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Richard Haynsworth II

Richard Haynsworth II, the son of Margaret Dyne and Richard Haynsworth, was born in New Kent County, Virginia, on October 17, 1703. He was baptized in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia, on October 17, 1703. Upon receiving a land grant, Richard's father moved the family to South Carolina.

In Orangeburg County, South Carolina, in 1739, Richard married Elizabeth Hesse, the daughter of Elizabeth and Henry Hesse. On May 15, 1756, Richard received from King George II a land grant of 350 acres in Craven County.

Richard died sometime between October 1, 1756, (the date of his will) and February 26, 1762 (the date the will was proved). According to the will, Richard lived on a plantation at Edisto in Craven County, South Carolina. The will mentions his wife Elizabeth, sons (John, Henry and James) and daughters (Margaret and Mary). The Executors were Elizabeth Haynsworth (wife), Michael Christopher Row, George Hesse, and John Haynsworth (son). Witnesses were James King, Peter Varen, and Richard Mims.

Issue from the marriage of Elizabeth Hesse and Richard Haynsworth II:

1. John Haynsworth was born on April 10, 1740. In 1762, he received 200 acres from his father's estate. He never married.

2. Elizabeth Haynsworth was born on January 8, 1742, and was baptized by the Rev. Thomas Morritt on June 17, 1742. Elizabeth died in childhood.

Note: The Register Book for the Parish of Prince Frederick Winyaw states that Elizabeth was born on January 8, 1741. However, prior to 1752, church registers usually employed March 25 as the first day of the year; therefore, Elizabeth was actually born on January 8, 1742.

3. Richard Haynsworth III was born on April 5, 1744. He did not marry.

4. Henry Haynsworth was born on November 27, 1746. In 1762, Henry received 100 acres from the estate of his father. On March 10, 1774, he married Sarah Furman, the daughter of Rachel and Wood Furman. Henry and Sarah were the grandparents of George Edward Haynsworth (1841-1887), who according to Hugh C. Haynsworth, "was in the graduating class at the Citadel when the war broke out and fired the first gun in the War of Secession."

5. Margaret Haynsworth was born on November 25, 1748, and died on November 23, 1807. Margaret married (first) Mason Greening. Mason had a plantation in St. Mark's Parish, South Carolina. His will was dated September 26, 1776. Margaret married (second) Peter Mellette (1730 -1800).

6. Mary (Maria) Haynsworth was born on February 17, 1751, and was baptized in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on Easter morning, April 7, 1751. Her sponsors at baptism were Christiana Morff (wife of Jacob Morff) and Margaret and Michael Christopher Row. Mary married Richard Wells.

7. James Haynsworth was born on October 23, 1752. He did not marry.

8. Elizabeth Haynsworth was born at Santee, South Carolina, on February 10, 1755. Elizabeth married the Rev. Richard Furman, the son of Rachel Brodhead and Wood Furman. Richard was born at Esopus, New York, on October 9, 1755. At age 18, Richard had become the pastor of the High Hills Baptist Church in present day Sumter County. On November 20, 1774, Richard Furman, along with the Rev. William Tennent and the Rev. Oliver Hart, worked to disestablish the Anglican Church. This was accomplished when a new constitution was adopted in South Carolina in 1778. Elizabeth died in the High Hills of Santee on June 15, 1787. On May 5, 1789, Richard married (second) Dorothea Maria Burn, the daughter of Mary Glas and Samuel Burn. Dorothea was born in Charleston on March 11, 1774. Richard was pastor of First Baptist Church in Charleston for 38 years. He was instrumental in founding the Charleston Baptist Association and the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Richard was an educator and a promoter of an educated ministry. Furman University was named in his honor. Richard was president of the first Triennial Convention of Baptist Churches at Philadelphia in 1814. Richard died in Charleston, South Carolina on August 25, 1825.

9. Rachel Haynsworth was born on February 8, 1757. She married John Mellette (1755-1806). John was the son of Mary Brunson and Peter Mellett (circa 1730 - circa 1800). Rachel died sometime between September 23, 1825, and January 3, 1830.

Source of submission: Contact author for sources, John B. Tindal

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