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From South Carolina Gazette, dated Sat. July 12 to Sat. July 19, 1735

On Sunday Last, arrived here Capt. Hugh Percy in nine weeks from Rotterdam and six from Cowes, with 250 Switzers on board, who are come to settle a township in the Kings land in this province upon the encouragement granted to other foreigners. Among them are 90 fit to bear arms and it is not doubted but their settling in this province will much contribute to its strength, and by their industry and laboriousness and to its great advantage: there being in some parts of this province very good land for wheat & corn, they may probably upon proper encouragement furnish us in time with a good quality of that necessary and much wanting commodity which now we are obliged to purchase at what rate soever from our neighbors.

The province of Pennsylvania to which for several years past many thousands of persecuted Palatines and Switzers have taken their refuge is thereby brought in such a flourishing condition, that between the 25 of March 1734 and the 25 of March 1735 from thence is exported.

On thursday his honor the Lieutenant Governor being petitioned by those Switzers that may be Qualified, in order to enjoy the same, privileges and Liberties as natural, born subjects of the King of England called a council and directed Tho: Dile, Tho: Lamball & Henry Gibbs, Esqrs., three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace to administer to so many of them as desired it the Oath of Allegiance.

The Switzers are to settle upon Edisto River which is thought the best ground for wheat, Corn, Hemp & Flax as also for planting Vineyards.

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