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In the interest of keeping the information that is posted here relevant and manageable,
please follow these simple guidelines when posting to Lee County:

To have your query posted:

I do not plan to post my  email address as a link due to spammers.

Please type in the email address from the main Lee County page when you want me to post a query.

Be sure to put Lee County in the subject line
or I will probably miss reading your message.

Be sure that "Lee Query" is in the subject area of your message.


I will let you know when I receive your query and when you can expect to see your query posted.  Please remember that I am a volunteer for the SCGenWeb project, and that I only post information to the web pages that I coordinate for others to view via the internet; I am not available for doing any personal research.

I recieve a huge amount of e-mail and I am unable to read it all.

I will be sure to read your message if you place Lee County in the subject line.

If you don't put Lee County in the subject, I may mistakenly delete your message without reading it !


Please Remember

I am quite willing to share information on the surnames that I research, but please understand that I am an amatuer genealogist, researching my own family lines. I do not research other surnames. Please, do not write to me asking me to do a"quick"lookup in something like a Sumter County census or run to the courthouse for you and mail you a copy of a will. I am sure that you understand.

Sumter County has one of the best local archives in the state of South Carolina and the courthouse has won awards for their diligent preservation of old records. Since much of Lee County was once part of Old Sumter District, you will find a great deal of Lee County data in the Sumter County Archives. The Clarendon County Archives is also working very hard to build up a fantastic collection of materials. 

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