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History of US Biographies

In May 1997, the US Biographies project was organized by Jeff Murphy, using the established KY
Biographies Project as a model..

State coordinators were sought to
set up their own state project.  They were offered the system design and tools created for the KY project, but were free to set up their project in any way they chose.

Jeff Murphy is acknowledged for
all the time and effort he put into getting this project started.  He is missed but thanks to him many people will be able to continue their family search over the internet at no cost.


      Welcome...Newberry County Biographies
       is a volunteer project.

My name is Colleen L. Gwynn.  I am the volunteer
coordinator for the county of Newberry, South Carolina.  
If you desire to compile a biography or extract a
previously printed biography to submit for inclusion here,
please see the submit page.  

If you wish to volunteer to assist in entering or editing
biographies for this county, please contact me.  

If you wish to become a state coordinator, visit
US Biographies
to view the states available and then
contact Deb Murray.

If you wish to become a South Carolina County
Coordinator, visit South Carolina Biographies to view
the counties available and contact Ellen Robertson

If you wish to become a county coordinator for any
other state, visit US Biographies and view the State
Selection List then click on the name of the state to
view counties needing coordinators and then contact the state
coordinator as listed in that state site.

Volunteers for the state of Indiana continue to set an
outstanding record with more than 14,000 biographies
available online. It doesn't matter which state or which
county you choose to serve because all assistance
allows the total project goals to be accomplished.

              You are invited to participate!



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