Bridges also of Pageland. I am trying to do a family tree. Thanks. Note, this e-mail address is not currently functioning. Below is a reply to his query: I am directly related to the Millers of Chesterfield county, but I also have a connection to the FUNDERBURKs. I hope this helps you a little. Jackson Miller, b 9/11/1814, d. 1888 m. Francis FUNDERBURK, b. 1820, d 1892. I show that they had 12 children. I also show John F. FUNDERBURK & Rachel Laney as Francis' parents. I have names, but not dates. I'm related to Jackson's brother, James Madison Miller. James is my direct lineage. Jackson &Francis' son, Thomas J. Miller, m. Jane FUNDERBURK. I don't have info on them. Thomas J. FUNDERBURK, b. 1847, d. 1934, m. Mary Frances Welsh, b. 1851. Mary Frances Welsh is the daughter of John Rushing Welsh & Harriet Miller. Harriet is the sister of Jackson Miller and the daughter of Michael Miller & Frances Welsh. Thanks. If you have any information on the Miller Family, please let me know. Sincerely, Kay (

David Gandy 3/28/2000
I am searching for my great grandfather William GANDY who was married to Mary Ellen McKay (born 1860, died 12/6/1926). His son, my grandfather was William Wesley "Bud" GANDY (born 12/20/1890, died 6/30/1957 in Concord, NC). I believe he originated from one of three South Carolina Counties--Darlington, Chesterfield, or York. Any information provided on GANDY's in Darlington County would be appreciated.

Charles Scott Lloyd 3/06/99
I am looking for information on the surname GARDNER, in particular John Nelson GARDNER, my great great grandfather. He was a member of Kershaw's Brigade in the Civil War, and survived the war to reside in Chesterfield County. Any information you could give me on him and any of the GARDNERs that resided in Chesterfield County, would be extremely helpful in my search to learn more about my mother's side of the family. Thank you for your help.

I am looking for information on the GARDNER Family. My great grandfather was George Washington GARDNER born June 1858. My great-grandmother was Sarah Horton GARDNER born 1859. Thanks.

Alta Claunch 10/17/99
Researching descendants of Enda C. KING b. 1831 and d. 1897, married first Leonidas PARKER, and married second Rev. James M. GARRISON of Chesterfield County, SC. Please e-mail me with any information.

Kathy Blake 10/17/99
My Great Grandfather is Barnum Alexander GIBSON, born March 02, 1875, in Chesterfield County, SC. Per his social security number application his father was John Cloyd GIBSON and his mother was Ardenia IRBY (believed to have first been married to a T. Pigg). Barnum married Upherseane Ferguson (she was first married to Jesse Baucom), daughter of James Ransom Ferguson and Martha Ellen Williams. Barnum died in Mecklenburg County, NC, in July of 1943. Any help at all would be appreciated. I am at a loss on Barnum GIBSON and his family. Thank you.

Jennifer Gilbert Gibson 1/18/99
Looking for parents of William "Henry" GIBSON said to be born 14 Oct. 1861 in Chesterfield County, SC and died 23 May 1937 in Mt. Croghan. He married (1) Siddie RIVERS (1847-1890) on 14 Sep 1884 in Chesterfield. They had one child, Ethel Cleone GIBSON 1888-1892. Henry married (2) Mary Emma PORTER after 1892, daughter of Mary PHILLIPS and Miles W. PORTER. William Henry and M. Emma had two children: M. Alliene born 1902 and William Finley GIBSON 1908-1948. Wm. Henry and his wife M. Emma are buried in the Elizabeth Church Cemetery in Mt. Croghan, as is William Finley GIBSON; his wife Grace L. Greene and M. Alliene who married Arthur Boyd HENDRICKS. Miles Porter and his wife Mary Phillips are in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Pageland. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Dennis J. Hawkins 10/17/99
Seeking information about an Emsley GOLEY from Chesterfield County, SC, or any info about this family. Thanks.

Elizabeth Goodrum 2/12/2000
I am searching for information on Nathaniel E.E. GOODRUM born 1812 in South Carolina. The 1840 census shows him in Chesterfield, SC. He married 1) Martha ? She was born in Ireland 2)Martha Ann Bradley Perkins. He had three children with his first wife: Mary Ann, born 8/14/1837 in SC; Robert A.T., born 1842 in SC; and Margarett, born 1867. It is said that he was a doctor and circuit rider. If anyone has any information on this family, please contact me. I have hit a dead-end. Thanks.

Tony L. Thomason 5/30/99
I am searching for James Thaddeus GOODWIN. He was born 1810 in Chesterfield County, SC. His wife's name was Elizabeth Chastain. If anyone has any information regarding James' parent's names, I would be most appreciative. I would also be willing to share my information on the GOODWIN family.

Charlotte Graham 5/21/2000
I am looking for the burial site of three different relatives and their spouses: John GRAHAM b. 1769-1773, d 1853, and his wife (unsure of her name, possibly Mary Pennington, Mary Finlayson or Effie McGoogan; secondly, Daniel A. GRAHAM b. 1811, d 1893, and his wife Catherine Parker b. 1812, d. 1895; thirdly, Daniel A. GRAHAM, Jr. b. 1848, d 1927, and his wife, Mary Ann Eddins b. 1857, d 1894. Any information that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Larry Grant 3/28/2000
Seeking information on the John W. GRANT, b. 1810 in Chesterfield County, SC, husband of Margaret. Father of Andrew Jackson GRANT, b. 1835. Andrew's wife was Sarah Jane McLEOD. Sarah's father was Daniel McLEOD, and she was believed to be born in Richmond County, NC, in 1834. Her mother is reported to be Catherine (Katie) McDUFFIE. Any information will be helpful.

Ruby Wagner 5/21/2000
Need to know information on James GULLEDGE, wife's name Elizabeth Sellers; second wife was Etta Melton from Chesterfield County, SC. Would like to know their date of birth and death. Would like to know their mother and father's names and births and deaths. Thanks.

Millard H. Simmons 8/08/99
I am looking for the parents of William GULLEDGE of Chesterfield County, SC. He is listed in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 Chesterfield County census. I believe his wife to have been named Mary. He had one son named John W. GULLEDGE b. ca 1818, a daughter named Caroline, one named Mary who married John Wilks and one son named William D. GULLEDGE. There was also one other daughter name unknown. The entire family is found in the 1849 tax rolls of Monroe County, Ga. From there they moved to Alabama. Any help would be appreciated.

Larry W. Cates 1/18/99
Looking to make contact with any and all descendants of Absalom HAMMOND (b. 7 May 1835, Robeson Co., NC; d. 4 Feb 1893, Chesterfield Co., SC). He married first Mary WILLIAMS (1840--14 Jul 1878) and had: Joseph Calhoun (1861-1924) m. Arminta J., Jennie Lynn (1866-1937) m. Clinton D. WALLACE, Mary L. (b. 1868), Henrietta (1877-1937) m. Moses QUICK, Lucy (1875-1914) m. Joseph F. CAULDER, Robert (1873-1915), Harriett (b. 1878). He married secondly, Eliza Ann Hatcher (1855-1918) and had, Allen (b. 1879), William M. (b. 1883), Sue H. (1885-1918) M. Charlie T. PEELE, Jervis Henry (1889-1918), Annie Lee (1891-1915) m. M.L. FRYE, Abbie (1893-1918) m. G.H. LILES. Looking for photographs of any and all members of this family, family stories, further generations of descendants. Thanks.

Christina Melton Hansen 1/18/99
I am researching my HAMMOND family line which has led so far to the family of my great-great grandfather, Absalom HAMMOND, in Chesterfield Co., SC. The following is generally what I know: Absalom HAMMOND b. 1835 in NC, d. 1893 in SC, m. 1. Mary J. WILLIAMS before 1861, b. 1840, d. 1878 in SC, m. 2. Eliza A. HATCHER before 1880, b. between 1854 & 1856 in SC, d. abt. 1918. Children of Absalom & Mary are Joseph b. 1861 d. 1924 in SC, Emeline b. abt. 1866, Mary b. abt. 1869, Robert b. abt. 1871, Lucy b. abt 1876, "Hattie" (Henrietta) b. 1878 in SC d. 1930 in SC. Children of Absalom & Eliza are Allen b. 1880 in SC, William M. b. 1882 in SC d. 1929 in NC, Sue b. 1886, Absalom (?) b. 1889, Jervis Henry b. 1890 in SC d. 1918, Annie b. 1892, Oscar b. 1894, Abbie b. 1898, unknown child b. (?). I believe all of Absalom's children were born in Chesterfield, SC and a good many lived and died here as well. Any and all questions, answers, corrections, responses welcome. Thanks.

Hancock 3/28/2000
I would like to know about my ancestors. My father's name is Lonnie HANCOCK and my grandmother is Maybelle HANCOCK. Thanks.

Jarrod Harris 1/18/99
Seeking information on John Thomas HARRIS and Simon HARRIS. These brothers lived in the Chesterfield District of South Carolina up until the 1840's when they moved to Sumter Co., Alabama. John (1827-1883) married Sarah Caroline KEY (1826-1890) of the Chesterfield District. Simon (1836-1910) married Penelope Anne HOLLY (1835-1918), daughter of John HOLLY and Nancy ELLIS of the Chesterfield District. Would like to know who John and Simon's parents were. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Cheryl M. Sievers 5/21/2000
I am researching the HATCHER family of Chesterfield/Marlboro/Horry County(s). I have information which has been passed to me from my mother, Josephine HATCHER, who was born in Cheraw, that there was an area commonly referred to as Hatchertown. This would have been somewhere between Cheraw and Bennettsville. I am also inquiring as to any information regarding the marriage of Byrdine HATCHER to Frances Pearl Demery, and the birth of Josephine HATCHER. The marriage would be about 1926-28, with the birth date being March 19, 1929. I know that Albert HATCHER, my mother's great uncle, was a resident of Chesterfield County until his death in 1984. Possible other HATCHERs who were at one time or another residents of Chesterfield County would be Chester, Hebron, Noah, or Foster. Any information regarding this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jack Hendrick 12/17/99
I am interested in information on William HENDRICK born about 1807 and married to Martha Ann Watson of Anson County, NC. Thank you.

Nancy Bellucci 9/19/99
I am searching for Temperence HENDRICK / HENDRICKS / HENDRIX who married James DERDEN, Jr. about 1800-1801, in Chesterfield County. I believe that all seven of their children were born in Chesterfield County before the family moved to Greene County, Alabama (date of move unknown). James DERDEN was son of James DERDEN and wife, Sally BOBBITT. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Jones 11/07/99
I am looking for anything on a Sarah HILL who, according to her daughter's death certificate, was born in Cheraw, NC. The best I can guess it was Cheraw, SC, and I am looking for guidance. She was born about 1810, and married Stephen H. WILLIAMS and settled in Anson County, NC. He was an overseer on a plantation. Sometime in the 1850's I think, they moved the family to Hamilton County, FL where he was a blacksmith and served as Justice of the Peace. They had the following children: Wincy A., born 1835; William J., born 1836; Eliza J., born 1838; Frances Tabitha, born 1843; Tenendia, born 1844; Hannah G., born 1846; Mary E., born 1848; Sarah A., born 1849. I think there were one or two older children as well. Thanks.

Alta Claunch 2/12/2000
Looking for descendants of John Wesley WOMBLE, born ca 1849, mother was Jane WYNN, married Elmira Jane HILTON in 1868. From Chesterfield County, SC, to Navarro County, TX, Elmira Jane died there 1921, John Wesley moved from there to Claxton, Evans County, GA. Any info on descendants of this family would be greatly appreciated.

Carol Benton 7/16/99
My great, great grandfather was Warren Churchwell HINSON (aka Bonnie, Church, W.C.). His name appears in the minutes of the Fork Hill Baptist Church, January 8, 1881 to September 9, 1916. On April 8, 1893, the transcript states that "on request, letter of dismissal granted to Queen V. Hinson". Queen was the wife of Warren Churchwell HINSON. On January 13, 1894, W.C. was "excluded for not paying his pledge to the church". The family had moved to Richmond County, NC, by that time. There has been circumstancial evidence that Warren Churchwell HINSON was the son of Daniel HINSON and Frances Hilton HINSON and there was conjecture by V.C. Floyd that he was a Daniel's son, but there is no proof! Warren did not show up in any census with Daniel (although he was living next door to him in at least one census), and he was not mentioned in Daniel's Will. There was also some speculation that W.C. was a late in life child of James and Patsy Brewer Hilton because they had a child W.C.'s age living in the home on the 1840 census. The bottom line is that I have found nothing to prove his parentage. I would appreciate anyone who has any information that could help contacting me.

James T. Horn 6/17/99
I am interested in knowing the names of the children of Ephraim HORN. He was the first white settler in the NC/SC boarder between Anson County, NC and Chesterfield County, SC. He appears in the Census of 1800 and 1810 in Chesterfield County, SC. If there were a family Bible, and I believe there would have been, who? My great great great grandfather Sherod HORN settled south of Ephraim. He was listed in 1790 Census of Cheraw Dist. SC, then in 1800 he was listed in Darlington Co., SC. He moved into GA from there. Sherod's son Needham HORN appears in the 1820 Census of Wayne Co., MS with Ephraim's son James' sons John Hendricks HORN and Collins L. HORN. I am trying to connect the two families. I believe that Sherod HORN's father may be the brother of Ephraim HORN. Thanks.

Joan Hough1/18/99 I am looking for Joel HOUGH's parents. Joel was born in Chesterfield District of SC in 1811. He married Malinda Rogers, daughter of Sarah and John Rogers, December 23, 1832, moved to Tolbert County Georgia, then to Alabama, and finally with 2nd wife, Delaney W. Jackson, moved to LA. Thanks.

Jimmie Howle6/17/99
I am interested in any persons of this name. James HOWLE came from New Kent County, VA, some time between 1782 and 1790, and settled in Chesterfield County, SC. He married a Miss Purvis who I am almost positive had the first name Elizabeth. One of their sons settled in the Byrdtown section of Darlington County, SC which abuts Chesterfield County, SC, further to the west. He multiplied mightily and some of his descendants married, multiplied and died in that vicinity. Thank you.

PJ Achramowicz 3/04/2000
Searching for descendants of Lazarus HUDSON and his NORTHCUTT wife (Narcissa?). Originally from Darlington, by 1830 Lazarus was listed in 1830 Chesterfield District. By 1840 he disappears but a Narcissa HUDSON appears and disappears by 1850. Seems to have been 7 or 8 children counted in the census. What happened to Lazarus, wife and children? Wife probably born 1799, Lazarus about same. Husband Lazarus mentioned in William NORTHCUTT's 1839 probate, but daughter not specifically named.

Theresa 10/17/99
I am searching for all the info on Marion HUDSON, born 1854 and died 1921 and is buried at Pleasant Grove Community Methodist Church outside of Cheraw, SC. Hammitt Jefferson HUDSON was one of his sons, b. Sept. 6, 1877, d. Jan. 23, 1934, and buried at the same cemetery. I am having a hard time finding any information on the Hudson's in the area. Marion was married to Mary and they had 5 children: Walter Cannon, James Calvin, Henry, Hammitt Jefferson and Nannie Lee. James Calvin is my grandfather and was born in North Carolina. Mary was also born in North Carolina. I would appreciate any info you can obtain on them. Thanks in advance.

P.J. Achramowicz 1/29/99
Searching for descendants/info on Lazarus HUDSON, c. 1790, d. between 1835-45 ?? In Chesterfield County, SC in 1830. Previously in Darlington. Married NORTHCUTT girl. Disappears after 1830 but then a Narcissa HUDSON appears in 1840 with right number of children advanced by 10 years. Is she my NORTHCUTT girl? Notes in DHC say Lazarus was a teacher and Methodist exhorter. Census indicates 8 kids. Any help would be appreciated.

K. Huggins 2/12/2000
Looking for info on John L. HUGGINS of Chesterfield County. He was born about 1840, died about 1902. His last wife was Maggie Brown. I am interested in knowing his parent's name, but any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sam 10/17/99
I am trying to establish a family tree. I start with Jacob HUGGINS Sr., child Jacob HUGGINS Jr. who married ?? child Nancy Jane HUGGINS had a son Charlie Albert HUGGINS father John Alexander (they never married). This all happened in Chesterfield County (Hartsville, SC) early 1800 to early 1900. Can you help. I am also trying to locate a Dock HUGGINS, married Isabella Polson, Cheraw, SC area. Thank you.

Jimmie Howle 6/17/99
I am looking for information on Ella GRAFF and Thomas Calhoun INGRAM. Ella was a daughter of Samuel GRAFF, who moved to Cheraw in the mid 1800's from Philadelphia. There is an ad in an old Cheraw newspaper advertising GRAFF's Oyster Bar. Family legend has it that he, like his father, was a confectioner and made candies, cakes and cookies in Cheraw. Ella GRAFF told stories about how they hid the silverware and everything of value when the Yankees came through. Have nothing further on the INGRAM line. Thanks.

Bill & Lynelle Stevenson 7/16/99
Pencie IVEY married John C. McLeod July 1835, Chesterfield County, SC. Pencie's father was a soldier in the War of 1812 under Jackson. The 1880 Census, Pike County, Alabama, gives birthplace of Pencie, father, and mother all as NC. Can anyone help with her family? Thanks.

Margaret Jacobs Lewis 8/08/99
Seeking information about my grandfather Lawrence JACOBS and his relatives. My grandfather was born March 9, 1882, and died February 21, 1923. Maybe a brother named Mory and cousin named Agie. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Warren G. Helms 11/24/99
Am searching for children of Gideon JAMES born in Cheraw in 1763-65. Any help gratefully appreciated.

Riki Goodman 1/23/2000
I am trying to find information on Shelton JOHNSON born June 1, 1876, died June 3, 1904. I know his parents were J. A. A. W. JOHNSON 1848-1926, and Susannah Hoffman 1850-1927. They also had a son Ebenezer born 1880. All of these people are buried at Prospect Methodist Church in Chesterfield County, SC. I want to know more details on this man because I believe that he must have had some relationship with my grandmother, Eva Martha JOHNSON Oliver who named my father, her first born son, Hyman Shelton Oliver. He was born a year after this Shelton JOHNSON died. My grandmother's parents were supposedly John and Nancy JOHNSON. What relationship were J.A.A.W. JOHNSON and them? Thanks.

Charles McLean 3/06/99
Seeking information on an Archibald JOHNSON and a John NICHOLSON, who were listed in a lawsuit filed in the Kershaw Co. Court in 1832. The plantiff was Elizabeth McLean, the daughter of Daniel McLean who died in 1820. Elizabeth's guardian was a Norman McLeod. An order was issued transferring the case to Cheraw District. It was to be published in the Cheraw Republican Newspaper. It inferred that John NICHOLSON was out of state. I don't know why the case was moved. I assumed that JOHNSON lived in Chesterfield Co. Thanks.

Bryan Jordan 3/28/2000
I am searching for info on the following people, most dates approximate: John JORDAN Jr. b. 1787 married Pinckney?? b. 1806, lived near Irvin (Erwin) branch in Chesterfield County, SC, around 1849, had the following children: 1. William born 1825, married Margaret GUY, daughter of Theophilus GUY, William's 2nd wife was supposedly Lou CROLLEY (Crowley); 2. Elizabeth b. September 1828 married Alexander OLIVER b. May 1835; 3. Jerman B. b. 1831; 4. John Wesley b. April 1833 married Farinett JORDAN b. Aug 1837 (daughter of another John Jordan and Charity White); 5. Sarah A. b. 1836, married William WATSON; 6. Squire C. b. 1838; 7. Mary Ann b. April 1842 married Soloman WATSON b. July 1834. Any help would be appreciated.

Sandra Jordan Bumgardner 3/28/2000
Miles JORDAN served in NC stateline army 1781-1785 in Warren County near Virginia border. He lived in Wilmington in 1800. He would marry Mahala Blue from the Pee Dee River area---possibly Chesterfield County, SC. They moved to Georgia. Miles died in 1815. Thank you for information.

Miriam Smith 3/28/99
Am looking for more information on John JORDAN, born 1823 in Chesterfield County, SC. Need parents, siblings, etc. Thanks.

Dave King1/18/99
Henry James KING died in Chesterfield County, SC on June 8, 1845. He married Francis Carolyn BRYAN on March 10, 1825 in Chesterfield County. She was the daughter of Turner BRYAN and Frances BURNETT. Children of Henry James KING and Frances Carolyn BRYAN, all born in Chesterfield Co. are: (1) Rebecca Jane KING, b. 10/4/1826 m. Terrill HILTON (2) Henry Turner KING, b. 4/24/1828 m. Rebecca CRAIG (3) William Rufus KING, b. 2/22/1830 m. Louisa Ellen McBride (4) Edna Caroline KING, b. 12/3/1831 m. Leon PARKER (5) Sarah Penelope KING, b. 12/4/1833 m. Samuel D. TIMMONS (6) James Bryan KING, b. 4/6/1836 (7) Mary Francis KING, b. 1/14/1839 m. McNAIR (8) Ezekiel Thomas KING, b. 7/22/1840 m. Susan PARKER (9) Barbara Ann KING, b. 5/30/1842 m. Hardy HENDRICKS (10) John Burnett KING, b. 12/2/1844 m. Harriet McLENDON I am looking for any available information on these KINGS, but I am very interested in finding a copy of Henry James KING's will. Any help will be appreciated.

Alta Claunch9/19/99
Researching descendants of Frances Caroline BRYAN b. 1805 and Henry James KING b. 1802. Family lived and raised family in Chesterfield County, SC. Rebecca Jane KING m. Terrell HILTON. Henry T. KING m. first Rebecca CRAIG, m. second Ann E. RIVERS. William R. KING m. Ellen McBRIDE. Edna C. KING m. Leonias PARKER. Sarah P. KING m. Samuel D. TIMMONS. Mary F. KING m. P.A. PARKER, Elekiel T. KING m. Susan PARKER. Barbary A. KING m. Hardy HENDRICK, John B. KING m. Harriet A. McLENDON. Thanks for any information.

William R. King 9/19/99
Searching for information on Captain George KING, who married Mary KOLB (daughter of Johannes KOLB). The KOLB family lived at Society Hill near the Pee Dee River. Seems that there were two George KINGS, one in Darlington, one in Chesterfield...both said to have been Captains in the Revolutionary War. Researchers have had difficulty placing children of the two George KINGs in the correct family group. I am seeking information on the family (children's names and dates of birth) of the Captain George KING who married Mary KOLB. Would be very grateful for any information. Thanks.

Ron 2/12/2000
Seeking information on Chesterfield County descendants of William KINNEY (McKinney) through his son Thomas. William supposedly married Sallie Parks circa 1750 in the Waxhaws of SC. They are believed to have had a son named Thomas who lived in another county. William and Sallie then moved to the Old Jersey settlement in North Carolina. Thanks.

Hazel Bentley 9/19/99
Seeking information and family of Hartwell WEAVER and Jane (Lucy Jane) KNIGHT. Jane, 1752-1840, born in Old Cheraw Chesterfield County, SC and died Chesterfield County, SC. Have marriage date 1867. Looking for parents of each and list of their children. Thanks.

Betty Kirk Fritts6/11/99
I am searching for information on my KIRK family. James KIRK was born in SC ca 1805, m. Rebecca born in SC ca 1815. They had two sons born in Chesterfield District: Wade A. KIRK b. ca 1832 and Hampton KIRK b. ca 1834. By 1838, the family migrated to GA. There, three children were born: Peter S. b. ca 1838, Martha b. ca 1940, and Jefferson b. ca 1844. In 1850, the family is in Liberty Township, Ouachita Co. AR. There, three children were born: Henry L. (my ggrandfather) b. ca 1846, Sarah A. b. ca 1847 and Susan b. ca 1851. James KIRK died in Ouachita Co. AR in 1852. I will greatly appreciate any assistance.

John Ussery 7/16/99
I am researching the LAMPLEY family. I am looking for information on Jacob H. LAMPLEY born May 18, 1811, in Richmond County, NC. Jacob first married Barsheba Gulledge and lived in Anson County, NC. They had five known children. After the death of Barsheba he married a Mary McLaurin. They had six known children. Jacob died October 12, 1889, having lived the last eight years of his life in Chesterfield County, SC. He and second wife Mary are buried in the Kite Cemetery in Chesterfield, SC. Any information on Jacob and either of his families or their descendants would be appreciated.

James E. Leach 8/08/99
I believe that my family may have migrated into Darlington and Marion Districts from Chesterfield County, SC in the mid 1900's. I would like to be contacted by anyone having any information on possible relatives. My gg grandfather and two of his brothers served in the Confederage Army. Julius LEACH was a member of the 8th Regiment, Co. E. He was killed on the second day at Gettysburg. He was my ggg uncle. Any information would be appreciate.

Joyce Reed Austin1/18/99
I am looking for any information on Ephrain S. LUNSFORD Sr. b. 1766 in SC (possibly Chesterfield County) who married Elizabeth (?) b. 1763 in SC. Both died in Chattanooga County, GA, Ephrain d. 1860's, Elizabeth d. 1850. I believe their children to be (1) Alcy LUNSFORD b. 1790 in SC who married Henry Owens b. 1789 in SC, (2) Lion LUNSFORD b. 1794 in SC who married Leah (?) b. 1812 in SC, (3) Aris LUNSFORD b. 1800 in SC who married Mary M. (?) b. 1812 in SC, (4) Ephraim S. LUNSFORD Jr. b. 1802 in SC who married Elizabeth "Betsy" LUNSFORD b. 1812, (5) Sarah LUNSFORD b. 1808 in SC who married John A. Mitchell, (6) Mary LUNSFORD b. 1804, (7) John Pickett LUNSFORD b. 1808 in NC who married (?) then Nancy Bagley b. 3/10/1815 in Fayette County, GA, (8) William H. LUNSFORD b. 1809 in SC or GA who married Elizabeth (?) b. 1814, (9) Aaron LUNSFORD b. 1810 in SC who married Susan Ann (?) b. 1810 in SC, (10) James Pierce LUNSFORD b. 1813 in GA who married Martha (?) b. 1823 in GA, and (11) one child LUNSFORD missing, probably John R. LUNSOFRD b. 1815 in NC, but no proof yet. I am descended from Ephraim S. LUNSFORD Jr. Any help with this search would be greatly appreciated!

Jack Lynch 8/08/99
Seeking info on Harriett P. LYNCH of Cheraw, born 1865, place unknown, perhaps SC, widow of James C. LYNCH, was in county after 1901, made a 1909 claim for Civil War pension on husband deceased in 1901 in Philadelphia. They had married in Baltimore in 1896. I suspect was buried there in SC. Thanks for any help.

Gladys Brown5/30/99
I am trying to locate my ggrandmother, Alice McCASKILL's line. She was born in Bethune, SC ca. 1880 or 1876. Her mother's name was Elizabeth McCASKILL, and also had a sister, Elizabeth, named after her mother. There were a few more sisters but I don't remember their names. I have a ggrandmother, named Sallie CAULEY, who gave birth to my grandfather, John Oscar Swain, Jr. in GA around 1898. I was told that she may have come from SC. My ggrandmother's sister married an ELLERBE, and eventually they moved to New Jersey. I don't remember the sister's name. If anyone has information about any of the surnames, please e-mail me at any time. Thank you.

Guy Norris McClain 7/16/99
I am looking for any information on the family name of McCLAIN in Chesterfield County, SC. My father's name was Rochelle David McCLAIN. Both his mother and father died in Chesterfield County, SC. I would like, if possible, the names of brothers and sisters, if any. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Marge Stockton 5/21/2000
I am searching for information on the family of Arabella ? McDONALD or McDANIEL (married name) b. about 1793 somewhere in South Carolina. In the 1820 census (name shown as McDaniel) and the 1830 census (name shown as McDONALD), she was a widow with children in Chesterfield County, SC. She had at least four children: Eliza,John, Duncan, and Caroline, born between about 1809 and 1815. Her mother was Mrs. Lucy Hunley of Kershaw County, SC, but we believe Arabella's father was an earlier husband of Lucy's, name unknown. Arabella's daughter, Eliza, married James Martin, probably in SC, and daughter Caroline married John McKee Barnes in Kershaw County, SC. Sometime in the late 1830's, the entire family migrated to Alabama. Would like any information on Arabella McDONALD/McDANIEL's husband, father, or children. Thank you.

Charles McLean 3/06/99
Looking for any information on a Archibald McDONALD, who was the administrator of my ggg grandfather Charles McLean who died in 1823. The estate record stated he was married to one of Charles's daughters. In the estate sale, it listed a Mary McDONALD. I assume this was Charles's daughter. Archibald was listed as a farmer on Lynches Creek. Thanks.

Jim Price 9/19/99
I am searching for information on my grandparents that lived in SC. Effy McDONALD is listed in Chesterfield County (252) in the 1830 census. Allen PRICE became her husband sometime between 1830 and 1840. I do not know their parents' names. They migrated to MS in 1846, I suspect, because Allen obtained a land patent for MS property in 1846. I would appreciate any information you could provide on their families. Thanks for your help.

H. Bruce McIver
I know both McLeods and McIvers settled in Cheraw and Society Hill. John McIver's law office is, I believe, a historic site on Main St. Any information you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Beverly Weis 7/16/99
I am looking for any records on my Grandmother Rosa E. Huggins McLEOD, born January 1910/1911, buried in Chesterfield County, Cheraw, SC. She was married to Walter L. McLEOD and I need information on her parents, George Dockery "Dock" Huggins married to Flora Posten HUGGINS...George Dockery died about 1935/1936. Both are believed to be buried in the Pleasant Grove cemetery off Chesterfield Hwy, Cheraw, SC. Thank you.

McMANUS / Threatt / Arant / McCanless
Kathleen McCanless Scott 3/06/99
I am searching for cemetery or burial records on several ancestors that I must find to get over a genealogical "brick wall". Among those ancestors are: Dr. J.W. (or William or John Will) McCANLESS or McCANDLESS who died in Chester or Chesterfield County, SC abt. 1910, his wife, Mary (or Mamie Williams McCanless) who died same place abt. 1907 from influenza epidemic. Also seeking any info available on Benjamin F. THREATT and his wife Polly (or Mary) ARANT or ARRANTS, and info on THREATT families buried in that neck of the woods. Finally, am also searching for burial records for: Betsy or Betty Louise McCANUS, (b. abt. 1846) and her husband Tom or Thomas McCANUS. Also seeking any info on burial place of Captain Newton WILLIAMS and his wife Lucinda WILLIAMS (parents of Mary Williams McCanless). Any information would be most appreciated.

Russell Baker 7/16/99
John McMILLAN, born Chesterfield Co., SC, about 1822, (parents unknown), died in Arkansas in 1879, was a CSA soldier in Arkansas. He married Rebecca F. CAMPBELL (parents unknown) about 1840. Children: Robert C., Daniel D.C., Hugh Frank, Sarah Margaret, Virginia, Angus A., Elizabeth and John and Emma, all born in Chesterfield County, SC, moved to Columbia County, Arkansas, about 1860 and to Pike County, Arkansas, before 1870. I need any and all information on this family. Thanks.

Roy E. Bryant 1/23/2000
Interested in any information that could be shed on the family of James McMILLAN found on the 1800 Chesterfield County, SC Census (page 111). My James McMILLAN settled and died in Autauga County, Alabama, in early 1800's, but showed birth place as SC, trying to connect. Thanks.

Searching for any information on the McNAIR family in Chesterfield County, SC, especially on the McNAIR cemetery. Thank you.

Horace McQueen 3/04/2000
Any information on Robert McQUEEN family of Cheraw, about 1820 and later. Robert McQUEEN was married to Cecilia Ellerbe and were members of St. David's. Robert McQUEEN was one of hosts for Lafayette on his Cheraw visit. My gg grandfather, Taylor McQUEEN, was christened at St. David's about 1830. Have lost all records of Robert McQUEEN and wife Cecilia after the 1830 census. Where did he come from and where did he go? Thanks,...a thankful Texan with SC roots.

C.V. McQueen 1/23/2000
I am looking for any information on John Taylor McQUEEN born February 14, 1827. Thanks.

Rose M. Spencer 5/29/99
Seeking information on maiden name of Nancy J. ______ b. 1 Apr. 1871/72 in SC, d. in Cleveland County, AR, who married Richard A. MAPLES b. 2 July 1860 in Chesterfield County, SC. They were married before 1890. Richard A. MAPLES was son of John M. MAPLES b. abt. 1835 in SC and Charlotte DEES MAPLES daughter of Richard and Zelphia Price DEES. Richard and Nancy J. MAPLES had children: Mary Frances/mar. Repsie Miller MOSS; Arlin b. abt. 1897; Neiza; Henry R.; Albert S.; Ruby A.; Tilrow and Johnny, and they lived in Cleveland County, AR. Would like to contact anyone who is researching this family.

Bill Owens 1/23/2000
I am searching for information on my great gradmother's family. Her name was Eliza Jane MEACHAM. I believe her to be the daughter of Jackson and Margaret MEACHAM. Eliza Jane was married to Neil McLaurin in Anson County May 30, 1872. They were the parents of 8 children: Daniel Jackson (my grandfather) born 1873, Margaret Ann (Maggie), born 1875, John Neil born 1876, Elizabeth Jane (Lizzie) born 1878, Eliza Belle born 1880, Gilbert Joseph born 1884, Martha Ellen (Mattie) born 1886 and Albert Hugh born 1890. I think some of the daughters married men from Chesterfield County. I don't have any information on her parents or where they came from. Hopefully, someone has knowledge of this family. Thanks.

Beverly Thomas 11/07/99
Looking for information on Isham MELTON of Chesterfield County, SC, possibly the son of a Robert MELTON. This line may have previously lived around Chatham County, NC. Isham is believed to have had a daughter, Mary "Pollie" MELTON who married Aaron Copeland of SC. Any information or leads on this MELTON line would be appreciated. Would be happy to exchange what info I have.

Cynthia H. Porcher 4/24/99
My GGgrandfather was the Rev. John Wesley MILLER. According to The History of Methodism in SC by Rev. Albert M. Shipp, DD, written in 1884, MILLER served in Cheraw in 1854. Would there be any records or any way for me to determine the location of the church he served? Thanks.

Susan Brooks 10/17/99
Trying to find information on parents of Frank ROLLINGS married Mahala ? in late 1860's. They had at least three children, Jonas, Littleton, and Sarah (Sallie). Jonas married Mary Ella MILLER, daughter of Steve MILLER, (possibly son of Love MILLER and Henrietta Josephine Ogburn around 1900. Any help in tracing the family further back would be great. I have accounted for all the children of Jonas ROLLINGS and Mary Ella MILLER ROLLINGS, except a daughter, possibly named Ethel who married a Helms about 1915.

Doyle Sanders 5/21/2000
About 1800, there was a small migration of people from South Carolina, most seemed to be Baptist. I am trying to find out why. I am also curious if any of the CARROLL's, MOON's (MOONE) or HARP's lived in Chesterfield District between 1775 and 1800. My great-grandmother was a MOON, her father was Jesse MOON, who became a Baptist preacher of some importance in frontier Kentucky. He was said to have come from Chesterfield District, South Carolina with his mother and at least two siblings Elisha and Charles White MOON. Jesse was born September 24, 1795 in South Carolina. Cannot find any more on him. He preached in Kentucky until 1869, then he and his second wife, Nancy Cutlip, moved to Evansville, Indiana, then on to Missouri where he died in 1875. Thanks.

Rose M. Spencer 5/29/99
Seeking the father of Stephen Decatur MOSS b. 22 Jan. 1845 Chesterfield County, SC, who d. 13 Aug. 1929 in Union County, AR. He married Martha Jane DEES, daughter of Richard and Zelphia Price DEES in SC. Stephen D. MOSS age 14 and his mother Ann -- -- were with James Robbins in 1860 SC Chesterfield County Census (she remarried) with Margaret MOSS age 17; Francis S. MOSS age 12; D. MOSS age 4 and John MOSS age 2. Apparently the husband of Ann -- MOSS died between 1857 and 1860. Also, in the 1840 SC Orangeburg County Census, there is a Stephen MOSS age 40/50 alone and a James Robbins, both on page 365. Could this Stephen MOSS in Orangeburg be the father of my Stephen Decatur MOSS? What was Ann's maiden name? Thanks.

Roger Futrell 2/19/2000
My ggg grandmother, Levica Cook, was born in Chesterfield, SC, in 1805, daughter of John Cook and Ruth MOULTRIE. I need proof that Ruth MOULTRIE was the daughter of Joseph MOUNTRIE. Any help would be appreciated.

Jo 3/04/2000
I am looking for info on Susanna NELSON b. circa 1851. She was a housekeeper for Benjamin OUTLAW and had 3 children by his son, James Wesley. They never married so the children bear the NELSON name. They were James Press b. 25 Dec 1880, Ida Elizabeth (Lizzie) b. Oct 1883 mar. abt 1909 to Lee Carlton Warren, and John Andrew b. May 1877 mar. 1905 to Mary Ann Davis. (These are my grandparents). All children were born in Chesterfield Co. Have not been able to find any info on Susanna's parents or where she was born.

Linda Jean Nicholson MacKenzie 3/04/2000
Seeking information regarding Donald NICHOLSON, Merchant, who died in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC, on 5 February 1823. He had a brother John NICHOLSON who died in Prince Edward Island, Canada ca. 1820. Both probably born in Scotland. Have probate records relating to both. Would like to exchange information. Thanks.

Alan McKay 2/12/2000
I am researching the William McKay family tree and found several ancestors that were related to NICHOLSON's. The family Bible that is one of my primary sources contains the following passage: "The Nicholsons came to America in 1775...landed in Wilmington and settled in North Carolina near Fayetteville. From there they moved to Chesterfield District South Carolina. They were originally from Invocrarra (sp?) in Scotland." The relatives that bear Nicholson middle names were Angus Nicholson McKay (b. February 10, 1813) and in the next generation Hugh Nicholson McKay, second son of John Andrew McKay and Mary Jane Postell (b. April 21, 1843). The McKays migrated from Rowan County and Richmond County, NC, around 1775 and settled in Chesterfield County, SC. It is possible that they were either traveling with the Nicholson's when they migrated or inter-married early in the 1800's. I have reconstructed much of the McKay family history from 1774 to present, but the Nicholson's are a big unknown. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Donna 1/18/99
I am researching PARKER in Chesterfield Co., SC. My g-grandfather Harley B. PARKER was killed in Chesterfield County (? Cash) in 1905. I have been unable to locate any info other than family stories. I would appreciate any info you might have. Thanks.

Brown 5/21/2000
Am anxious for any information you might have on Robert PASLAY/PAISLEY who lived in Cheraw and was overseer of the poor at St. David's. He was Capt. under Francis Marion and moved to Laurens Dist. in the 1790s. Am particularly interested in burial ground of his wife who I believe to be either a Cox or an Anderson. Any information appreciated.

Joanne Harley 3/06/99
Have been looking for the family of Britton PATRICK and any information on his siblings or parents in Chesterfield County. They moved to Marlboro Co. by 1850. He had a grandson named Tom, who was the son of Eli, one of BRITTON's children. I remember Tom from my childhood as living in Murrell's Inlet, SC. I can't seem to find any link from Britton to any of the early Patricks in the area. Any help surely appreciated.

Frances Rouse 10/17/99
Looking for information on Robin PHILLIPS. I have reason to believe that he died in Chesterfield County circa 1865. His wife and children are unknown and I would like to know their names and where they are buried. Thank you.

Leb E. Pittman 1/18/99
Were there any PITTMAN's in Chesterfield County (or the old Craven District) between 1754 and 1822? Specifically searching for one "Philip PITMAN", his wife, "Pherebe (?)", his sons Burwell (or Burrel), James and David R.W. (DRW), and a daughter Elizabeth. Burwell had a wife named Isabella McRAE, and James had a wife named Susan Fairchild. Any assistance would be appreciated.

K. Huggins 2/12/2000
Looking for info on Elisha PITTMAN of Chesterfield County. His wife was Martha Jane ?, born 1876, died 1918. I think she is buried at Fork Creek Cemetery around the Jefferson area. They had a daughter named Bessie who married Chapman L. Sullivan. Thanks.

Patti Pittman-Gorman 9/19/99
Looking for Philip PITTMAN, b. about 1750, m. Pherebe (Phoebe?) about 1774. Need marriage information or land records. Whatever you find will be so appreciated. Thanks for your help.

H.A. "Tony" Miller 10/17/99
I am researching the following SC names, POWE and PEGUES. I have obtained 150 descendants of Thomas POWE, all born in the 19th century. I have not done much with the Claudius PEGUES line yet. My wife descends from William POWE, b. 22 Oct. 1766, who m. Harriet Elizabeth Marcia PEGUES, 10 Jan. 1788. She was b. 25 Aug., 1770 in Chesterfield District, SC. I am retired from US Navy and reside in Alexander, Louisiana. Thanks.

Peggy Price 4/24/99
I am looking for any information on William A. PRICE born 1848 and his son William C. PRICE born 1875. They lived in Old Store Twp., Chesterfield County, SC. Thanks.

Betty H. Ross 7/16/99
Looking for ancestors and information about Henson PURNELL, born January 14, 1795, in Chesterfield County, SC. I think his father was Robert. His gravestone in Union County, MS lists him as "Rev." Henson PURNELL. Thank you for your time and help.

Laurel Francis 5/21/2000
I am looking for information on George PURVIS born in Chesterfield County, SC, and married to Caroline McRaney about 1830. I think his mother's first name was Rachel and she was originally from Wales. I will appreciate any help you may have.

Ramsey 3/28/2000
I am looking for info on my grandmother, Clanda RAMSEY born 5/5/1910 and resided in Cheraw, SC, Chesterfield County. Her parents were Sarah and Clarence RAMSEY. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Richard Bennett 5/21/2000
Looking for info on Carl A. RIVERS and Minnie A. Teal RIVERS, mother and father of my grandmother Eula Mae RIVERS Bennett. Lived in Cheraw Chesterfield County, SC. Note: Lewis Franklin Bennett, if you are still scanning this page, this is your nephew, Richard W. Bennett; I have additional info that we might share, e-mail me.

Donald Rivers 2/12/2000
My gr-gr-grandparents Frederick W. RIVERS and Synthia Matilda Knight moved from Chesterfield County, SC to Houston, Winston County, AL, in the mid 1800's. I am looking for a history or family stories about them and their ancestors, William and Elizabeth RIVERS, Frederick RIVERS and Sarah Purvis, and their parents. any help is greatly appreciated.

Lewis F. Bennett 8/08/99
I am trying to find information on my relatives whose last name was RIVERS. They lived in Cheraw, SC, Chesterfield County, in the early 1900's or earlier. The RIVERS were of Cherokee descent. My mother Eula Mae RIVERS Bennett was born in Cheraw around 1915. I'm looking for information on her parents and uncles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Heather Scott 3/28/2000
I am researching my ancester Wiles Goram ROBERSON b. 26 Feb 1810 in Kershaw District, Chesterfield County, SC. He married Elizabeth Thurman, later moved to Georgia and was a Methodist preacher. I know that his parents were William ROBERSON and Ruth Melton both of Chesterfield County. Any clues on Wiles siblings or his parents would be appreciated. Thanks.

Cynthia H. Porcher 4/24/99
My GGgrandfather was Pinckney D. RODGERS, b. ca 1826. He lived in Charleston before and after the Civil War, and married Mary J. MOORER. They had at least one child, a daughter named Victoria. Death records indicate that both Pinckney and Mary are buried in a private cemetery at Pregnalls, SC. There may have been family lands near there, as my grandfather was born in Pregnalls. I have never been able to find out anything about this RODGERS family. Recently, I located his Civil War records. He enlisted at Florence in April of 1861 and served as a Pvt in Co. B, 8th SC Infantry. He was wounded at Gettysburg on 2 July 1863, and taken prisoner at Ft. Delaware. His oath of allegiance at the end of the War lists his place of residence as Chesterfield, SC. Are there any RODGERS still in the area who recognize Pinckney D. RODGERS? Thanks.

Susan Brooks 10/23/99
I am trying to find information on my grandparents families: Jonas Franklin ROLLINS b. about 1873, d. 1934, and Mary Ella MILLER b. around 1880-1883, d. 1948. 1900 Chesterfield County, SC Census has Jonas Franklin ROLLINS married to Mattie with 3 young sons (Evan, Joseph, Sparford/Spofford). A dairy lists a Jonas RALLINGS married Roady (Rhody) Pigg in 1901 and a Jonas RALLINGS marrying a M.E. Miller in 1903 (which coincides with birthdates of my fathers brothers and sisters. The diary also mentions a Evans RALLINGS who died in 1910 whichmight coincide with verbal history that Evan died young. Verbal history and newspaper clipping say Jonas was buried at White Plains, whether at the church or at private cemetery, not sure. 1870 Chesterfield Census has Frank Jonas married to Mahala with one child Sarah (Sally) listed. Believe this is Jonas' father and there was another son John Littleton (Litt). Possibly more children? The 1900 Chesterfield County, SC Census lists Stephen MILLER, age 44, married to Henrietta Josephine, age 42. Children listed are George, Bogan F., Mary Ella, Annie Mae, Pearl E., and Frances. There were two names I couldn't read well and I believe a Lillie Mae had already married a Eubanks, later married Litt ROLLINS (Jonas' brother). Mary Ella's family Bible lists the birth dates of all of hers and Jonas' children but she also lists a Ethel ROLLINS born in 1900 who married an Andrew Helms in 1915. Verbal history says she was unmarried at the time of Ethel's birth. I would like to find out more about Ethel and her family. She seems to have disappeared in the 1940's. The 1870 Chesterfield County, SC Census lists Love MILLER, age 50, farmer married to Henrietta MILLER, age 45, teacher. They had children at home: Jane, 26; Seaburn, 19; Stephen, 17; Lucy A., 14; Jerome, 12; Luretta, 10; and Ogden Benjamin, 10. A 1920's legal document of Steve MILLERs (died 1924) says the lands were given to him by his father Love MILLER. The document says that the lands are bordered on two sides by Catherine OGBURN's land. A handwritten note from one of Steve MILLER's children says that Love MILLER's wife was Josephine OGBURN, b. 1857, d. 1901, buried at Five Forks Cemetery, also that Love MILLER is buried there. I found a tombstone that may be Josephine's but did not find one for Love MILLER. The note said Josephine was the daughter of Jonathan OGBURN who was married to Henrietta Giles. I have not been able to find information on this. If anyone has further information on any of the above, please help. Thank you.

ROSCOE and Connections
James R. Rasco 11/23/99
I am looking for information regarding a Rebecca Ann RASCO or ROSCOE who lived and died in Chesterfield County, SC. According to what information I have, she was born February 8, 1841 (might have been as early as 1836) and died February 8, 1923, according to the South Carolina Death Index. The 1860 census list her as 24 years of age in the household of Minda RASCOE. She has two children, Josephine RASCOE age 3, and Margaret RASCOE age 2. Rebecca, Josephine and Margaret are listed as "mulato" possibly due to their dark complextion. Family traditions say they were of mixed white and Indian blood. Rebecca RASCO is listed in the 1870 Census of Chesterfield County in Cole Hill Township as head of her household. She is shown as being a white female, 45 years of age. Listed in her household are two children, Magga RASCO white female age 14, and Joseph RASCO white male age 2. In the 1880 Census of Chesterfield County, Cole Hill Township, Rebecca RUSCOE is head of her household. she is listed as being 40 years of age. In her household is a daughter margaret RUSCOE age 25, a son Joseph RUSCOE age 11, Jane RUSCOE age 5, a granddaughter Ann E. RUSCOE age 5, and a grandson Archie RUSCOE age 1. In the 1900 Census of Chesterfield County, Cole Hill Township, Rebecca ROSCOE is head of her household. His age is not given. Her marital status is single. Listed in her household is a daughter, Virginia ROSCOE age 25 and a granddaughter Ann E. ROSCOE age 25. In the 1910 Census of Chesterfield County, Cole Hill Township, Rebecca ROSCOE is listed as head of her household. She is 65 years old and single. She has been the mother of 4 children, 2 of which are living. In her household are a daughter Virginia ROSCOE age 35, a granddaughter Elizabeth ROSCOE age 29, and a great granddaughter Maggie ROSCOE age 8. All are reported to be single. In the 1920 Census of Chesterfield County, Cole Hill Township, Rebecca ROSCOE is head of her household. She is reported to be a single, white, female age 77. In her household is a daughter, Jennie ROSCOE age 48 single, a granddaughter Lizzie ROSCOE, and a great granddaughter, Maggie age 18 single. The Index of South Carolina Death Records show that Rebecca ROSCOE was 80 years of age when she died in 1923. Her daughter Margaret (Maggie) was probably the mother of Ann Elizabeth ROSCOE 9Lizzie). Ann Elizabeth ROSCOE was the mother of Maggie (Margaret) ROSCOE. Josephine may have died before 1880. Margaret apparently died after 1880 but before 1900. This left only two children, Joseph ROSCOE and Virginia (Jennie or Jane) ROSCOE. It is believed that Joseph ROSCOE's full name was William Joseph RASCOE and that he was born October 1, 1868 in Chesterfield County. He married Kitty Purvis about 1888 and moved to Coffee County Alabama between 1897 and 1899 where he died on June 3, 1930. It seems that Rebecca or her daughters or granddaughter never married but all had children that carried the RASCOE or ROSCOE sur-name. Rebecca RASCOE may have had a brother named Joseph Franklin ROSCOE (1842-1917). They probably had a sister named Effie ROSCOE. It is possible but yet unproven that Rebecca, Joseph Franklin, and Effie ROSCOE were illigetimate children or Minda RASCOE and a man, possible Indian, named Joe Johnson. If this is so, then they had other siblings, Oliver, William Riley, Marie, Rachel, Elizabeth, and John RASCOE (Roscoe) all of Chesterfield County, SC. Minda RASCOE (Mindu Roscoe) may have been the first wife of John RASCOE of Marlboro County, SC, who left her and married Lucinda "Lucy" Clark. This has not yet been proven. John and Lucy RASCOE had at least five children, Mary Ann RASCOE, John R. RASCOE, Harris RASCOE, George Washington RASCOE, and Elizabeth RASCOE. Most of these went by the sur-name ROSCOE. I need help putting all these RASCOE/ROSCOE in their appropriate family grouping and identifying how they are related to each other. Also in identifying unknown spouses, and fathers of children. Other family sur-names associated with the Roscoe families are: Brigman, Cassidy, Cook, Goodale, Grooms, Crowley, Henderson, Sellers, Dunn, English, McDaniel, McBride, Justice, Caulder, Steen, Turner, Chavis, Thomas, Gulledge, Brown, Linby, Bowen, Burr, Peavey, Winburn, Selph, Knight, Griggs, Rivers, Gainey, Freeman, Polson, Clark, and possibly several other yet unidentified.

James R. Rasco 1/18/99
I wish to correspond with anyone having information of a genealogical nature on the ROSCOE families of Chesterfield County, SC. Will exchange information I have gathered with any Roscoe descendants or other persons researching this family. Delilah ROSCOE and Riley ROSCOE appear with Manda (apparently their mother), Rachel, Rebecca, Marie, Margaret, Josephin and several other unmarried females with children named Roscoe. Later Joseph Franklin ROSCOE appears. He was born about 1842 and died in Chesterfield County March 24, 1917. He was married to Ruey Jane CASSIDY February 28, 1869. Ruey Jane was born about 1847 and died in 1929. They are buried in Roscoe/Cassidy Cemetery near Patrick, SC. Their children were:

Joseph F. ROSCOE served in the 21st SC Infantry, Company "C" during the War Between the States. He had a sister named Rebecca Ann ROSCOE born February 8, 1841, died Feb. 8, 1923. May have also had sisters names Margaret and Effie. His death certificate states that he was adopted and did not show his parents names. Family traditions states that he was a son of a ROSCOE female and an Indian named Joe Johnson. Can anyone help me with his ancestors?

Also, Rebecca ROSCOE was born sometime between 1836 and 1843 depending on which age you except from the censuses and her death record. She died February 8, 1923. From the census records she appears to have had at least four children:

Who were the parents of this Rebecca ROSCOE? Who was the father of her children?

Also, need information on the family of William Riley ROSCOE. He was born about 1830 in South Carolina. He first appears in the 1850 census of Chesterfield County and was still living in 1900. His first wife was Julie (surname unknown) but possibly COOK or CROSS. His second wife was Isabelle (surname unknown). From the censuses of 1850 through 1900 it appears that William Riley ROSCOE had ten children:

Who was the parents of William Riley ROSCOE? Woule like to correspond with any of his descendants or anyone researching this family.

Also, need proof of the parents of Oliver ROSCOE. He first appears in Chesterfield County in the 1850 census as a twenty six year old white male laborer born in South Carolina. In his household is Caroline ROSCOE age 18 (assume his wife), Mindu ROSCOE age 60 (assume his mother) and Rachel ROSCOE age 17 (assume his sister). Oliver ROSCOE is still living when the 1900 census was taken. According to information in that census, he was born in March of 1824 and had been married 56 years. Caroline his wife was also still living and her birth is given as October 1828. From information in the census from 1850 through 1900 it would appear that the children of Oliver ROSCOE were:

Oliver ROSCOE's wife Caroline's maiden surname may have been STEEN. Oliver may have had the following siblings: Elizabeth ROSCOE born about 1820, Jane ROSCOE born about 1822 married a MINDER, Marie born about 1830, William Riley ROSCOE born about 1830, married twice Julia and then Isabelle, Rachel ROSCOE born about 1833, Rebecca ROSCOE born about 1836, may have married Joseph JOHNSON. Most of the female Roscoes appear to have had children that carried the surname ROSCOE as well but no indications of a male head of household in the census. Oliver ROSCOE served in the 1st SC Reg., Co. "C" during the War Between the States. His wife applied for a widows pension in 1901. Would like to correspond and exchange information with any descendants or others researching this branch of the ROSCOE family.

My address is James R. Rascoe, 2000 Alejo del Sur, Harveym LA 70058-2901. Telephone number (504) 367-4507.

Jeffrey S. Hawkins 12/17/99
Searching for information on Lydia SELLERS, born 1786 and died 1860. She was a daughter of William SELLERS and Betsy PRESTWOOD. I believe they lived in Chesterfield County. Other children of William SELLERS and Betsy PRESTWOOD were, George SELLERS, Alexander SELLERS, William SELLERS and Milly SELLERS. Lydia SELLERS later marries John HAWKINS, these are my g-g-g grandparents. Lydia SELLERS and John HAWKINS lived in Darlington County along the Black Creek. I have seen information that may suggest that John HAWKINS came to this region from Spotsylvania County, Virginia along with the Chapman family and the Erasmus Withers Allen family. Betsy PRESTWOOD married to William SELLERS, was a daughter of William PRESTWOOD (1740-1806). Any information on any of these families would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jo Deason Federspiel 1/23/2000
Seeking information on Martha SHAW (b. ca. 1854), married James K. Kissiah, ca. 1874. Listed in 1880 Chesterfield County census. Mother was a HALL. Thanks.

Joy Skipper Hinson 10/17/99
I would like any information on any SHELBY or FOWLER from this area. I have Coleman SHELBY b. 1818, m. Monica "Nica" FOWLER b. 1819. They lived in Union County, NC, but had relatives in Chesterfield County, SC. Thank you.

Cooper Slay 8/08/99
Alexander SLAY, reportedly born in Chesterfield County, 13 Aug 1806. Can anyone provide any confirmation of that birth or any other information about Alexander SLAY or any other Slay's who might have been in Chesterfield County about 1800. Alexander's father, Nathan SLAY, and mother, Martha Ann SUMRALL reportedly moved to the county from Queen Anne's county, Maryland. I'd like to know how long the family lived in the county and whether any of Alexander's siblings were with them. Thanks.

Judy Womack 5/21/2000
Am looking for info on Riley SMITH and family listed in Chesterfield County from 1810 to 1860. Believe at least one son is A.B. or Elisha Smith listed in the 1860 census. Another son is probably Nevin SMITH, also listed in the 1860 census. Am trying to contact with a Riley Smith who went from South Carolina to Tennesse to Missouri to Arkansas and then Texas. Will share all info I have.

Smith 4/09/2000
Looking for info on Riley SMITH shown in 1830, 1840 and 1850 census for Chesterfield County, SC. Trying to see if he is an uncle, father, or cousin to Riley SMITH shown in Marion County, Arkansas in 1850. Will exchange any info I have. Thanks.

Brenda Smith McNamara 3/28/99
I am looking for information on Eugene Lockhart SMITH born in Morven; he had two brothers Hugh and Dewey SMITH. I want to find the correct family tree for him. I have his service records in the Army of 1919 and 1920, Service #238378. He was born approximately in 1896 as he was 23 years when married in 1919 in Clinton, MA. He died in 1945 in Clinton, MA. Thanks.

Samantha Gentile 10/23/99
Looking for a man by the name of Hugh M. SMITH. Was married to a Sara C. ? Their son is J. Frank SMITH and he married in 1881 in Anson County, NC, but the marriage license says that Hugh and Sara are from Chesterfield County, SC. Hugh is still living there in 1881, but Sara has died by that year. Any info on this line would be a great help.

Ed Martin 12/17/99
I am searching for any information on Moab STEVENS who moved to Chesterfield County around 1833 and moved into the home of his daughter who married a Moses Hough. Thanks.

P Banks 9/19/99
I am looking for any information I can find about the black Streaters of Chesterfield County, SC. My father was Paul Streater. He was born in 1930. Both of his parents were Streaters before they were married. My grandfather is from Chesterfield, SC. His name was Hezikia (Bub) Streater. My grandmother is from Morven, NC, right across the state. I think that my grandparents may have been related. My grandfather was the Uncle of Lonnie (Shortie) Streater, born in 1906. Shortie and my grandfather both lived in Chesterfield until they died. Shortie died in 1992, my grandfather around 1947. Any information about any Streater would be greatly appreciated. Any slave record or plantation records would be a great help. Also any advice of looking for black family information would also help.

K. Huggins 2/12/2000
Looking for info on Spiers SULLIVAN of Chesterfield County. He was born about 1767 or 1766, died January 9, 1860, he was born in NC and moved to SC in the 1790's. His wife was Eunice or Rebecca Knight? She was born 1775 and died 1862, and had children named Thomas, Joseph and John. Thanks.

Sweatt 11/24/99
I am searching for information on the early SWEATT families that lived in the Teal's Mill area of Cheraw, SC. Rumor has it that there was a SWEATT plantation in the area that burned some time in the mid 1800's. Thanks.

Andy 3/28/2000
Researching Wylie and Albert Green (James Albert?) TADLOCK. Wylie TADLOCK was born 2 September 1816 in Chesterfield County, SC. He married Jane R. Boyles 6 February 1840 in Perry County, Alabama. She was born 20 March 1817 in Perry County, Alabama. He died 17 December 1893 in Navarro County, Texas. She died 22 October 1880 in Navarro County, Texas. Albert Green (James Albert) TADLOCK was born in 1805 in Chesterfield, SC. He married Malinda C. Boyles 5 September 1832 in Perry County, Alabama. She was born in 1815, in Tennessee. He died in 1874 in Perry County, Alabama and she died in 1876 in Perry County, Alabama. Will exchange data. Thanks.

Glenda Bowling 3/28/2000
I am interested in anything that I can find out about the Chesterfield County TADLOCKs. From 1810-1840 Census shows the family, Joshua, Wylie, Thomas, Albert all or some of these during each of those Census years. I am particularly interested in Joshua TADLOCK who appears to be the father. There were no TADLOCK's mentioned in the 1800 Census and in 1850. Wylie, Joshua, and Albert show to have been in Perry County, Alabama. Interested in finding out where they were in 1800 and where Joshua was born. Census lists Virginia. Thanks.

Tom Talbert 7/16/99
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any information on one of my Chesterfield County, SC ancestors. He was listed there in Chesterfield Twp. in the 1850 Census as Micassa TALBERT, although I've always been told by family members that his name was Michael Cagy TALBERT. His eldest child, George H. TALBERT, was born in Chesterfield on February 16, 1842, and later served in the Civil War. By the 1860 Census, my great-grandfather TALBERT had relocated to Burke County, NC. Thank you.

Glenn Teal 5/21/2000
I am seeking information on a Benjamin F. TEAL who lived in Chesterfield District of South Carolina. He was a son of my 3G grandfather William TEAL and Isabella McRae. Also seeking information on Elizabeth TEAL also a daughter of William and Isabella TEAL. She married a Hezekiah Lisenby and lived in the Chesterfield area also. I believe both Benjamin F. TEAL and Elizabeth TEAL were born in the 1820's in Chesterfield area. Thanks for any help.

Carolyn Teal Davis 7/16/99
My parents were originally from Chesterfield (my mother Edna Estelle Teal Teal) and Cheraw (father Clyde NMN Teal, now deceased). I have attended the Teal Reunion which is held in Chesterfield County yearly. I am looking for information on our ancestors. Thank you.

Sherry Welter 9/19/99
I am attempting to trace the daughters of Benjamin Thurman and Julia Shumate of Cheraw District/Chesterfield County, SC, in the early 1700's and 1800's. Family tradition has a daughter, Elizabeth THURMAN, marrying Orfie RAYFIELD. In the 1810 census of Chesterfield County there is Offee RAYFIELD. In the 1820 census there is a Theopilas (Offee could be a nickname for Theopilas) RAYFIELD and in the 1830 census there is a Theo. RAYFIELD - all in Chesterfield County. The ages for the male and female in the household in all three census fit the ages given for Elizabeth. If any RAYFIELD descendants have any information and would share with me, I will be happy to pay copying and mailing costs. Address: 105 Overlook Dr., Williamsburg, VA 23185.

Sherry Welter 9/19/99
I am attempting to trace the daughters of Benjamin THURMAN and Julie Shumate of Cheraw District/Chesterfield County, SC. in the lage 1700's and 1800's. Family tradition has a daughter, Mary THURMAN, marrying a Bill GANDY. It could be GANDY or GAINEY. There are no William or Bill GANDYs in the census records but there is a William GAINEY. If any GANDY/GAINEY descendants have any information on this couple and would share with me, it would be greatly appreciated. Would be glad to pay copying and mailing cost. Address: 105 Overlook Dr., Williamsburg, VA 23185.

Sherry Welter 9/19/99
I am attempting to trace the daughters of Benjamin THURMAN and Julia Shumate of Cheraw District/Chesterfield County, SC, in the late 1700's and 1800's. Family tradition has a daughter, Ann THURMAN, marrying a TANNER (no Christian name given). Since there is no first name and no issue given, finding them in the census and other records is very difficult. If there are any TANNER descendants who have any information on this couple, I would greatly appreciate it. Would be happy to pay mailing and copying cost. Address: 105 Overlook Dr., Williamsburg, VA 23185. Thanks.

Jon Regan Walters 10/23/99
Seeking information regarding Benjamin TILLER b. 1849?, and his wife Ida BAREFOOT, b. 1853?. They had a daughter Annie TILLER, b. 1875? who married George David Spradley, b. 1873?. Any information that gets me beyond Benjamin and Ida would be helpful. My information was picked up on the net and I have not verified it at courthouses. Thanks.

Phillip Thomas 7/16/99
The Chesterfield/Darlington/Marlbourgh County area sent many of its young men off to fight for Southern Independence. I am researching my ancestors from Chesterfield and Darlington County, SC that were members of the following (CSA) South Carolina Units: 18th SC Infantry Regiment, 8th SC Infantry Regiment, Co. B 1st Batt. SC Sharp Shooters. The family surnames involved are TOLSON, BYRD, and CHAPMAN. Anyone researching these CSA Units, please feel free to contact me. I would like to compare notes. Thank you.

Bonita K. Wallace 5/21/2000
I am looking for information on my grandmother's people that lived between Chesterfield and Cheraw. Their surname was TURNAGE. The family is buried at Mount Olivet Church cemetery. My grandmother was Maggie TURNAGE Wallace. Janie TURNAGE Gentry, Ethel TURNAGE King is a couple of her sisters and some of her brothers were William and Wallace. If you can help me with any information your help will be greatly appreciated.

Bennie H. Wallace, Jr 4/09/2000
My great-great-great grandfather was William WALLACE; born about 1814, in Cheraw, Chesterfield, SC; died 19, March 1886 in Cheraw, SC, and buried in the Parker's Cemetery, Chesterfield County, SC. His wife was Effie McDuffie, born 7 Sept. 1815, in Anson County, NC, died 16 March 1906, in Cheraw, SC, and also buried in the Parker's Cemetery. I have unsubstantiated information that Effie was orphaned and adopted by the McCoy family in Anson County, NC. I know that William's father was Isom (sp) WALLACE. I am trying to find information on their ancestors. Any information on the Wallaces or McDuffies would be appreciated.

Steven Wallace 8/08/99
My grandfather was born in Chesterfield, SC on March 1, 1889. His name was William James WALLACE. His father's name was Elijah WALLACE (unknown p.o.b. or d.o.b.). We know very little about them so any info is appreciated. Thank you.

Bennie H. Wallace, Jr. 3/30/2000
I have worked my way back to William WALLACE, born Sept 1814 in Cheraw, SC, died March 18, 1896 in Cheraw, SC, buried in Mt. Olivet Church Cemetery. He married Effie McDUFFIE about 1836, born Sept 7, 1815 in Anson County, NC, died March 16, 1906 in Cheraw, SC, buried in Mt. Olivet Church Cemetery. I have decent information from my family from them on, but have no information as to their ancestors. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Carroll 11/07/99
Looking for information about the WALSTON family which came from NC, in the early 1800's. Thank you.

Glenda Hickman 1/23/2000
William"Will" (1867-1941) and Minnie WARR (1870-1947) raised a family in McBee, Chesterfield County, SC. They had four boys calls Edward "Bud", Alton, Harley "Buck" and William "Bill". They had one daughter, Eva. Eva had a son named Homer (b. 1925, McBee) who also lived with Will and Minnie. They were farmers. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jo Morris 2/12/2000
Does anyone have any information on the James WATERS who was in the 1790 census for the Cheraws? I would really appreciate any help on this. Thank you.

Elsie S. Lilburn 10/23/99
I am searching for known children of John Joseph BRANTLEY (b. 1831, d. ?) married Levinia "Vinnie" WATSON abt. 1860 (b. abt 1839). Child of "Vinnie" by first marriage was Albert Evander HORN, 1858-1929. Children of John and Vinnie were Jefferson Davis Brantley 1862-1938, Narcissus Alonia BRANTLEY 1863-1952. All of the above were born in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC, and the children lived in Ararat, Choctaw County, Alabama with the support of the family of William M. Hurst and Mary Elizabeth Steinwinder. Other children of John and Vinnie were Hampton BRANTLEY, John BRANTLEY, Albert BRANTLEY, William BRANTLEY, Frank BRANTLEY and Levinia or Louisa BRANTLEY, all born between 1860-1972. Who helped these children and where? The Brantley's left Cheraw to go to Alabama, Tennessee, or Georgia. It is believed that something happened to separate the children to be raised by others, who and where? Any information will be greatly appreciated and I will be glad to exchange information.

Tiffany Gideon Bils 3/06/99
I am interested in the surname WATSON - particularly Albert Citney WATSON. This is the information I have so far: Unit: Captain Kelly's Company, South Carolina Light Artillery (Chesterfield Artillery) Enlisted at Cheraw, SC Aug. 25, 1861 at 17. Paroled in Greensboro, NC on May 1, 1865. Served with James Kelly and after war, went to Smith Co. Texas and married his sister Susan. A.C. is buried next to Susan in Dover Cemetery, Smith Co. Texas. He married, after Susan died, Ariadne Whitaker. On the 1860 Chesterfield South Carolina census there is the following: Watson, Zilpha 41 F Farmer b. NC Watson, Lametta 19 F Deaf Idiot b. SC Watson, Albert 15 M b. SC Watson, Louisa 9 F b. SC Possibly Albert left home and lied about his age to enter the Army? I know there was another Albert WATSON from SC in the War but he was killed. Any help would be appreciated.

Shannon Watts 9/19/99
I am looking for any WATTS and SUTTON that my be from Chesterfield County, SC, for a family tree. Any information would be a huge help.

Guy Perry 9/19/99
For a number of years I have been stymied as to the parents of two brothers, Britton and Hardy WEEMS and their sister, Rebecca. They ended up in Claiborne County, MS, by 1820, but had been in TN where Britton and Hardy both served in the War of 1812. Recently, someone suggested that their father might be Thomas Scott WEEMS. I know he was on the 1790 census for Cheraw District, SC, and appears on the 1800 census for Chesterfield, County (although the printed list shows Scot WEYONS, the microfilm shows clearly Tho Scot WEYMS). I know the records of Chesterfield County, SC, were destroyed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Royce White6/11/99
I would like any information about the Charles C. WHITE family. Charles was born in SC in 1855. He married Theresa Timmons, who was born in 1858 in SC. They had six children in Chesterfield County, SC, and lived in or very close to Cheraw. Some of the children were born in NC, possibly Anson County, NC, the others in Chesterfield County, SC. Charles was a member of the Woodmen of the World and was a farmer. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thank you.

Anne Johnson Amos 4/04/99
Searching for James WHITE who married Mary BROCK, both of Chesterfield County. Their birth and death dates not known. Their known child was Pinky Elizabeth WHITE, born 10 May 1860; died 12 Dec 1945. Pinky married Alexander JOHNSON, born 19 Sep 1860, died 17 March 1919. Will share information. Thanks.

Charles Williams 7/16/99
I am looking for any information on the family of John H. WILLIAMS, born in NC in 1823, and found in the 1880 census Alligator Township, Cheraw Postal District, Chesterfield County, SC. Thanks.

Seeking info on Rubin WILLIAMS b. April 15, 1900 in Jefferson, Chesterfield County, SC, married Willie Mae Sanders. His father was George WILLIAMS. Thank you.

Mickey Dignon 3/06/99
Looking for Thomas J. WOMBLE, born 22 May 1836 in Anson County, NC, son of Henry WOMBLE and Jane Gwynn, married abt. 1856 in Chesterfield County, SC to Lauritta A. Hancock, 4 July 1840 in Chesterfield County, SC, daughter of (Willis ?) Hugh Hancock and Jane Jordan. Thanks.

Bettie Goldman 10/17/99
I am looking for information on John YOUNG and Samuel CARTER and their families who are said to have migrated from Chesterfield, SC to Pontotoc County, MS about 1840 in a wagon train along with several other families from the area, i.e., Parnell's. John YOUNG married Sara CARTER, Samuel's daughter. Also with them were John's sister, Nancy YOUNG, and her husband Moses Wiseman Roberts and their children. Perhaps these are all in the 1830 Chesterfield County Census? Do you have any information on a wagon train leaving about this time? Any information you might be able to give me on these families will be greatly appreciated.

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