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Listed below are the submit buttons to pull either the cemetery or the church information and maps for the desired county. After displaying the entire list for the county, you will be able to request locator maps for the chosen cemetery or church. You must use your browser's back button to return here. Information is courtesy the United State Geological Survey and maps are courtesy of Tiger Map.   Unfortunately, these buttons and the search form given below DO NOT work with all browsers.  As browsers evolve, maybe all browsers will honor these searches.

County Cemeteries Churches County Cemeteries Churches
.Abbeville .Laurens
.Aiken .Lexington
.Anderson .McCormick
.Edgefield .Newberry
.Fairfield .Richland
.Greenwood............. .Saluda

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Search arguments are given here to locate cemeteries, churches, populated areas or County Seat Information for all South Carolina counties. The information returned (in most cases) includes a viewable/printable map of that facility's location within the United States AND/OR within the State of South Carolina.