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The purpose of this page is to allow those researching the same Lee County surnames to get in touch and share information with one another. If you want your surnames to appear on this page, or want people to be able to access your web page directly, please send an email and I will enter the information here. I will make hometown listings on the surname page if you provide that information because you may live within a few miles of one of your cousins who is researching the same branch of your family and not even know it. If you would like your hometown listed or your address and phone number, please include that information. Please place"Lee County Surname Page"in the subject area of your message.

Please type in the email address from the main Lee County page when you want me to post  something for you.

Be sure to put Lee County in the subject line
or I will probably miss reading your message.


ALEXANDER - Larry Noah

ALEXANDER -  David T. Sutton Hendersonville, N.C.

ALEXANDER - Val McGinness and Alexander Family Homepage  (addresses updated 2008)

ARRANTS - Julia Cochran

ATKINSON - Jean Brown Schneider


BAKER - Dot Baker and Home Page

BARRETT - Ted Barrett

BASKIN - Helen B. Moody Dillon, SC

BRADLEY - J. Bradley Aiken, S.C .

BELL - Linda Bell

BELVIN - Julia Cochran

BLYTHER - Julia Cochran
BOWEN - Winston Campbell

BOYKIN - Carlisle Boykin -

BRITTON - Ted Barrett

BROWN - Jean Brown Schneider


CAUGHMAN - Ted Barrett

CHRISTMAS - Dot Baker and Dot's Home Page

CHRISTMAS - Christmas Families

COLE - Jerry G. Cole 2503 Barton's Bluff Court Austin, TX 78746

COLE - Randolph A. Cole

COOPER - Robert Cooper Manning, Jr. Atlanta, GA

COPELAND - Dot Baker and Home Page

CORBETT - Ted Barrett

CROSSWELL - Larry Noah

CAMPBELL - Winston Campbell



DUBOSE - Cynthia Ridgeway Parker Sumter, S.C.

DUBOSE - Bill King Houston, Texas Tel. 281-493-6767

DUNN - Dianne Rutherford


ELLEN - Helen B. Moody - Dillon, SC


FIELDS - David T. Sutton Hendersonville, N.C.


GALLOWAY - William Snipes  Bremerton, WA

GREEN - John Barry Green


HEWITT - Nancy Evans Parr Valdosta, Ga

HUDSON - Sandra Hudson

HUGGINS - Ted Barrett

HUGGINS - Julia Cochran


JAYROE - O'Neil M. Jayroe 2841 Walker Road, Georgetown, S.C.

JENKINS - Vernitia Jenkins

JENKINS - Robert B. Peyton Jr.

JONES - Dot Baker and Home Page

JOY - Ted Barrett



LEVENSON - Leslie Ewald

LOLLAR - Dorothy Mathis McConico


MATHIS - Ramond D. Mathis 210 Lesesne Sumter, S.C. 29150

MATHIS - Julia Cochran

MATHIS - Dorothy Mathis McConico

McCASKILL - Julia Cochran

McDONALD - Deborah McDonald

McFADDEN - Jacqui Spratling

McGILL - Helen B. Moody Dillon, SC

McLENDON - Randolph A. Cole Tyler, TX

MIMS -  Randolph A. Cole Tyler, TX

MOZINGO - Cindy T. Huggins


Newman - Johnnie N.Harriott


PARR -  Nancy Evans Parr Valdosta, Ga

PERDUE - Glenn Perdue

PRESCOTT - Dot Baker and Home Page

PRICE - E. Price Rt. 4 Bishopville, S.C.


RATCLIFF - Pauline Brandy

RALEY - Pandora Charlton

REID - Judith "Judy" Reid

ROUNDTREE - Barbara Wilson Terry


SCARBOROUGH - Scarborough Family History
SCARBOROUGH - Earnest Scarborough

SCOTT - Betty Scott

STEPHENS - Pandora Charlton

STEVENS - Pandora Charlton

STUCKEY - Ann C. Merritt Columbia, S.C.

SUTTON - David T. Sutton Hendersonville, N.C.

SWEAT -  Nancy Evans Parr Valdosta, Ga


TAYLOR - Leslie Ewald

TINDAL - Tindal Family Home Page

TONEY - Barbara Montgomery Toney

TOUCHBERRY - John Touchberry 2425 Congaree Dr. Hartsville, S.C.


WATSON - Julia Cochran

WHEELER - Sandra Hudson

WILDER - Dot Baker and Home Page

WILDS - Scott Wilds

WITHERINGTON - DUBOSE - Bill King Houston, Texas Tel. 281-493-6767

WOODHAM - Woodham Family Association

WOODHAM - Robert Earl Woodham

WRIGHT - Amy C. Cain


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