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    Mail lists offer genealogists a wonderful method to connect with other researchers. The lists included here may be of interest to Horry County researchers. Digest mode provides a consolidated email of postings at regular intervals.

    To subscribe, click the link provided. In the body of the message, write subscribe. Be sure to read and save the instructions included in your subscription confirmation. You must be subscribed to send a message to any of these lists.
  • SCGenealogy-L: A general mail list for anyone with interests in South Carolina genealogy
    SCGenealogy-D: Digest versioL
  • NCSCGENSWAP-L: For anyone interested in swapping research time in the Carolinas
    NCSCGENSWAP-D: Digest version
  • SC-CEMETERY-L: For those interested in forming a cemetery preservation society in South Carolina
    SC-CEMETERY-D: Digest version
  • SCBATTLES-L: For anyone interested in military history in South Carolina
    SCBATTLES-D: Digest version
  • SCHORRY-L: For anyone with an interest in Horry County history and genealogy
    SCHORRY-D: Digest version
    These mail lists are not on RootsWeb, so the subscription instructions may be different. Instructions and links are provided for each list.
  • NC-SC-Roots-L: Discussions of genealogy and history in the Carolinas. To subscribe, send a message to listserv@listserv.indiana.edu with the following text: SUB NC-SC-ROOTS-L firstname lastname
    To send a message to the list, email nc-sc-roots-l@listserv.indiana.edu. You must be subscribed to send a message to the list.
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