C e m e t e r i e s

Johnson Family Cemetery

Horry County, South Carolina

Contributed by John M. Taylor, Jr. and Sarah Talton

This listing is a work in progress. If you have any additional information about stones located in this cemetery and would like to contribute to this page, please email Marceline.

Information from the tombstones in the Johnson family cemetery in Horry County, SC:

Contributed by John M. Taylor, Jr.

  • Col. A.H. Johnston:
    This grave contained two stones, back-to-back, with different inscriptions:
  • Original Stone:
    "SACRED to the MEMORY of Col. (sic) A. H. Johnston (sic) Born Jan 14 1823
    Our Father lies within this grave.
    God claimed his life that he would have given. He was kind, in truth was
    We trust his soul is now in Heaven."
  • Newer Stone:
    "Capt. A. H. Johnson
    Co C
    10th SC INF
    Jan 14 1821
    May 30 1871"
  • MARY A. Johnson:
    "Mrs. Mary A.
    wife of
    Capt A. H. Johnson
    Born Aug 27 1830
    Died Oct 19 1895
    Age 60 years & 22 days
    We shall meet again sweet mother
    In a brighter time than this
    Where the anguish of this world of ours
    Is lost in deathless bliss"

    Contributed by Sarah Talton

    Smitty Johnson Oct 12 1883 Jan 12 1961
    George M Johnson Aug 7 1874 July 2 1944
    Nettie J Alford Aug 19 1880 Mar 10 1968
    Mollie J. Williamson Mar 6 1891 Oct 27 1967
    Hubert J. Williamson Dec 21 1903 Feb 1 1987
    James Harley Johnson Jan 26 1848 Jan 2 1910
    Rebecca A Johnson Nov 20 1849 June 29 1929
    John A Johnson Jul 29 1822 Dec 4 1862
    Margaret G (or C) Johnson June 15 1824 Mar 2 1909
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