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Historical US Maps

Map of the United States, Tanner H. S. 1834
part of MAGIC:Scanned Historical Maps University of Connecticut

1895 Atlas Title Page

Name Search


Color Landform Atlas of the United States

Geographic Nameserver
Simply enter the name of the place you want to look up. This server contains mostly information on locations within the US.
Geographic Names Information System: United States and Territories
If you are looking for just about any geographical site in the US, here is the place to find it. This USGS site lists just about all geographical names (towns, creeks, parks, governmental buildings, etc.) that would be shown on a U.S. Geographical Survey map. It will show you the site, and will also list the name of the specific USGS map on which the feature is located.

World Maps

Oddens's Bookmarks: Miscellaneous Maps: Genealogy
Ulrecht University (Netherlands)
- the ultimate world map list
part of Oddens's Bookmarks: The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping
Ulrecht University (Netherlands)
- the ultimate world map list

Atlapedia Online

University of Minnesota: Maps in the News

Paleomap Project

CyberAtlas: Guggenheim Museum

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