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RHODES posted by Albert S. Rhodes, Jr. on Friday, July 2, 1999

Trying to find any infomation on Thomas Whitfield Rhodes from Horry County. Info that I have is that he was born June 22, 1855 in Horry County. He went to Brunswick Co., NC and married Mary Eliza Jane Summersett. Both are buried in Mintz Cementary (Brunswick Co.) He died on Sept 26, 1914. His mother's name was Janie Rhodes. Can anyone give any additional information on Thomas? Thanks in advance. Another Dusty Rhodes.

OWENS, PARKER, WALTERS posted by Connie Walters on Sunday, July 4, 1999

HELP! Looking for info on Donnie Walters, from Clio or Nichols SC. He first married a Luvdy? She died after giving birth to a Freddie Walters. Donnie later married a Maybelle Parker Owens. Their children were "LC" Lester, Frank, Lonnie, "Buddy" Evan, Jim, Kenneth, Irene. Maybelle's mother was a Hattie Parker; Hattie married ?JOseph Owens? Donnie had several siblings (Eddie, Murry, Jimmy). I know Donnie was killed in Nichols on Christmas Eve ?70's.

THOMPSON posted by Charles W. Howell Jr. on Friday, July 9, 1999

My Granddaddy was William Thompson from Horry County I am also looking for my family members The area was Wampee SC

VEREEN posted by Karen on Monday, July 12, 1999

Leonardo Andrea, the noted South Carolina genealogist, was hired by a Vereen family member in the 1950's to research our family. The following information is mainly from both his research notes and the pamphlet handled out at the dedication of the Vereen Memorial Garden. ANY ADDITIONS AND/OR CORRECTIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! 1. Jacques Varin (1650-1689), a joiner, married Susanne Aury/Horry (1659-1725) in France or London. She was the daughter of Samuel and Jeanne DuBois Aury and was from Chatell, Switzerland. Jacques was the son of Jeremie Varin, a Huguenot of Rouen, Normandy, France. He left two sons, Jeremie and Samuel Varin. A Joel Poinsett married a woman named Susanne Varin. She was either the widow or daughter of Jacques Varin. 2. Samuel Varin (1683-1745) (son of #1) was born in South Carolina. He moved to the north side of the Santee River and died there. His plantation was along the present Georgetown-Williamsburg County line. According to church records, he had a son, James Varin, who died at age one. His will was signed November 1, 1744. He named a daughter as Anne E., wife of Francis Harbin , and granddaughters, Martha and Elizabeth Crousby, daughters of a deceased daughter. 3. Jeremie Varin (1675-1710) (son of #1) was married to Jane Evens (a/k/a Jean Avant). He moved from Charlestown to the Parish of St. Thomas and St. Dennis in Berkeley County. He is buried in that ancient church. From church records and from his will, he left two children, Jeremiah Vereen and Mary Vereen (June 23, 1709/10). His widow remarried and had at least one other child. 4. Jeremiah Vareen (Jan. 6, 1706/07-1768) (son of #3) moved from the Parish of St. Thomas and St. Dennis to a plantation on the Santee River near his uncle Samuel (#2). His first wife was named Mary and they had four children, William, Elisabeth, Ann, and Sarah. Mary died on July 26, 1733 and is buried in the church yard of St. Thomas and St. Dennis in Berkeley County. Elisabeth ("Ellis") (Nov. 14, 1731-?) married John Sullivant; Ann (m. Jenkins) and Sarah (m. Lewis). Jeremiah's second wife was née Mary Coachman. She inherited lands at Singleton Swash. Children by his second wife were Jeremiah, Ebenezer, Rebecca (m. Jonah Bonhoste), Hannah, Rachel, Jean and Martha. 5. William Vereen (Nov. 3, 1729-Sept. 20, 1789) (son of #4) was born in the Parish of St. Thomas and St. Dennis where he was baptized as a baby. He was married on Nov. 20, 1754 to Elizabeth Lewis (Nov. 30, 1734-June 7, 1779), the daughter of Charles and Martha Lewis. He was active in the Revolution, furnishing supplies and assisting General Francis Marion in securing food and forage for his men and horses. His children were: William, Charles, Jeremiah, John, Daniel, Martha E. (m. Daniel Morrall), Mary Elizabeth (m. Nathan Huggins), and Mary Vereen. He died on the Horry Strand and is buried at the Island Landing cemetery. 6. Ebenezer Vereen (son of #4) (? - before 1791) had a plantation on the Pee Dee River near Yauhanna in Georgetown County. In a marriage contract signed Sept. 8, 1784, he married Catherine McIver (MacKiver). 7. Jeremiah Vereen (1745-1808) (son of #4) was a soldier in the American Revolution. He was a sergeant under General Francis Marion. He is buried in the destroyed cemetery at Windy Hill. His wife was Susanne Blanchard (uncertain if middle or maiden name). He hosted President Washington in his tour of the states. The Court Minutes of Horry County show that Jeremiah died in 1808. His children were William, Alexander, John Ephraim, Elizabeth (m. Robert Livingston). Jeremiah and his wife are buried at Windy Hill. 8. William Vereen, Sr. (Jan. 27, 1756-1811) (son of #5) was a soldier in the American Revolution. After the Revolution, he was a captain in the South Carolina Militia. He was married in 1790 to Elizabeth Huggins. He had two children, Charles and Jeremiah. His widow entered into a marriage contract with Samuel Commander of Georgetown County on May 7, 1812. 9. Charles Vereen (Oct. 29, 1757-1811) (son of #5) was a soldier in the American Revolution. He married Mary Withers, a widow. They had no children. His home was at Withers Swash. He owned several large plantations in both Georgetown and Horry. 10. Jeremiah Vereen (June 3, 1760-1813) (son of #5) was a soldier in the Revolution. His home was the Island Plantation. He married Elizabeth Raven Daniel . Their children were Robert Daniel, Mary Ann, James, Elizabeth Lewis , Mary Martha, Sarah G., Amelia L., and Joseph Jeremiah. Amelia married Cornelius Thomas, Sr., Joseph Jeremiah married Susanne Blanchard Vereen Hemingway, a widow. The others died young or unmarried. 11. John Vereen (May 12, 1765-?) (son of #5) He was rumored to have moved to Georgia. His widow, Jane Vereen, is in the 1800 census. They had children. 12. Daniel Vereen (Aug. 20, 1777-1830) (son of #5) had a home between Singleton Swash and Little River. He married Hester . His children were Charles, Jr., William Pinckney, Hester (m. William Henry Lewis Hemmingway), Martha Rebecca (m. James G. DeWitt) and Sarah Lewis Vereen. Daniel and Hester were buried at Windy Hill. 13. Alexander Vereen (?) (son of #7) 14. William Vereen (son of #7) lived on a plantation called Guendalos, which was inherited by his wife, Eliza Porcher Wilkes (daughter of Lemuel or Samuel Wilkes), whose marriage contract was signed Oct. 15, 1800. They had the following children: William (m. Mary Costello Donnally); Ann G. (m. James R. Ervin); Mary Elizabeth (m. Dr. John Daniel Magill of All Saints Parish) and one other son and daughter. 15. John Ephraim Vereen (son of #7) (1775-1839) resided at Long Bay Plantation No. 2 and Windy Hill. John E. Vereen had three wives, Jane Livingston was his first wife [children were Frances (m. Hartford Jones), Thomas Livingston , Samuel Porter (m. Rebecca Wilson), William Henry Green (m. Charlotte Ann Fulwood), Susanne Blanchard (m. John Thomas Hemingway and later Joseph Jeremaih Vereen)]; Mary Ann DeWitt (daughter of Joseph DeWitt, Sr.) was his second wife [children were Jeremiah (married Sarah R. Stone), Eliza Jane (m. Joseph Alston Hemingway), Joseph DeWitt (married Sarah), John E., Jr.]; and Frances Harris (daughter of John and Honor Smith Harris) was his third wife (their only child was Jackson Harris). 16. Charles W. Vereen (son of #8) married Maris; a William Vereen of Choctaw Co., MS signed a power of attorney concerning this will so he may be a son. 17. Joseph Jeremiah Vereen (son of #10) (July 16, 1812-Nov. 8, 1872) lived at the Island Plantation. He married Mrs. Susanne Blanchard Hemingway (July 11, 1810-Sept. 10, 1874). They had the following children: Amanda (m. Francis Justice); John F. (m. Lucy Permento); Benjamin F. (m. Bettie Livingston); Jeremiah J. (Feb. 10, 1843-Nov. 9, 1877) (m. Martha Bellamee); Martha A . (May Hartford J. (m. Florence C. Frink). 18. William Pinckney Vereen (?-1855)(son of #12) married Elizabeth Bellamy. They had a daughter, Elizabeth. His second wife was Martha G. . They had three daughters, Caroline Jane, Sarah Mary, Charlotte Ann Rebecca. 19. Hartford Jennings Vereen (April 12, 1849-Oct. 1, 1902) (son of #16) married Florence C. Frink. They are buried at the Little River Methodist Church. Children were: Thomas, Grover Cleveland, Percy Copeland, Sarah Gertrude (m. Benjamin H. Justice); Orbie Fletcher (m. Geneva McGinn); Susan Pauline (m. George F. Parker); John Ephraim (m. Eva Dell St. George); Samuel Gourdin (m. Kathaleen Vereen); Jackson Hiram (m. Martha Leslie); Elizabeth Mary (m. William Warwick Abbot); Bonson Mitchell (m. Allie Hemingway); Hartford Jennings, Jr. (m. Leila O'Quinn); Joseph Jeremaih (m. Essie Moody); Trezvant Gibbs (m. Maida Bell Stewart and Evelyn Luke) and Henry Noble (m. Jewel Adams). 20. Jeremiah Vereen (?-1858) (son of #15) married Sarah Raven Stone . Their children were John Wesley; Mary A.; Eliza J.; Calvin Calhoun; Jeremiah Kelly.; (Ann M.? may be duplicate of Mary A.); Hezekiah Maham ("Mim") (m. Caledonia Vereen) 21. Charles Vereen (son of #12) was married to Charity. Their children were Daniel (m. Frances Bridgers); William P.; Joseph A.; Charles J.; Hester Ann (m. Matthew Linguish); Sarah C. (m. H. E. Doyle); Mary Jane (m. George Mills); Costello D. (m. A. C. Lewis) and Cynthia J. G. Vereen 22. Joseph DeWitt Vereen (#15) married Sarah (child was William Joseph); Susan A. Lee [children were: Susan D., Lemuel, James S. and Samuel P]. 23. William Vereen (1800?-1830?) (son of #14) married Mary Costello Donnelly . She later married Francis B. Durant and moved to Savannah, GA then Brazos Co., TX. They had two children, William Jeremiah and Florence (m. ? Thompson and moved to Selma, AL) 24. William Jerome (previously Jeremiah) Vereen (May 9, 1829-May 23, 1877) (son of #22) m. Eugenia Michel McNair (June 25, 1835-Feb. 10, 1905). They had two children, William Coachman and Florence McNair (m. William Evans of Cheraw Co.) 25. William Coachman Vereen (Aug. 5, 1859 at Cheraw, SC-Feb. 16, 1942 at Moultrie, GA) (son of #23) (married Mary McNeill (July 1, 1851-Aug. 1, 1898) then her sister Ellen McNeill) children: Jessie (m. John Harris Smithwick); Jennie (married Reason Chestnut Bell); William Jerome (m. Lottie Thompson); Thomas Waites (m. Elizabeth Hollis); Pearl (m. Hardin Stuart); Eugene Michel (m. Wyolene Nance); John McNeill (m. Cecil Hicks)

BLANTON, CAMERON, FULFORD, MORGAN, PATTERSON, ROWELL, WILLIAMS posted by Jeanie Blanton Trimble on Monday, July 12, 1999

I am looking for information on Joshua BLANTON'S family. Joshua BLANTON II, was born in 1760 in Prince Edward County, Va. He married Mary ALDERMAN in Sampson County, NC in 1787. Mary died in 1812 and he married her sister, Keziah ALDERMAN in 1814 and they moved to Horry County, SC abt 1830. They lived in the Mt Olive Community close to Green Sea. His son, Joshua III, married Elizabeth? abt 1834 in Horry County, SC. I need Elizabeth's maiden name. I also need Keziah's death date and burial place. Joshua II died in abt 1840 and I need his burial place also. He was living in Horry County at the time of his death. Please e-mail genieroots@aol.com

SNOW posted by Elaine McNeill Carr on Tuesday, July 13, 1999

William SNOW is in Horry Co 1800 census on p 7 Kingston Co. Is anyone researching him? Is it possible he had a son named Absolom who migrated north to Fayetteville, Cumberland Co NC? He is shown with two males under age 16, which is the right age for my Absolom. Can anyone help? Will share information. Thanks, Elaine in DE

MARLOW posted by Earl Crosby on Wednesday, July 14, 1999

We are researching the family of Abraham Marlow and have hit a brick wall on locating his parents.

HUGGINS posted by Linda Glover on Thursday, July 15, 1999

Looking for info on Solomon Huggins b. 1801 Marion County, SC married Smithy Bryant b. 1807 Marion County. Children were: Mary Ann Huggins b. 1829 (who did she marry?), Morning Caroline Huggins b. 1831 married Benj. L. Frye, Clarisa b. 1837 married John Russ, John B. b. 1839 d. 1857, Ann Eliza Huggins b. 1843 d. 1864. Any help would be very much appreciated.

CHINNIS posted by Patricia Chinnis Long on Friday, July 16, 1999

My father was William Bennett Chinnis of Wadesboro, son of Simeon Dalton, Who was the son of Samuel Robert Chinnis from I believe Brunswick county N.C.

EDWARDS, FLOYD, FRYE, HUCKS, HUGGINS posted by Linda Glover on Saturday, July 17, 1999

Looking fo rinformation on Benjamin L. Frye b.1833 d.1885 m. 1.Martha Gasque, 2.Morning C. Huggins, 3. Bettie Dozier. Would like info on his children and their spouses & children. Thanks for help.I know one or two married into the Edwards family and one I think married into the Floyd family. Linda Glover

CRAWFORD, JOHNSON posted by Stacy Lowe on Sunday, July 18, 1999

I am looking for information on a John A Johnson. He lived in Horry Co. SC in the mid 1800's and married Margaret Ann Crawford. Some of their children were Dorca Lenora, John Quincy, Sarah Martha, Margaret Savannah, William and Matthew. Any info would be helpful.

CRAWFORD, JOHNSON posted by Stacy Lowe on Sunday, July 18, 1999

I am looking for information on a Margaret Ann "Peggy" Crawford. She lived in Horry Co. SC in the mid 1800's and married John A Johnson. Some of their children were Dorca Lenora, John Quincy, Sarah Martha, Margaret Savannah, William and Matthew. Any info would be helpful.

GRAINGER, MINCEY, MISHOE posted by Stacy Lowe on Sunday, July 18, 1999

I am looking for information on Watermon Grainger and Nancy Mincey. They lived in Horry Co. SC in the early 1800's. They had a son named Curtis who married Isabelle Mishoe. I would love to find out about any other children they had and who their parents were.

BRINSON, BRUNSON, FAIRCLOTH, HARDEE posted by Marion B. McGee on Sunday, July 25, 1999

I just found a death certificate for Harriett Caroline Faircloth, b. 2/3/1853, Horry Co., Sc, d. 4/18/1927, Horry Co, SC, married 1/6/1869 to William James Hardee, b. 4/28/1848, d. 9/14/1927. The death certificate, signed by her youngest son, E.C. [Edgar Cornelius] Hardee named Harriett's father as Edward Faircloth and her mother as Jane Brunson [Brinson]. I found Edward and Jane in the 1850 Horry Co., SC Census listed as follows: 933 FAIRCLOTH Edward 25 M Farmer 933 FAIRCLOTH Jane 22 F 933 FAIRCLOTH no name 2 F However, I can find no record of Edward and Jane in the 1860 Horry Co., SC, or Columbus Co., NC Census. Does anyone have additional information on this family? siblings of Harriett (obviously, the 2-year old unnamed child in the 1850 Census is an older sister of Harriett as Harriett was not born until almost 3 years after the 1850 census)? parents of Edward Faircloth or Jane Brunson [Brinson]. From the 1840 and 1850 census, it appears that James and Mary Brunson are probably the parents of Jane and that Joel Faircloth may be the father of Edward. Would appreciate any help

COLEMAN, FLOYD, NOBLE posted by Dayle Noble Biba on Tuesday, July 27, 1999

My g.grandmother was Mary Floyd, b. 1850 married to Alfred R. Noble. She was from Floyds Township Horry Co. Married around 1868 and relocated to Columbus Co. Her father was supposedly Everette Floyd married to Louise Coleman. She had a brother named Cornelius born around 1852. Any in for on these appreciated.

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