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These are old queries but some may still be helpful to researchers.

My great-grandfather is buried in McCormick County, along with much of his family. I'm trying to find out any available information on Ammanett Pinson, e.g. where he came from, when he was married, whether there were other children than my grandfather, or other older relatives identified. Here's what I have ...

This information is mostly from my father, Paul Harold Pinson, listed below.

Ammanett Pinson (b. Feb 21, 1842, d. Mar 1, 1907, source tombstone in Bethany, McCormick County, S.C.). Pop remembers Virginia discussed as his home, but nothing on the county or city, which would help my search.

Ammanett Pinson m. Laura Rosalie Lee (we have no information on Laura Rosalie Lee either). Information on Laura Rosalie Lee would help as well.

Children included Frank Maynard Pinson (b. Feb 8, 1881, d. Jan 1, 1966, source tombstone in Troy, McCormick County, S.C.) (we have no information on other children, if any).

Frank M. Pinson m. Martha ("Mattie") White (b. Aug 24, 1890, d. Dec 21, 1965 source tombstone in McCormick County, S.C. I have some additional information on Mattie White's brothers, sisters, and parents)

Children (all born in McCormick, S.C.) included:
* Florence Imagene Pinson (Bernard) (b. Nov. 3, 1910, d. Feb 15, 1979, Aiken, S.C.) * Henry LaVerne Pinson (b. Oct 30, 1916, d. July 31, 1937, hit by a car, McCormick, S.C.) * Frank Maynard Pinson, Jr. (b. Apr 29, 1914) living in Fountain Inn, SC * Eugene Lee Pinson (b. Mar. 30, 1920, d. Apr 1989, Myrtle Beach, S.C.) * Harriett ("Hattie") Pinson (Potter) (b. Jul 21, 1922) living in McCormick, S.C. I've seen at least one other Hattie Pinson somewhere on the web, but my aunt Hattie was named after her mother's mother Hattie Isabel Rakestraw (White) * Paul Harold Pinson (twin of Hattie) (b. Jul 21, 1922) living in Aiken, S.C. * Helen Clare Pinson (LaRoche) (b. Sep. 20, 1924)

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
Posted 1/26/99 Paul Pinson

Am looking for some of my realtives. There was a Rupert Boysworth (Bosworth) that lived in McCormick for awhile. He had three children there. Rupert, Jr. Bosworth b. 10-1918, mother Fannie Martin. Ruth Elizabeth b. 5-28-1926, mother Lillie May, Helen Louise b. 2-4-1920, mother Lillie Mae. There was another sister, Bessie Mae, may or may not have been born there, unable to find a birth certificate. I have visited there a few years ago and asked around. People there said that Rupert was crazy, and he was a big secret that everyone only whispered about. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The name is often misspelled Bosworth, without the "Y". Please Help!!!! I have been unable to locate Rupert anywhere and have hit a gigantic brickwall!!!!
Posted 2/13/99 Elizabeth Hemmingway

I descend from the Harris and Rogers families of McCormick and, also, Gen. Andrew Pickens. I have a fair amount on them in my data base and have put it on a Webpage that you can link to if you want to. If you like the idea I will keep it up and will add anything anyone sends me that may be helpful.
You may at the address. I now have a page up for data from six cousins on a number of families that end up around Columbus, GA and I am hanging the SC Page off this.
Posted Feb. 16, 1999 Owen Forrester Atlanta

Grace T. Roberts
She was born in McCormick she had a twin. Grady Thompson . She was born May 6 1911 her mother was Georgie F. Thompson and fother was John Thompson but she was part indian from her mother she died in laurens S.C. she married Jack Roberts
Posted Feb. 16, 1999

Researching William C. Brown born abt. 1784 SC married Susan last name unknown. William C. died in St. Clair Co. AL 1862. One known child John C. Brown married Cynthia (Maggie) Conn daughter of Joseph and Hannah Conn. John and Cynthia married in Cherokee Co.GA Thank you.
Posted 4/11/99

Nathan Faulkner/Fortner 1770 son Ancel Fortner and Issac,possibly Native American. Nathan 1 st wife an unknown Bussey.Lived in Edgefield co but due to possible NA heritage I felt from looking at old maps that he may have come from McCormick County.
Posted 4/11/99

I am looking for info re the Watson and Calvert families of the Old 96 Dist. and Abbeville Dist. These are the ones I am most interested in:

Stephen Watson, 1745 in VA--came to SC ca. 1780/90--d. 1839 near Stony Point,SC--who was his wife? his known children were: Stephen Morton Watson, 1780--m. Mary Pettus ca. 1800. d. 1816 in Abbeville Dist. Matthew Watson--d. 1815 in Abbeville Dist.--supposed to be buried at a Rocky Creek Church--would like to find some sort of record. Sarah Watson--m. --------Cobb Mary Watson--m. Seth Howlett

Stephen Morton Watson m. Mary Pettus--their chdn. were: Matilda--b. ca. 1800--m. William Strawhorne Mahulda/Hulda--b. ca. 1805--m. Larkin Pulliam bef. 1844 Belinda, 1806--m. Charles N. Cunningham John A. Nancy, m. John J. Thorpe, Jubal W., 1810--m 1844 to Sarah A. Calvert--both d. in 1880's in Gwinnett Co. GA. Who were Sarah A. Calvert's parents?

Any info welcome. Will share information.
Posted 4/11/99

Am looking for some of my relatives. My great, great grandmother (Kitty Thomkins) was born in McCormick and died in 1958 in Parksville, SC. My great, great grandfather (Carter Preston Chin) was born in Georgia and died in Parksville, SC in 1934. Both were active members of Mount Lebanon Baptist Church.
Posted 4/11/99. elaine

Looking for children of BURTON C. WALKER, b. abt. 1822 in SC, m. ADALINE M. We only have 2 children thus far on Burton and Adaline. They are: LAFAYETTE WALKER, b. bet. 1849-1850 and CHESLEY BURTON WALKER, b. July 23, 1863 in SC, d. August 7, 1928 in Abbeville, SC, m. ELLA MAE BEAGLE. Chesley and Ella Mae Walker are buried in the McCormick City Cemetery, McCormick, SC. We have children of Chesley and Ella Mae. Would appreciate ALL information on this WALKER family. Other connections of this family are: DELASHAW, MARTIN, and HARDY. Thanks so much. Carole and Melvin Walker Posted 5/12/99

My ancestor line begins with Joseph Bouchillon and Marie Majinette, Andre Guillebeau and Mary Jane Sequin Roquemore who arrived at Charles Towne in 1764. Both Joseph and Andre fought in The American Revolution. You are probably aware of Andre due to the Historical marker that tells of his leaving France and why. It also states that the original homesite is about 1/4 mile from the sign and that his house built in 1770 is the oldest structure from the original Huguenot settlement of New Bordeaux.

Andre and Mary Jane's son Peter Guillebeau, Sr. was the father of Peter, Jr. I have always been stumped as to why I could not find a wife for Peter, Jr. Peter, Jr. never married because, at the time, he could not marry the woman who bore him four children. I do not know her name but, I do know the children's. She was Black and thank goodness her family were never slaves. Peter, Jr. evidently took very good care with their children. When he died, She inherited the Guillebeau house and the Brown's lived in it for several generations.

I mainly am interested in my Black cousins at this point because I know so little. I talk by phone to two of my Black cousins about every two months. Research has been tough as all Black or African Americans know only too well. My cousins came from England which at the time, as far as I can recall, was the only major nation that did not allow slavery. Posted May 12, 1999

I am looking for information on the following Harvley family: I believe many were members of the Mountain Creek Baptist Church near Troy and Kirksey. James Harvley, b. abt. 1805, m. Frances R.?, b. 8/29/1809, d. 4/3/1868. Her second marriage was to William F. Street. Children: John B. Harvley, b. 1/27/1830; Benjamin B. Harvley, b. 6/26/1831, d. 11/9/1916, m. Elizabeth Jane Robinson, b. abt. 1835; Caroline S. Harvley, b. 9/6/1833, d. 1/1/1874, m. Matthew Devore, b. abt. 1830; Martha E. Harvley, b. 5/23/1835, d. 10/1/1867. Would love to have any information anyone would share with me - ancestors and descendants. On 1850 census, John Harvley was living with John Gable - would like to find out why. These Harvleys are my ancestors and all I know are their names.
Posted June 12, 1999

Looking for information on the following relatives born in McCormick. George Weeks, his wife Henrietta Brewer; Joseph Lee Talbert, his wife Minnie Ola Finley. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. I'm at a standstill.
Posted June 12, 1999

I have been searching for information on the surname Bracknell, I know they originated in McCormick, South Carolina, and was hoping you might be able to provide me with some information. I was hoping to find info on my great-grandfather Bishop Bracknell, I believe his fathers name is John Bracknell, any information you might have would be greatly appreciated. Posted 7/12/99

Looking for any information on a Francis Louise Weeks b ca 1918 - McCormick. She married Bill Scott. Her parents Jim and Mary later moved to Greenwood. Mary's mother was Lizzie Mae ?. Louise had many siblings: Billy, Clyde, Julia, Lizzie Mae, Ellen and others. Any help greatly appreciated - I'm just beginning to research this family and need help. Gina Scott from Anderson, SC.
Posted 7/12/99 Gina Scott

Looking for information on Lazare Couvain born June 8, 1743 in Marseilles, France and settled in New Bordeaux SC. Lazare Couvain (Lazarus Covin) serverd Militia Duty performed as a Private from January to May, 1782. He was married to Anne Roquemore (1st wife) and Marie Annie Leroy Bouchillon (2nd wife). His first son was named Jean Pierre Couvain (John Peter Covin)
Posted 7/12/99

I am looking for some information on the treaty with the Cherokee indians , I believe it might be the Treaty of 1740 called the Long Cane treaty , or the cane treaty.there is a monument in Whitley Co. Ky. at the Douglas cemetary with a marker with Chief Standing Deer's name on it saying that he was a signer of the Cane Treaty. He is purported to be my 7th G. Grandfather.Can you tell me where I might find some information on any of this? Thanks.
Posted July 19, 1999 Jim Lawrence

I am trying to find out about a james mccrary who supposedly died 9 nov 1856 in greenville or greenwood county. His father was supposedly an andrew possible son of thomas. Any information would be appreciated. Send e-mail to mccreary5 @

Looking for information on the following family, particulary who the parents of Uel Greeson were and when Ada was born and died: Udolph "Uel" Greeson b. 8/23/1849 d. 3/17/1910, buried in McCormick City Cemetery. Married Emma Tallula Jobson b. 8/12/1853 d. 8/29/1918 Children include: Mary Eugenia "Mamie" b. 8/31/1877 d. 8/20/1932 married 1) Stephen Oscar Estes 2) James Lee McGahee Kelly U. b. 1880 d. 11/19/1932 married 1) Mary Eugenia "Mae" Tate 2) Sarah Pearl Green Giles A. b. 10/18/1882 d. 12/8/1904 buried in McCormick City Cemetery Georgia King "King" b. 8/31/1885 d. 11/6/1972 married John T. McGrath Annie b. 1/17/1888 d. 1/20/1919 buried in McCormick City Cemetery Ada b. ? d. ? married G. Manning Erma b. 2/1890 d. ? married Hardy E. Burke George U. Greeson b. 1894 d. 1955 married 1) ? 2) Sarah Pearl Green Please send any responses to Charlene at

My name is Bettie Mccormick and according to family history, three McCormick brothers came to South Carolina about the mid 1700's. It was thought that my g-g-g-g-grandfather ( John) was one of them but everything I have found is that he was born in S.Carolina about 1779. He married there had 4 daughters, (no names) and one son Charles W. about 1802 from which I am decended. John moved to Hopkins Co. KY about 1807, there sometime in the early to mid 1830's his wife died and he remarried and had three more children. I have been unable to find three brothers in the immigration records who came at that time. Anyone with information I would be glad to exchange.

I am looking for any information on the Price family who lived in and around McCormick, SC. My Mother is Mary Doris Price (married Judson Elam Hair) My Grandfather was Jessie Creighton Price (married Daisy Jay Ellis) My Great-Grandfather was George Price (married Mattie Edmonds) I have no information on any of my ancestors before George Price and would appreciate any help available.

I am research the Alexander Hamilton family. Alexander had at least 5 children born in SC in the late 1700's: Samuel, Isarel, John, Jane, and Nancy. John was born in 1782 and married Elizabeth Brown born in 1789. Alexander was a member of the Associated Reform Presbyterian Church and eventually emigrated with members of this church to Preble County Ohio. I am search for Alexander's wife's name, where he can from to McCormick Co. and for the parents of Elizabeth Brown. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for info on my great grandparents. They lived at one time in Troy,S.C. which was a short distance from McCormick, S.C. Their names were Henry Mosely and Catherine Rampley Mosely. My grandfather's name was George Mosely and he was born in 1881. Can someone please tell me how to get some info. Is there a cemetary there? Does anyone know of these families? PLease e-mail me at

I'm looking for any information or likely sources for information on the following individuals and their family histories: John Laramore married unknown. Son? James Laramore, Sr. born or moved to old Abbeyville District about 1792 married about 1813 Anna Covin (Couvin? Couvain?) born about 1789 in Marseilles, France. Parents Lazarus Couvain and Anne Roquemore from Marseilles (may have come to the Abbeyville District with their children). The Covins (Couvains) probably settled in the French settlement of New Bordeaux (and possibly the Laramores did, too). Please email responses to wife's name, where he can from to McCormick Co. and for the parents of Elizabeth Brown. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Melissa