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The Izlar Record

This is a transcription of a letter originally written by James F. Izlar in March, 1903.

Notes of a conversation I had with my father, W.H. Izlar, on the night of the 13th, April 1872
by James F. Izlar

W.H. Izlar said his father was Jacob Izlar. That Jacob Izlar said his father came to this country from Germany before the Revolutionary War. W.H. Izlar did not recollect his grandfathers name (if he knew it). From papers in my possession, I learned his name after my fathers death. (It was also Jacob Izlar.) He married a Miss Wolfe who was a sister of the father of Andrew and Jacob Wolfe. Both of the parents of Jacob Izlar Jr., father of William H. Izlar, died when he was quite small. He, Jacob, the father of W.H. Izlar, was an orphan boy during the Revolutionary War and lived with one Pendarvis on the Cannon Bridge road, about 14 miles from Orangeburg. Pendarvis kept him until after the war, and then his Uncle Wolfe kept him until he was grown. Wolfe lived about where Andrew D. Frederick now lives. (Mr. Fulton Dukes now owns the place.) After he (Jacob Izlar father of W.H. Izlar) was grown, he went about overseeing. This was his occupation until his marriage. He was overseeing for old Mr. Donald Rowe at his place near Rowes Bridge when he married. He married in the year 1809. He was the only child of his parents. He married Ann Elizabeth Rickenbaker, daughter of John and Elizabeth Rickenbaker. Elizabeth RIckenbarker 1st, nee Rowe, was the sister of Peter Rowe. She was also the sister of Rachel Rowe who married Timothy Barton, parents of Col. D.R. Barton, also sister of Magdaline Rowe who never married. (These were children of Henry C. Rowe.) Jacob Izlar, father of W.H. Izlar, was 40 years old when he married the first time. He was married twice. His last wife was Harriet Burnham Rowe. He had by his first wife, six children. William H., Laura, Ann, Jacob, Sarah, and Eliza. By his second wife 5 children. Jacob, John, Benjamin, Elizabeth and Samuel.

Elizabeth Ann Rickenbaker, 1st wife of Jacob Iszlar, was reputed to be the handsomest woman in the forks of the Edisto. She had black hair and eyes. All of her children but Eliza had light hair and blue eyes. (The mother of Jacob Izlar's first wife was the seventh wife of old Mr. George Pooser.) The next year, after his first marriage, Jacob Izlar 2nd bought the place now owned by Ira T. Shoemaker, where he lived the balance of his life. He built that house; Mosts Baltzeager was the carpenter. Jacob Izlar 2nd bought the place from one Sojourner. There were only about 300 acres when he bought, but he added to it by purchase until he had about 1000 acres. His first wife was cut out by the will of her father but at the death of her mother she received her mother's estate. Jacob Izlar said when he was living with Pendarvis he sent him out on an old blind horse to feed hogs. That he was in the road about the place where the four mile post now stands on the Cannon Bridge Road. That a party of Torys came along and took the old horse from him. The place was pointed out to W.H. Izlar by his father. He was then a poor and destitute orphan with no protection. My father also showed me an oak tree where the little shanty of Joe McBeth a colored man lived, just after the "War Between the States." Jacob Izlar said he saw three Torys hanging there during the Revolutionary War. He also pointed out this oak tree to his son W.H. Izlar.

Stephen Curry was the grandfather of my mother Julia Elizabeth Allison Pou. Stephen Curry married Frances Allison. By this marriage there were four daughters. (1) Mary who first married Edward Fitz or (Fitts). After he death, she married Fountain. Jane married John Wright. Ann married George McClellan. Hester Beatrix married Daniel Pou. By this last marriage, Hester B. and Daniel Pou, there were three children, two sons and one daughter, Julia Elizabeth Allison Pou. (my mother). She married William Henry Izlar. By this marriage there were ten children. Mary Elvira, James Ferdinand, Cornelia Frances, Benjamin Pou, William Valmore, Lauriston Theodore, Adolphus Madison, Laura Josephine, Jacob Alonzo, and Thomas Alexander Izlar.

1. Elvira the eldest, married John P. Frederick
2. James the next, married Frances Lovell.
3. Cornelia married Dr. D. W. Barton.
4. Benjamin married twice. His first wife was Lizzie Rice, the next Mary Larissey.
5. William married Annie Felder.
6. Lauriston married Ellen Sanders.
7. Adolphus married Hennie Smith.
8. Josephine married F.M. Green.
9. Alonzo married Virginia McMichael.
10. Thomas married Illie Black.

William H. Izlar, and Julia his wife, lived to see their ten children married and settled in life. Of the ten children all are now alive, save Elvira, Benjamin and Adolphus. All had families.

It is a remarkable fact that in the War Between the States, James, Benjamin, Willie, Lauriston, and Adolphus were all volunteers, and served in the Confederate Army. They all belonged to the same company. James was the Captain, Company G., 25th Reg' S.C.V. The 25th Reg', commanded by Col. Simonson, was part of General Johnson's famous Brigade. The Brigade served in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, and took part in all important engagements. Strange to say that all the five sons survived the war. None were then married save James. Benjamin and Adolphus lived many years after the war. The other three James, William and Lauriston are alive today March 5th, 1903.

It may be asked, how is this strange fact accounted for? I answer, it was all the result of the prayers of pius and righteous parents.

Daniel Pou, my grandfather, was the brother of Lewis, John, and James Pou. Stephen Curry, the father of my grandmother, Hester Pou, was an Englishman. He was in the Revolutionary War, married during the war, Frances Allison. She stayed in camp with her husband when stationed around Charleston, S.C. Stephen Curry held many positions of honor and trust.

The foregoing is copied from a conversation I had with my father, William H. Izlar, on the night of the 13th April 1872, save so much thereof as relates to the family of Wm. H and Julia E.A. Izlar. This part I have written down of my own knowledge in order that the same may be preserved to posterity.

March 5th, 1903. James F. Izlar

Copied by Elizabeth Barton McMichael
Jan' 26th, 1933


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