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Hi, my name is Carolyn Golowka and I am the County Coordinator for Edgefield County.  Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.  Feel free to contact me.


Bible Records

Bible records for Edgefield County are in the USGenWeb Archives for Edgefield County.
Consider Submitting Your Bible Records.  Click Here or Here for Submissions

Bible records are considered a valuable, credible genealogical resource. There are two reasons for this. First, the records are usually recorded at the time of the event. That means that the accuracy of the recording, whether it is a date or name or a place, is not faded by memory. Second, the person doing the recording is usually someone to whom the event is important and therefore is more apt to be accurate, as in the case of a mother recording the birth or death of her child.

The information kept in bible records varies according to the custom of the family keeping them, but often includes birth, death, and marriage dates.

Click here for some Bible Records in the USGenWeb Archives project.

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I do not live in South Carolina so I am unable to help with your personal research questions. All the information I know about Edgefield County is posted promptly on this site. Please visit the "Research Resources" section of this site. I would suggest that if you don't find the information your looking for here, that you join the email list and post your question on the query board. The more places you ask the question, the better your chances of getting an answer.

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