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My name is Cindy Ridgeway Parker. I volunteered as coordinator for the Lee County, South Carolina USGenWeb homepage because all of my roots go back to the Old Sumter District, which much of Lee County was formerly part of. My parents, my grandparents, their parents, and on back were born in Clarendon County which was also part of Old Sumter District. I was born in and I live in Sumter County, less than 20 miles from where my ancestors were settlers, farmers, and then planters. My family has lived in South Carolina from as far back as 1680.

If you ever come by this way, look me up. Bishopville, the county seat of Lee County, is less than 20 miles away from Sumter. Please, visit me via my homepage where you will find my personal genealogy information. I am quite willing to share what I have on the surnames that I research, but please understand that I am an amateur genealogist, researching my own family lines. I do not have the time to research other surnames. I am happy to share my knowledge of Lee County and to do quick lookups in the resources that I own, but I am not available for research.

I have posted some information on researching in South Carolina on line. Please check out these lessons . Maybe they will help.

If you have other data to add to the files that you find posted on this web site, please let me know. I will be happy to get them on-line for you.

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Let's continue our circle of sharing.

The Lee County, SCGenWeb site
 is dedicated to the memory of my beloved daughter,
Melissa Leigh Sutton
Carolina Girl turned Hodkgin's Warrior,
turned Carolina Angel.
June 6, 1978 - May 19, 2004

Sumter County

Be sure to take a look at the Sumter County home page too. Since much of Lee County was once part of the Old Sumter District it might be a good idea to look there also. The old Salem County area that was once part of Old Sumter District is now within Lee County's borders. There are many more queries on the Sumter page .

Volunteer to Help With the SCGenWeb Project

If you are interested in hosting an SCGenWeb county homepage, just e-mail Victoria Proctor . She is the South Carolina USGenWeb State Coordinator . (To find out which counties need a coordinator, check on the main SCGenWeb page.)

About the South Carolina USGenWeb Project

In March and April, 1996, a group of genealogists organized the Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Kentucky, where collected databases would be stored. In addition, the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual was found in more than one county, they could be located in the index. 

At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web page. The SCGenWeb Project is an extension of the KYGenWeb Project. This project is now nationwide. The USGenWeb
Project is becoming one of the largest volunteer efforts on the Internet. Its growth and utility will depend upon you---the user.

The USGenWeb Project and the SCGenWeb Project are a non-commercial, all-volunteer organization and are NOT connected in any way with USGenWeb, Inc. which is a for-profit Idaho corporation.

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1870 African American Census Sumter District

Methodist Church and Parsonage

Postcard donated to Lee County, SCGenWeb 


Earnest Scarborough

Postmarked: April 4, 1910


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Postcard donated to Lee County, SCGenWeb 


Earnest Scarborough

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Earnest Scarborough

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