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FRANCIS BRITTON, SR arrived in Charles Town about 1697 from Massachusetts. His name first appeared in South Carolina when he obtained a land warrant for 200 acres of land dated 17 June 1697. On 18 May 1702, he received a land grant for 200 acres on SeeWee Bay in Christ Church Parish. In 1709 and 1711, he received land grants in Colleton County. He died intestate in Christ Church Parish and was buried on 14 July 1731. It is possible to identify most or all of his children by comparing court documents and Last Will and Testaments of the Britton family.

At the time of his death, he was married to Elizabeth Sealy, daughter of Joseph Sealy. Shortly after his death, most of his sons and daughters obtained land grants and settled in Prince George Parish and Prince Fredericks Parish. Their settlement became known as "Britton's Neck" which lay between Great and Little Pee Dee Rivers extending northward from the mouth of Little Pee Dee River.

John Britton obtained a land grant before the death of his father and ventured upriver. He married Rachel Sealy and left no issue. John was living in Prince George Parish when he wrote his will on 6 Feb 1730. He died before 2 December 1730 when his will was proved.

Phillip Britton was the eldest son at the death of his father. He was married to Jane Goddard and left no issue. Phillip wrote his will on 17 July 1749, which was proved on 20 January 1750. Jane wrote her will on October 1757.

Timothy Britton married Jane's sister Mary Goddard. He wrote his will on 3 January 1750 and it was proved in November 1750. He leaves his estate to his wife and "all my children." We know he had three sons, Timothy, Phillip and William, possibly others.

Daniel Britton married Elizabeth Hyrne in January 1748 and wrote his will on June 1748. His will was proved on 6 June 1749. He and Elizabeth had one son, Daniel. It is unknown if this child lived to adulthood.

Moses Britton married Hester Jolly on 23 April 1741. He died intestate before 24 July 1750 when his estate was appraised. The names of his children are not known.

Francis Britton married Ann Hyrne. He wrote his will on 14 May 1766 and died before his will was proved in 24 March 1768. They had four children, Moses, Francis III, Henry and Mary. Britton's Ferry was established by Francis in 1747 and willed to his son Francis.

Joseph Britton married Sarah Dupre and Ann Unknown. He wrote his will on 25 June 1773 and died before 1775 when his plantation was advertised for sale. He had two children, Elizabeth and David from his first marriage. He and Ann had seven children, Phillip, Thomas, Martha, Mary, Moses, Joseph, and John.

Hannah Britton married Mr. Rae, possibly William before 1730. They had at least four children, John, Frances, Rachel, and Anne.

Mary Britton married Mr.Bollough, possibly William on 18 April 1722. The names of her children are not known.

Martha Britton married John Sinkler on 15 March 1738. It is not known when her husband died but seems evident in documents that she may have married John Anderson by 1757. The names of her children are not known.

Sarah Britton married Michael Mixon on 3 November 1748. It is possible she died before 1753 when Michael Mixon and Catherine give birth to a child.


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