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South Carolina Forts

Fort Anderson
Fort Arbuthnot
Camp Asylum
Aubrey's Fort
Fort Balfour
Barton's Post
Beaufort Arsenal
Beaufort Battery
Beaufort Fort
Camp Bennett
Biggin Bridge Redoubt
Fort Beauregard
Black Island Battery
Boon's Fort
Botany Bay Island Post
Boyd's Neck
Braddock Point Battery
Brandon's Camp
Breach Inlet Batteries
Brook's Fort
Fort Broughton
Broughton's Battery
Camp Buist
Fort Bull
Bull Town Fort
Bulls Island Fort
Calibogue Point Blockhouse
Camden Magazine
Post at Camden
Fort at Canos
Fort Capron
Cat Island Battery
Cat Island Fort
Cattel's Fort
Chapman's Fort
Charles Fort
Charles Town Fortress
Charles Towne Landing
Charleston Arsenal
Charleston Batteries
Charleston Gun House
Charleston South Battery
Fort Charlotte
Fort Chatfield
Camp Chehaw
Camp Cheraw
Chicken's Fort
Chisolm Island Post
Cofitachequi Fort
Colemans Fort
Coles Island Fort
Columbia Armory
Columbia Arsenal
Fort Congaree
Fort Darrell
Daufuskie Island Post
Fort Dearborn
Camp Despair
Fort Dorchester
Fort Drayton
Fort Dreadnaught
Fort Duane
Earle's Fort
Fort Edisto
Edisto Island Post
Elliott's Fort
Eloson's Fort
Fort Euhanie
Camp Evans
Evans Fort
Fenwick Island Post
Fenwick's Fort
Florence Stockade
Folly Island Batteries
Folly Island Reserve
Ford's Fort
Camp Fornance
Fort Frederick
Fort Fremont
Gallman's Fort
Fort Galphin
Georgetown Battery
Georgetown Fort
Fort Getty
Fort Gillmore
Godfrey's Fort
Gordon's Fort
Gowen's Fort
Gowen's Old Fort
Grahamville Fort
Fort Granby
Fort Green
Camp Gregg
Camp at Grimball Plantation
Hadrell's Point Fort
Half-Moon Battery
Camp at Hanging Rock
Hasel's Fort
Hayes' Station
Hearn's Fort
Fort Heyward
Post of Hilton Head
Hilton Head Reserve
Hobcaw Point Magazine
Battery Holbrook
Fort Holmes
Fort Howell
Camp Hunter
Fort Independence
Camp Jackson
Fort Jackson
Jackson's Fort
James Island Batteries
Camp Johnson
Fort Johnson
Fort Keowee
King St Battery
Fort Lamar
Fort at Lampriere's
Larouche's Bridge Fort
Fort Lawn
Long Island Batteries
Lyndley's Fort
Fort Lyttleton
Fort Madison
Camp Marion
Fort Marion
Marion's Camp
Marshall Reserve
Camp Martin
Mayrant's Bluff Battery
Camp McDougal
McDowell's Camp
McGowan's Blockhouse
Fort Mechanic
Mepkin Plantation Fort
Fort Middleton
Fort Mill
Fort Mitchell
Moncks Corner Redoubt
Fort Moore
Fort Morris
Morris Island Batteries
Fort Motte
Fort Moultrie
Mount Dearborn Arsenal
Mount Pleasant Batteries
Mulberry Plantation Fort
Musgrave Fort
Fort Ninety-Six
Fort Nohucke
Norwood Station
Oconee Station
Old Citadel
Orangeburg Post
Orista Blockhouse
Otterson's Fort
Palachacola Fort
Camp Palmer
Fort Palmetto
Palmetto Iron Works
Parker's Ferry
Passage Fort
Patton's Fort
Fort Pemberton
Pennington's Fort
Fort Pickens
Castle Pinckney
Fort Pinckney
Fort Pleasant
Pocotaligo Earthworks
Pocotaligo Post
Pond's Fort
Poole's Fort
Port Royal Fort
Prince's Fort
Fort Prince Frederick
Fort Prince George
Fort Putnam
Battery Ramsay
Fort Randall
Rantowles Defenses
Rhall's Fort
Richburg Fort
Fort Ripley
Camp at Rocky Mount
Fort Rutledge
St Giles Plantation Fort
St Helena Island Post
Salkehatchie Works
Saltcatchers Fort
Fort Salvador
Sam's Point Fort
Santa Elena Fort
Fort San Felipe
Fort San Marcos
Fort San Salvador
Fort San Sebastian
Savannah River Site Defenses
Camp Saxton
Schenckingh's Fort
Schinckin's Fort
Seabrook Island Post
Camp Sevier
Fort Seward
Camp Seymour
Camp Shaw
Fort Shaw
Fort Sherman
Sherman's Battery
Shutes Folly Redoubt
Snow's Island Camp
Camp Sorghum
South Island Battery
Star Fort
Stockade Fort
Stoney Creek Battery
Fort Strong
Stuart Town
Fort Sullivan
Sullivan's Island Batteries
Fort Sumter
Tabby Horn Work
Target Range Reserve
Thicketty Fort
Tobler's Fort
Tower Batter
Fort Trenholm
Camp Truesdale
Vince's Fort
Camp Wadsworth
Fort Wagner
Fort Walker
Wantoot Plantation Fort
Wappo Creek Batteries
Battery Warren
Fort Washington
Fort Wassamassaw
Fort Watson
Fort Welles
West Charleston Batteries
Camp Wetherill
(Fort) Battery White
White Point Battery
Fort Wilkins
Fort Williamson
Camp at Williamson Plantation
Williamson's Fort
Willtown Fort
Winnsboro Encampment
Winyah Bay Blockhouse
Fort Winyah
Fort Winyaw
Fort Woods
Woodward's Fort

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