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Hi, my name is Carolyn Golowka and I am the County Coordinator for Edgefield County.  Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.  Feel free to contact me.



The table below comes from the US Geological Survey's National Mapping Information.  The Map Name is NOT always the town name.  It is the map on which the ton is (or was in the case of Historical) located.  Any other information on a town you can supply such as its history, families, cemeteries, etc. would be appreciated.  Please contact me to make a submission.  Thanks.

The defunct trading post of Hamburg does not appear on the USGS list.  You can learn more about it by clicking here.  Thanks to Pete Hughes, Tonya Taylor, Tricia Glenn, and others, for all their hard work on the history of Hamburg.


USGS 7.5' Map
(Map Name)
Antioch 334608N 0820203W Red Hill
Bouknight 334717N 0815013W Johnston
Brunson Crossroads 334955N 0820313W Red Hill
Cleora 335029N 0820300W Red Hill
Colliers 334231N 0820440W Colliers
Crafton (historical) 333843N 0815652W Ropers Crossroads
Edgefield 334722N 0815547W Edgefield
Harmony 334801N 0815027W Johnston
Highview (historical) 333925N 0815615W Ropers Crossroads
Huets Crossroads 334622N 0815314W Edgefield
Huntington Estates 333444N 0815742W North Augusta
Johnson Crossroads 334618N 0820308W Red Hill
Johnston 334955N 0814804W Johnston
Lake Forest Estates 333317N 0815915W North Augusta
Lenoir (historical) 333617N 0820106W Martinez
Lime Stone (historical) 335531N 0820243W Limestone
Limestone 335412N 0820202W Limestone
Mathais Crossroads 335329N 0815210W Saluda South
Mayson Crossroads 335611N 0820719W Limestone
Meeting Street 335630N 0815542W Owdoms
Millers Crossroads 334439N 0820604W Colliers
Morgana 333625N 0820316W Martinez
Murphys Estates 333604N 0815640W North Augusta
New Richmond (historical) 333207N 0820050W Martinez
Parkhill 334543N 0815345W Edgefield
Pine House Crossroads 334407N 0815121W Trenton
Pleasant Lane 335457N 0815926W Owdoms
Poverty Hill 333347N 0820042W Martinez
Ropers Crossroads 334054N 0815906W Ropers Crossroads
Rotalata 334334N 0815036W Trenton
Sullivan Crossroads 335516N 0820656W Limestone
Swearingen (historical) 334216N 0815512W Ropers Crossroads
Tompkins Cross Roads 335516N 0815554W Owdoms
Trenton 334438N 0815027W Trenton
West Store Crossroads 334521N 0820308W Red Hill
Wise (historical) 334127N 0815530W Ropers Crossroads


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