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Blanton Farm in the Pleasant Meadow Community
Contributed by Theta Graham Duffy and Wanda Rabon Causey

This cemetery is located down a series of dirt roads. Had someone not taken me there I never would have found it. It has been the victum of vandaliusm and has many broken stones. Some were so badly damaged that they couldn’t be read. There were many wood markers also. Some had been replaced with treated wood crosses, but still no idea as to the person burried there.

Daniel Suggs 4/11/1843...9/24/1905

Rachel P w/o Daneil Suggs 2/3/1851...2/13/1904 In love she lived, in peace she died, her life was craved, but God denied

William H Suggs 11/26/1868...6/15/1932

Robert B s/o J.M. and Martha Blanton 3/1904...6/30/1904

Martha Strickland 7/19/1865...10/09/1921

J.M. Blanton 7/19//1865...12/31/1911

Patrica Ann d/o D.E. and Rhoda Blanton 2/24/1939...10/29/1939

David Everett Blanton 3/22/1889...12/20/1948

Clara A Guffin ? 1/15/1890...2/05/1937

S.H. Bryant no dates

Addie Hardee Alford w/o D.T. Alford 11/10/1889... 7/11/1915

Elizabeth P w/o S.L. Alford 7/08/1849...2/07/1932

Vera Ellen d/o W.E. and E.T. Holt 1/29/1910...8/10/1914

W.H. Holt 1/23/1866...10/02/1921

Rhoebert L Graham 1/23/1904...6/12/1947

Flossie A Holt 6/24/1904...6/30/1984

Marie d/o Holbert and Flossie Graham 6/03/1932...8/15/1942

Mary Ann Graham 11/27/1874...2/22/1952

Colin W Holt 9/13/1878...4/222/1923

In Loving Memory of little Fannie Holt 6/05/1906...2/12/1907

Mantha J w/o J.G.A. Holt 11/15/1845...7/12/1916

Holt Dolhan Berkley 10/16/1904...4/15/1963

Ruby Hyatt 9/23/1907...4/21/1974

Alice Faye d/o M/M Harvey Holt 3/04/1946...10/22/1947

Jack s/o D.B. and Ruby Holt 6/26/1930

Eston s/o D.B. and Ruby Holt 11/19/1933...11/21/1937

Twins of M.M. Holt Floyd 3/17/1946 3/22/1946

Quincy s/o J.W. and R.C. Graham 9/13/1858...2/13/1868

J.W. Sarvis 1/21/1826...5/01/1892

Fancie L Sarvis w/o M.V.Jackson 2/10/1887...6/20/1932

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