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Johannes Wolfe

Transcriber's note: This information was submitted with no name or email address attached, so at this point, we have no way to put you in touch with the researcher who compiled the work.

Johannes Wolfe, son of ? and Zibilla Wolfe
Born: 1724 in Grisons, Switzerland per LDS AFN:HZT1-7F
Last will and testament published 4 August 1776
Died: September 1776 per litigation
Married: Elizabeth, born 1728, Grisons, Switzerland, per LDS

On Tuesday July 2nd, 1752. In Orangeburgh Church. By Banns: William Young of Edisto Fork to Mary Linder, below Orangeburgh Township. Being present Michael Christopher Rowe, Johanes Wolfe, Lewis Linder. (The History of Orangeburg County South Carolina by A.S. Salley, Jr., p. 114, Item 26)

Litigation: Henry Young, Administrator of Johannes Woolf versus James Crmichael [sic] et al. The above equity lawsuit, although filed and tried in the Orangeburgh Equity Court, was found in some loose papers in the Court of Equity, Richland, SC. There was a copy of the complaint, as well as the defendant's answers. In the earlier days, when it was next to impossible to go to other distant courts to try a lawsuit under the practice of Comity, the judge of one court would sent a copy of the complaint and answer to the distant judge and request him as a favor to summon certain witnesses, swear them in, and have them answer the specific questions the suit wanted answered. Then this judge would send the other judge the court reporter's transcript. This appears to be what happened, and why these papers were found in Richland. Luckily for Wolfe researchers, these papers were found in Richland by Judge Huxford, and are quoted as follows.

Then, the S.C. Orangeburgh District: Bill of Complaint of Henry Young, Adm. of Johannes Woolf late of St. Michael Parish, District of Orangeburgh, with the will annexed against James Carmichael [sic] Crmichael, David Coulter, Henry Jones, Jacob Ott, John Woolf [son of Jacob Woolf], John Francis Woolf and Gideon Jennings. Said Jacob Woolf now deceased was possessed of several negroes by a certain bill of sale from 22 October 1773, [one line obliterated] for $2200 currency to him paid to him by the said Johannes Woolf, the slaves, namely Joe, Slyvia, Nancy, Frank and the said Johannes Woolf was also possessed of other negroes and cattle, etc. and made and published his last will and testament on the 4th of August in 1776, and bequeathed unto the said David Woolf, Samuel Woolf, and Phillip, sons of the said Jacob Woolf, and nephews of the testator; four Negroes Plenty, Primus, Joe & Handy, and two Negro women Lucy and Jenny, and a girl Sally, and thereby directed the Margaret Woolf, sister of the said David, Samuel and Phillip, have no part and bequeath unto Margaret Woolf, a Negro girl [?]. When the youngest, Phillip, should attain the age of twenty-one, the appointed David Woolf and Donald Bruce were executors. The said Johannes Woolfe departed this life on or about the month, September 1776, without altering the same, and the said David Woolf departed this life intestate shortly after the testator without issue, without having proved the said will, and although Donald Bruce survived both the testator and David Woolfe some years, he never had proved the said will and neglected to intermediate in the affairs. Also, the said Samel Woolf departed life without issue on or before the said Phillip Woolf attained the age of 21, and about the month of January 1789. The said Margaret Woolf also departed this life without issue, and all property became vested in the said Phillip Woolf, the survivor. In the lifetime of the said Donald Bruce, the said Phillip Woolf possessed himself of a Negro girl, Mary, a child that he believed was of the said Negro wench Slyvia and a Negro Joe. The said Joe is in the possession of the said Henry Jones, mentioned in the Bill of Sale from Jacob Wolf to the testator. The said Phillip Woolf on about January 5, 1787, before the said Phillip Woolf attained the age of 21, sold Joe to the said James Carmicael. About 1787, Abraham Ott, Gideon Jennings and John Francis Woolf possessed themselves of a number of other Negroes mention in the Bill of Sale of the testator, and have kept the said Negroes and used them to great profit; the said Abraham Ott departed this life and about June 1800, after whose death the said Estate of the said Abraham Ott, and by virtue thereof has possessed himself of a number of said Negroes. The said Phillip Woolf attained the age of 21, and some time afterwards, about January of 1789, the said Margaret Woolf departed this life without issue, of which premise, the whole of the personal estate bequeathed to the said David Woolf, Samuel Woolf, Phillip Woolf and Margaret Woolf, descended to and became vested in the said Phillip Wolf. The said Phillip Woolf departed this life about October 1795, leaving Rachel Woolf, his widow, and three children: namely Mary, aged about 23 years, now the wife of Thomas Tylor, John Johnannes Woolf, aged 21 years, and Martha, aged about 21, now the wife of your orator, all of whom are entitled to distributive shares. Therefore, on July 1811, your orator procured letters of administration with the will annexed of the goods and chattels which were of the testator granted by James Carmichael [....] The separate answer of Gideon Jenning "the said Negroes were never out of possession of the said Jacob...the said Phillip Wolfe, Hannah Wolfe, Margaret Wolfe and Cebilla Wolfe met and mutually agreed to a division of the estate of the said Jacob Wolfe."

The defendant denies viz. That he bonifide purchase from Adam Hickman and Margaret, his wife, who had been Margaret Woolfe, daughter of the said Jacob Woolfe, and who is mentioned in the will of the said Joannis Wolfe that he purchased Slyvia in January and February 7, 1787, and the said woman has since had a boy, Joe, 18 or 20 years of age, as was sworn on February 1, 1812.

(Exhibit) James Carmichael of Orange County bound to Phillip Wolfe of Same, for L135 Sterling, January 25, 1787, signed James Carmichael. Wt. Jno Richardson, Robert Smith.

The separate answer of James Carmichael, saith that he was possessed by fair and bonifide purchases of three Negroes: Joe, Mary, and Eve, purchased of said Phillip Wolfe & other co-heirs of Jacob Wolfe about the month of February 1793, sworn on the 4th of February in 1793...sworn 6 February 1812.

Answer of John Francis Wolff, one of the February 1792, he purchased of Adam Hickman for L22 a small Negro girl, Eve, 5 years old, and received a bill of sale. The said Adam Hickman informed him that he got Eve in consequence of his marriage with a lady by the name of Wolff, that his wife was not dead.... sworn in Washington District, 8 January 1812.

(Exhibit) Adam Hickman of S.C. Orangeburgh District, sold of John F. Wolff, of the District of ninety-six, a girl Eve for L22, 4 February 1792. Adam Hickman (seal), Wit. Jothn Downs, Vincent Davis.

S.C. Orangeburgh District: Adam Hickman & wife Margaret for 43 guinea sterling to Abraham Ott, a Negro Sally.... Wit. Jno. Richardson, Mary Smith

Joint and separate answers of Jacob Ott & John Wolf...Jacob Ott was appointed administrator of Abraham Ott, dec's., the said Abraham Ott had purchased Sally, who since had seven children, the said Abraham Ott left three children, one of whom has since married John Wolf...the said Margret wife of Adam Hickman, who previous to her marriage entitled to the said Negro, and made fair bill of sale, sworn February 3, 1812.

"Pursella Woolsa" (possibly either Ursula or Priscilla) was granted Lot 335 in Orangeburgh plus 300 acres on 17 October 1737. This would indicate that there were 6 people in her family. Her heir-at-law was John Wolfe. (possibly documented in the Council Journal, although the entry does not appear in Holcomb's book) OGS publication "The First Families" gives the Plat #4:157, 6 June 1739. Sabina Woolsa received Plat #17:144 for 200 acres granted in 1738. She received Lot 336. This tells us that these two women were not the same person, since the acreage would indicate that Sabina had only four in her family. This makes ten people possibly with the surname of Woolsa, thought to be Wolfe, living side by side in Orangeburgh Village. Were Pursella and Sabina widows? There are other known cases where, if the husband applied for a land grant but then died, the grant was made to the wife in his name.

Russell Wolfe says that Johannes often signed his name to legal documents as John Wolfe, the anglicized verion of Johannes, and settled in the Limestone area of Orangeburg County. His brother, Jacob, settled in the Edisto area also called the Forks. A John Wolfe is also found settled in the Bull Swamp/Sandy Run/North area.

Children of Johannes Wolfe and Elizabeth:
Christian Daniel Wolfe (b. abt 1743, d. bef 1825) married Mary Magdalene
John Wolfe (b. abt 1744)
Peter Wolfe (b. abt 1751)
Jacob Wolfe (b. abt 1754)


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