C e m e t e r i e s

Contributed by Wade Calhoun

Wade's note:
A friend of mine told me of a cemetery in Horry County that he saw when he was 12 or 13 years old. Today he showed me the cemetery and told me what he knew of it. It is on the corner of roads 26-819 and 26-961 on Burris and Chappin Land, in the woods about 100 yards off the paved road.

It is in terrible shape. It was formerly owned by the Causey family. He described several stones that he saw as a boy when he and a Causey family member cleaned up the cemeteries. We found several stones that were broken and unreadable. Some of the stones that he remembered were missing but I managed to read these stones.

1. This is a double stone with husband and wife.
Albert J. Gore
born July 1, 1849
died April 11, 1911
(Wife's name unreadable)
born July 23, 1854
diedApril 3, 1908

2. William H. Brown
son of M.C. and Callie Brown
born June 11, 1901
died October 5, 1907

3. M.C. Brown
born October 29, 1895
died June 16, 1897
[evidently this is another son of M.C. And Callie Brown.]

4.Bowin Hope
son of G.A. and M.L. Powell
born August 24, 1913
died December 21, 1914

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