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Hi, my name is Carolyn Golowka and I am the County Coordinator for Edgefield County.  Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.  Feel free to contact me.


Census Records

Some Census Records for Edgefield County are in the SCGenWeb Archives for Edgefield County.
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South Carolina became a state in 1788. The first census available for South Carolina is in 1790. Edgefield County has census records available for each 10 year period with the exception on 1890 in which there is not considered to be a census available for any state.

South Carolina State Archives has many historical records associated with census information taken at different times over the last two hundred years. Please check their holdings along with the libraries.


The first Federal Census for South Carolina is for 1790. Census records are available for each decade (except for 1890 where the majority of records were destroyed).

1790 through 1840 had only counts of individuals by age group listed in one line under the name of the head of household. Although these records can be difficult to use to gather information for an individual, they can be used to track summary information by household including the number of individuals living in the house (note: those listed may not be all related) and the movements of the families.

Starting in 1850, the Federal Census recorded the name and gender of each family member, their marriage status, and the year and place (state or country) of their birth.   In 1880, the birthplace of each individual's parents was recorded as well. 

The 1900 Census provide both the month and year of birth, years married, number of children born to the marriage with number still living, along with immigration and naturalization details.


Here is a set of files that show the Census Schedules from 1790-1930. You will need Acrobat Reader to open these forms. You can get a free copy at:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Census Data and Format Description

Click here for a partial listing with only the names of head of household and no only
Click here for a transcription of the 1790 US Census for Edgefield County

Click here for a transcription of the 1800 US Census for Edgefield County

  • 1810
    This census consists of a count of men and women by age grouping. The age groups were:
  • Under 10
    45 and Older
  • Free persons and Slaves were a single counted column.

    This census maintained the same age grouping system that was now extended to Slaves and Free Colored Persons. Single counts remained for Foreigners Not Naturalized, Other Persons and a count for the number of persons engaged in Agriculture, Commerce and Manufacture.

    This census changed the age grouping to be more specific. The age groupings for men and women were now in 5 year increments up to age 20 and in 10 year increments up to 100+. Slaves had larger age groupings.

    Columns were then added for the following groups:

  • Deaf and Dumb (under age 14)
    Deaf and Dumb (under age 25)
    Deaf and Dumb (25 and older)
    Aliens-Foreigners not Naturalized
  • 1840
    This census was the last year of age groups without each individual being named. Pension information was also added.

    Edgefield 1850
    1850 is the first year that each individual is listed, by name of initials, for each household. The age and sex is listed for each person along with notations of there color.

    Profession or Occupation is listed along with the value of real-estate owned. School attendence, ability to read and write along with a few notes on handicaps, legal and financial troubles.

    Of great use is the column added to note the Place of Birth. It notes if an individual has been married within the year.

    Here we finally get Place of Birth information for both the individual and each parent!! Also provided is the relation of each person to the head-of-household.

    1900 contains the actual month and year of birth rather than just the age of the individual. It lists the number of years married and the number of children that have been born and how many are alive.

    It also lists the year of immigration to the USA and whether the individual has been naturalized along with the number of years in the USA.

    1910 loses the birth date information but provides more information regarding the employment and occupation of the individuals.

  • The National Archives and Records Administration has its census microfilm catalogs on-line. Their worldwide web page has a section tailored specifically for the genealogist.

    NARA also has a very reasonable microfilm rental program where genealogists may rent films through the mail and view them at their local libraries for a period of time. Contact the reference librarian at your local library for more information about that program.

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