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ADAMS See PERRY  Posted : 2/10/2000

William ADAMS, Sr., was born about 1700 in The Edgefield District. He married Elisebeth E.(?) ADAMS. William ADAMS, Jr.was their son. William ADAMS, Jr.was born December 19,1801, in Edgefield County. I don't know when he died. He married Eliza HOWARD on January 12, 1826. Eliza HOWARD, was born May 25,1809. I would like anything on her. This is the only information I have about her.
Brantly Adams : Posted: 5/1/1997

Looking for family members of the late Amanda Coleman ALEXANDER, Thomas ALEXANDER. They lived in Saluda and would like to know if there are any family members living. Need information on where they maybe living now. This will help me find my family members. Thank in advance
Doris Jemison : Posted : 6/13/1999

Seeking ancestry and wife's name of James ALLEN, father of Margaret ALLEN (per Lee Gandee) who m. Jacob Nease. (b. 1754 Camping Creek, Little Mountain, SC). There is a James ALLEN documented in deed records in Edgefield (present day Saluda Co.) with land on Richland Creek branch of Little Saluda River. This James ALLEN was son of Josiah ALLEN and had widow named Elizabeth. I am trying to establish if James ALLEN of Richland Creek was same James ALLEN who was father of my Margaret ALLEN who married Jacob Nease. Jacob and Margaret were parents of William Kneece. Does anyone know where Camping Creek, Little Mountain, SC is located.
William Hill : Posted: 12/23/1997

This line has been traced back as far as 1825 in Saluda, or Orangeburg Dist. I believe it was, and I have had a difficult time finding very much information. I do know that there were two German families, BAUKNECHT & LEICHTSEY [sic] but, as you can imagine, I don't know whether the names were blood or borrowed. I have heard that if a person were to find old bank records, they would get alot more detailed information on their A-A ancestors because the banks kept detailed information on the slaves, as they were considered property. I just don't know where a person would locate this type of record. I would be appreciative of any help that you could swing my way, because I am at a loss of where to go with this. Slave rolls were of no help at all.
Laura : Posted : 3/23/1998


Looking for any information on William BARNES and his wife, Nancy A. BARNES. They lived near the Saluda River in Newberry Co but were buried at Zoar United Methodist Church in Saluda Co. We have Joyce Ann BARNES married to William Bluett Jones. She was their daughter who was b. 1822.
Sara Beeland : Posted : 3/21/2000

BARNES See HIERS Posted : 9/21/1998


Seek date of birth and death and place of burial for my great-great-grandmother, Frances BEDENBAUGH; she was born in 1838 in Newberry County, the daughter of Mathias Hare BEDENBAUGH; she married Patrick CHARLES, Confederate veteran, born 1826 in Edgefield Co.; couple settled in Saluda township of Edgefield County; Patrick CHARLES family was listed in 1870 census of Edgefield Co. at Frog Level post office. See also CHARLES.
Claude Medlin : Posted: 5/27/1997

BELL See TOWILL Posted : 5/18/1999

I would like to correspond with anyone who is a descendant of Benjamin BELL, Jr., son of Benjamin BELL, Sr. and Martha Tucker. Family tradition is that he was killed in the Cloud Creek Massacre of November 7, 1781. I would like to verify whether or not he was one of the 28 who were killed by Tories under the direction of "Bloody Bill" Cunningham. I would also like learn who Benjamin’s wife was and exchange information about his children. I know of two : John Bell and Joseph Tucker Bell.
Visit Francis' HomePage :
Francis C. Gill : Posted: 7/4/1998

BENTON See HIERS Posted : 9/21/1998

Looking for information on Ella Fair BERRY and Daniel F. HEDGEPATH. Possibly lived in Saluda Co, SC area in the 1860 to 1890 timeframe. Francis Stabler : Posted : 11/18/1999

John BLACK (b.5 April 1777, Lexington - d. ca 1854 Leesville). Married in 1797 - Susanah Catherine (?) (b. 5 July 1771 Lexington). CHAPMAN and BLACK families of Saluda and Ward, SC are related. I am interested in sharing info already researched and compiled by a NC couple whom I met in public library but are not on computer. I have copy of 15 Generation Pedigree Chart.
Jon P. Ward : Posted: 7/3/1997

I am researching Abner BOLTON, born 1835 near Johnston, SC and wife Mary Ann RABORN, born 1840 in Johnston, SC. If you would like to compare information, please E-mail me at Please put BOLTON in the subject line so my mail reader can process your message correctly.
Ann Bolton : Posted: 5/1/1997

Family tree, wills, slave schedules, history or any information on the BONHAM family from SC or VA.
Al Hubbard :
alhubbard@hotmail.comq Posted : 11/18/1999

Does anyone have the family tree of James Butler BONHAM of Alamo fame? I have a rough outline with my husband's family connection but would like to compare notes.
Shannon Masson Shaw : Posted: 10/16/1996

BOUKNIGHT ~ See ATTAWAY Posted : 3/23/1998

Researching William C. Brown born abt. 1784 SC married Susan last name unknown. William C. died in St. Clair Co. AL 1862. One known child John C. Brown married Cynthia (Maggie) Conn daughter of Joseph and Hannah Conn. John and Cynthia married in Cherokee Co.GA in 1854.
Gail Rakestraw Brown : Posted : 3/31/1999

BUCKHOLTS ~ See HAZEL Posted: 5/1/1997

BORAM See MOSS Posted : 5/18/1999

BUSBEE ~ See ORANDER Posted : 01/01/1998

Information on Earnest Christopher BUSBY - Leesville, Batesburg area. He was only child and parents died while he was quite young ---early 1900’s.
Mary Lowrey : Posted : 3/23/1998

I am trying to figure out the BUTLER lines in Saluda; they seem to have come from Newberry (i.e., not the Edgefield family of BUTLERs.) My husband descends from both Henry (1822-1905) and Mier J. (1814-aft 1870) BUTLER; they may have been first cousins. Direct in my husband's line in Saluda are also LEOPARD, WAITS/WAITES, GOGGANS, DeLOACH, McDOWELL, etc. Also intermarrying were ATTAWAY, BURNETT, JOHNSON / JOHNSTON, HAVIRD, etc. Please see my website for full surname list:
Bonnie Butler : Posted : 2/10/2000

BUTLER See MOSS Posted : 5/18/1999

Can anyone tell me if there was an early settlement called Saluda River? This name is on the SC 1790 Census. Sarah CHILDERS (b 1758, VA) married Edwin Hickman Smith, Sr. He is listed on this census. A sister of Sarah’s, Phoebe, married William BUTLER and they resided in Edgefield District for a few years. I am trying to ascertain how close together these two families were.
Jean Schneider : Posted : 7/4/1998

BUTLER ~ See ATTAWAY Posted : 3/23/1998


I am looking for the ancestors of Isaac CANNON who was born in Saluda in Apr 1792 and died in Tuscaloosa, AL in Feb 1885.
Jim Cannon : Posted : 5/7/1999

The family of Benjamin F Carroll, born in S.C. to Janet Carroll. Birth place was Edgewood, SC. But interested in records in Saluda. Unsuccessful with Edgewood Co.
Mary E Bell : Posted : 3/31/1999

Researching CATES who lived in Cloud’s Creek area that was in Edgefield, but became eastern part of Saluda County when it was formed. Earliest Generation proved as Thomas CATES, Sr, d. before April, 1794, in Edgefield Dist, SC. Where was
DRY CREEK MEETING HOUSE? In November, 1806, a citation on the Estate of Thomas CATES with Martha CATES as Admrix was posted by Thomas Deloach at Dry Creek Meeting House. Presume this was the nearest public meeting place to their residence. Estate papers are not clear as to whether this is a continuation on the est. of Thomas, Sr. by his widow or whether it was Thomas, Jr.? If Thomas, Jr’s Est. was Martha his mother or another Martha, his wife/widow. Was Thomas Deloach pastor at Dry Creek Meeting House? What Denomination?
Vivian Toole Cates : Posted : 11/18/1999

CHAPMAN ~ See ATTAWAY Posted : 3/23/1998

Seek date of death and place of burial of Patrick CHARLES (b. 1826). Confederate veteran, married to Frances BEDENBAUGH. Last listed in 1870 census in Saluda Township, Frog Level post office in Edgefield County. See also BEDENBAUGH and WHITTLE.
Claude Medlin : Posted: 5/27/1997

CHILDERS See BUTLER Posted : 7/4/1998

I am interested in any information on the COCKRELL families who were in the Edgefield Dist of SC at any point in time. My family originates with John COCKRELL / Doreatha Livingston who is listed in Census records beginning in the mid 1800’s. This family centers in what is now Saluda County, SC. There were 11 children whose births span approx. 30 years.
Lane Cockrell : Posted : 11/18/1999

I am looking for information regarding Joseph Cole, that may have been called Saluda River Joe. He married Mary Curren, and we have not been able to find her family. Joseph may have been in this area with his uncle, Zachariah. The family came from Washington (Smyth Co) VA. I have been trying to trace Joseph for a very long time. Any help greatly appreciated.
nancy : Posted : 3/21/2000

COLEMAN ~ See ATTAWAY Posted : 3/23/1998

I am looking for info on Matthew Wills COLEMAN (b. abt 1800 in Old Bute Co. NC). He later moved with his family to Edgefield District, SC. Matthew COLEMAN's daughter was Martha Wills COLEMAN. (b. 5 Nov 1821 in Edgefield District). She married William Alexander Hobbs in Tallapoosa Co., AL on 6 Jun 1840. They lived in Macon Co., AL then went to Leake Co., MS around 1857. Matthew Wills COLEMAN 's father may have been Richard COLEMAN (b. 1756 in Granville Co., NC). He was a Revolutionary War soldier and supposedly came to SC with Nathaniel Greene's army to lift the siege of Ninety Six. He married Martha Wills and was dead by 2 Dec 1808. Martha Wills died by 1820. I am trying to establish whether or not Matthew was a son of Richard COLEMAN or not. Anyone knowing about these people please contact me at
David Hobbs : Posted: 6/9/1997

Milton E.COLEMAN (b. 5/27/1843, d. 3/3/1933 near Saluda, SC), Hickory Grove School District m.1/5/1865 Mary BROWN (b. 2/26/1866). Ch : Mary Brown Coleman. 2ND m.1/5/1871 Ella ? b. 10/27/1853. ch: John T. Coleman, Annie Coleman, Daniel B. Coleman, Andrew T. Coleman, Edwin Coleman, J. Clark Coleman, Bennette Coleman, Bruce C. Coleman. Milton and Ella were buried in Hickory Grove Christian Churchyard, Saluda Co. I am looking for Ella's Maiden name, and any info on Mary Brown. I also am looking for info on Milton's ancestors. His father was Daniel b. 1819 m. Martha ?. 1850 Edgefield census lists Daniel and Martha and the 1880 Census lists Milton and family, but I think the family resided mainly in Saluda, since burial was there. I'm new to this so I would appreciate info or help in where to look. How would I contact Hickory Grove Christian Church? Is it still in existance? Also looking for any info on William MOBLEY, Mary MOBLEY, Thornton COLEMAN, Dorothy COLEMAN who are listed in a family bible, but I don't know their relationship. I am happy to share the info I have with anyone interested.
Jennifer Thurman : Reposted: 7/14/1997

CONN See BROWN Posted : 3/31/1999

Does anyone have access to l920 S.C. census? I am trying to find Ila Mae or Ila Mable CONYERS. In l920 she would have lived in Saluda or Williamsburg Co, SC.
Ernest E. Poole : Posted : 10/10/1999

I am from Saluda Co and am trying to trace my family history back. Unfortunately I live in Florida now and have to rely on the web for information as much as possible. There are little or no records posted on the web from Saluda regarding births, deaths, marriages, etc. My father was Robert Heyward CORLEY and my grandfather was Robert Lee (Shark) CORLEY. Can anyone recommend a source for me to contact, preferably via e-mail? Any info would be helpful and appreciated.
L. Reed : Posted : 10/10/1999

Seeking any and all information anyone might have regarding any of the following
Descendants of John Corley. Any help greatly appreciated.
John Turner : Posted : 11/12/1997
Generation No. 1
1. John1 CORLEY was born in Saluda, SC.
He married Kitura COTLEY. Children of John
CORLEY and Kitura COTLEY are:
i. Addie Ceabell2 CORLEY (b 2/171888 - 2/2/1973)
ii. Clarence CORLEY
iii. Pierre CORLEY
iv. Lyn CORLEY
v. Lois CORLEY
vi. Callie CORLEY
vii Sarah CORLEY
Generation No. 2
2. Addie Ceabell2 CORLEY (John1) was born 2/171888 in Saluda, SC, and died 2/2/1973 in Greenwood, Greenwood, SC. She married Henry Harmon TURNER, son of John TURNER and Elizabeth CORLEY. Children of Addie CORLEY and Henry TURNER:
i. Ethel Nmn3 TURNER (born in SC) m. Billy Symmes COOPER
ii. Hentietta TURNER, m. James J. Worthington
iii. Rachel Ann TURNER, m. James Kirby
iv. Ruth E. TURNER, m. John Madison Harris
v. Tura TURNER, m. Charles (Chuck) Babineau
vi. Josephine TURNER (b 3/151909, Saluda, SC) m. William Earl Arthur 9/6/1923
vii. Mazel TURNER (b 5/29/1915) m1 Robert Edward MARLOW, 5/15/1933; m2 Alfred Carter (Foots) CALDWELL, 6/20/1942, SC
viii. Dorid TURNER (b 7/25/1916) m. George Samuel (Nuzz) STROUD , Sr
ix. Addie Sue TURNER (b 4/20/1922) m. Lester Marcus KEMP, 9/5/1944
x. John Wesley TURNER , Sr (b 7/5/1927, Edgefield, Edgefield, SC) m. Hazel Marie HARVEY, 10/8/1943, Laurens County Courthouse, Laurens, SC.

I'm researching the lines of Henry TURNER of Saluda. Married Addie Mae CORLEY. Moved to Edgefield, SC. Thanks
John Turner : See also TURNER Updated : 7/11/1998

COTLEY ~ See CORELY Posted : 11/12/1997

Need information on parents, siblings, and ancestors of Alexander Bolen COUCH (aka "Deck") b 1849 and d 1937 and wife, Ella COVAR/CORVAR (b 1854, d 1928). Both are buried at Phillpi Baptist Church Cemetery in Johnston, Edgefield Co., SC. It is believed that Deck was a farmer in the Ridge Spring area of Edgefield Co. Children : George (1878), m Ursula Auther, Jessie, Bessie (abt 1886), m Ranson Bodie, John (1889), m Leah ??, Alexander (1891), m1 Bertha Rebecker Renew, m2 Mildred Cherry, Jerome (abt 1893), m Nellie Thompson, Walter (abt 1897), m1 Koninie Napien, m2 Beatrice ??, Maggie (1899), m Ervin Auther.
Leon Courtney : Posted : 12/10/1997

COVAR/CORVAR ~ See COUCH Posted : 12/10/1997

CREAMER See SIMMS Posted : 2/10/2000

CROUCH See HERLONG Posted : 1/21/2000

Looking for information on my gg grandparents, Willis CROUCH and Matilda McGEE m. 5 Apr 1866 per Edgefield marriage records. Willis lost an arm during the Civil war. My g grandmother Cornelia Matilda CROUCH was born in Saluda, SC, 16 May 1871. If you have any of the following surnames in your tree please let me hear from you. Any corrections or additions would also be appreciated. Thanks in Advance,
Jim Powell, Jr : Updated :12/10/1999

1..John Crouch Abt. 1750 - 1791
....Margaret Abt. 1753 - Aft. 1791
....2..Isaac Crouch 1760-1765 - 1840
....3..Simeon Crouch 1806 - 1866
........Frances Whittle 1809 - Aft. 1880
........4..Elizabeth Crouch 1829 - 1831
........4..Matilda Crouch 1831 - 1831
........4..John Crouch 1832 - 1866
........4..William Crouch 1834 -
............Caroline Minnick
........4..Willis Crouch 1834 -
............Matilda McGee Abt. 1838 -
............5..Cornelia Matilda Crouch 1871 - 1950
.................Harvey Monroe Norwood 1871 - 1938

.........4..Jacob Crouch 1836 - 1881
.............Ella Corley
.........4..Jane Priscilla Crouch 1838 - 1914
.........4..James Russell Crouch 1839, SC
.............Anna Ridgell
.........4..Emma Francis Crouch 1842 -
.........4..Milliage Crouch 1843 -
.........4..Simeon Reedy Crouch 1845 -
.........4..Wade Allen Crouch 1847 - 1921
.............Mary Edna Bodie 1855 - 1903
.........4..Laura Matilda Crouch 1849 - 1851
....3...John Crouch 1810 -

I am trying to help my cousin complete a book about the CULPEPPER 's in the United States. We are attempting to confirm the fact that Benjamin CULPEPPER, Jr. was the father of Benjamin CULPEPPER, III. This Benjamin was the father of Andrew (Drury) CULPEPPER. Benjamin CULPEPPER. III is supposed to be buried in a Saluda cemetery. His first wife could have been "Esther"; his second wife was Joyce SHEPPARD whose will was proven 23 March 1841. Could any local researcher help us confirm the parentage of Benjamin CULPEPPER. III?
Eileen Vela : Posted: 6/3/1997

[D E F]

Looking for information on Charles Rierson DAVIS -born approx. 1900 or a little later. Born in Saluda, SC and joined the Army. Died July 24, 1930 in Denver at Fitzsimmons Hospital. Bailor DAVIS could be a brother, etc. Mother was Clara Neal DAVIS.
Herb Shemwell : Posted: 11/12/1997

Searching for the family of Elbert B. DAVIS, wife was Clara Neal. Children : George (1891), Winnie (1893), Glover (1897), Charlie R. (1902-1930), Jennie L. (1904) and John B.(1908). Would like to make contact with living family members.
Herb Shemwell : Posted: 11/12/1997

Can anyone tell me where Aaron C. DEAN was buried? He was b.20 Nov 1820, d.30 Nov 1805. Thank you for any help.
John Buzhardt : Posted: 5/27/1997

Seeking any and all information on the DOZIER surname.
Mary Thompson : Posted: 3/23/1998

I am researching the DUCKETT family from the Newberry, Saluda, Union, Greenwood counties. My maternal great grandmother was Belle PHILLIPS born in 1875 and I believe her mother's name was Mary DUCKETT. I think that her father's name was John PHILLIPS (no known birth/death/state of birth).
Guillermo Carrillo : Posted : 5/7/1999

I am looking for information on the DUFFIE surname. I was told by my father Frank DUFFIE we have relatives around the Saluda/Newberry area. I am looking for anyone with information about George Oliver DUFFIE or George Tillman DUFFIE. Any help on this family would be appreciated. Thank you.
Lisa Duffie Robison :  Updated : 1/21/2000

EDWARDS ~ See WATSON Posted: 7/8/1997

I have done some research on the EDWARDS line, beginning with my third-great-grandfather, Jared EDWARDS, who settled in Edgefield County (the portion that was split off to form Saluda County) after fighting under General Gates in the Revolutionary War (they came south from Maryland). My most significant find to date has been a photograph on microfilm of Jared's will from the 1830's. I'd be interested to know if there are resources in Saluda County where more information on the EDWARDS line might be available.
John Edwards : Posted: 5/1/1997

I am interested in the JENNINGS and ETHEREDGE families in Saluda County, SC. The oldest JENNINGS to whom I can prove relation are Enoch & Elizabeth JENNINGS, born 1796 and 1802, respectively. Their children were Mary, Spencer, and Brown Jennings. Both parents and all three children are buried at the Red Bank Baptist Church in Saluda, SC.  I am also interested in Martha ETHEREDGE, Brown JENNINGS’ wife. If you have or need information on the JENNINGS or ETHEREDGEs of Saluda County, SC.
Rob Weathers : Posted : 11/18/1999

I am researching the Etheredge family. It started with Samuel Etheredge who was married to Sarah Mayson Etheredge, they had 4 children, William, Aaron, Henry, and Lott. I come from the William Etheredge son. My great grandparents lived in Batesburg, SC and their names were Joseph G. Etheredge and Martha Rebecca Etheredge. My grandfather was Lane Etheredge. Could you help direct me to where I can research this family line more extensively. This family was very instrumental I understand in forming Saluda County into what it is today. When Samuel first arrived in SC it was Colleton County, then part of Ninety Six District, then Edgefield County and finally Saluda County. I am going on what was written in Hamlin Etheredge's Book called "Our Etheredge Family Circles" from 1753 to 1953. If you could help me with some sites to research or information that you know of, it would be greatly appreciated.
E. Trotter : Posted: 3/23/1998

My brother and I are researching our family name "Ferguson". We were at a genealogy convention and were given the information that Owdoms, SC was a great source for Ferguson family information. After looking at a map and doing some research on the Internet I can see that Owdoms probably does not have a library so am at a loss where to look next. Do you have any knowledge of a library or other source of information that has a large file on the Ferguson family in your area? Any help would sure be appreciated.
Jane Ferguson Reed : Posted : 10/18/1998

Looking for Joseph or John FOWLER who owned land in the area of Saluda Creek in the early 1800's. Joseph worked as a land appraiser and served on juries. I have been unable to document Joseph and the father of John FOWLER, b. 1781, in SC or TN. Later moved to Laurens, SC in the Mt. Pleasant area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Nita Ivy : Posted : 3/31/1999

Would like info (and would be glad to exchange) on Isaac FREE or any of his four children found in 1850 Edgefield Co census. Also George Brown, dob unknown, died in 1872 and buried in Livingsyon Cemetery between Saluda and Newberry.
Buck Free : Posted : 10/10/1999

Interested in any info about Isaac FREE. Have 1850 Edgefield census data on Isaac, his wife, and four children. His youngest child was John M FREE, my ggf, killed in Chatanooga in 1865. Can find nothing on Isaac, wife Nancy, children William, Elizabeth or James after 1850 census.
H. B. Free : Posted : 6/13/1999


I need information on the GOFF families that lived at the Traffic Circle near Batesburg/Leesville. My father-in-law was Homer Buford GOFF (b 190l and d 1997). Others in his line are his father George Wesley GOFF (b1868 and d 1912) and his grandfather, Noah GOFF (b about 1835 and d 1897). Noah married Louisa Hare (b 1836 and d 1912).
Kay Y.Goff :
ckcjgoff@InfoAve.Net Posted: 1/28/1998

GOGGANS See BUTLER Posted : 2/10/2000

GRIER  See KELLY   Posted : 10/10/1999


Looking for information on Michael HARE born 10 Nov 1817 died 29 May 1902 at Edgefield, SC. Was buried in the Nazareth Methodist cemetery, Saluda, SC
Ron Hare : Updated : 1/21/2000

Searching for information about Cornelius and Lucinda HORN(E) and their son William Franklin who were all members of Company K, 14th SC Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. Also any information about the "Dutch Settlement" in what would have then been Edgefield County.
Claude Miller :   Posted : 5/1/2000

Looking for information on David JOHNS(T)ON, d 1797 in Edgefield Co, SC. Wife is Rachel ??? (possibly TOWLES), d 1798. Children appear to be Morris, Samuel, Joshua, Charity, Sarah, Anny, Frances, Mary and Hester. If anyone has information on a connection between the JOHNSONs and the TOWLESes, I would very much like to hear from you. Joseph TOWLES witnessed a prenuptial agreement of Mary JOHNSON to Daniel ROGERS, Sr. Sethfield TOWLES was given the share of Morris JOHNSON when Mary JOHNSON ROGERS died in 1823. Charity JOHNSON was given Seth TOWLES's share upon his death in 1826. One of Anny JOHNSON HAZEL's sons was called Sethfield. Clearly there is a connection. What is it?

Barbara Schenck : Updated : 10/10/1999

HEDGEPATH See BERRY Posted : 11/18/1999

Looking for information on Luther "Luke" HENDRIX. In "Uncle Josh’s Remembrances of Old Lexington County SC", it indicates that Luke died in Saluda, SC. Luke was a carpenter according to the book and was born around 1831.
Dottie H. Slocomb : Posted : 9/21/1998

Would like to contact a Ray Hesse, purportedly living in Saluda, re his research on HERLONG and CROUCH families. I’m missing antecedents of Georgia Mary CROUCH who married Daniel Henry HERLONG ca. 1870. In about 1825 Henry Conrad HERLONG founded a Methodist Church near Saluda. There was a private school or academy co-located with that church. Do any of that school’s records exist in any archive or library? I am especially interested in the years 1885 - 1893.
Bryan Chastain :  Posted : 1/21/2000

William Bill HIERS was born Feb 15, 1846 and died Feb 16 1921. If you have any info on this HIERS family, the BENTON family or the BARNES family, please swap info. GA / SC / Germany locations.
Ken Benton : Posted : 9/21/1998

HIGDON See RUTH Posted : 5/18/1999

HIGHTOWER See MOSS Posted : 5/18/1999

I had a family of Hillborn 1764 and according to the land grants the property that was given to William reads as such :"on the 25th day of Oct, one William Hillborn was granted 350 acres by George the III of Great Briton ..." Surveyed 29th May 1758 for said William Hillborn, situated on the north side of Saludy at a branch called Palmetto, which branch runs into Bush Creek bound on all sides by vacant land." Could you tell me what Perish this area may be found in? Posted : 9/21/1998

I am seeking family for my son : mainly his father, any uncles/aunts, 2 sisters and a brother he has never known. This is so very important for me to help him find his family. My son’s father’s name is Roger Allen HOBBS, there is an Uncle Paul Hobbs (his wife’s name is Sandra -maiden name Rutledge). Last known around Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. Please help me to answer some of the questions my son has. I would be endlessly grateful for any information leading to these people.
Linda Hobbs : Posted : 6/13/1999

HOBBS ~ See COLEMAN Posted: 6//9/1997

My gg grandfather was John Holman, wife was Magdalena ----?----. Some of the family research indicates he lived in the Saluda area. He was born 29 October 1759 and died 03 April 1821 when then living in the Barnwell District, SC. Magdalena also died in the Barnwll District about 1842. At one time John Holman was a member of the Dean Swamp Baptist Church. This church is near Springfield, SC but I do not know if it is in or near the Saluda River area. Anything you might have on this will be appreciated.
James :

HOWARD ~ See ADAMS Posted: 5/1/1997

[I J K]

JAY ~ See WATSON Posted: 7/8/1997

JENNETT See WILSON Posted : 2/10/2000

JENNINGS See ETHEREDGE Posted : 11/18/1999

JOHNSON ~ See HAZEL Posted: 5/1/1997

My grandfather would have been Jasper JONES Who married Aline TURNER in the late 1800s early 1900s. If you have any information please e-mail me.
Eugenia Peek : Posted : 5/1/2000

Seeking information on Joseph W. JONES, Sr. born Oct. 18, 1888 - died May 15, 1947. Married Mary SKAIFE (SCAIFE) born Oct. 2, 1887 - died bet 1970-75. The couple had four children : a boy - name unknown; girl - name unknown; girl - name unknown and Joseph W. JONES, Jr. born May 25, 1924 in Ridge Spring, SC. Does anyone have information on this family?
Brenda Jones Kerns :   Posted : 10/10/1999

Looking for a William KAY, son of John and Sarah (Sally) KAY of Edgefield Dist SC (now Saluda) born about 1800-1815 in Edgefield SC. His siblings were: Eli (Elijah Lentine) KAY, Sary Dicy, Rebecca, Nancy, Hiram, Deborah (Debby), Lucinda, John Wiley, and John Andrew Jackson (Jaxon),not in birth order. Anyone knowing the whereabouts or a possibility for this William KAY, please contact me. Also, I’ve started a website for all descendants of John and Sarah (Sally) KAY of Edgefield SC. Email me for an invitation to join the site where there is alot of KAY information being posted.
Cheryl Governale : Posted : 5/19/2000

William Henry Keisler (b abt 1750, VA), Rev. Sol.(but this fact is in question) died old Newberry Co, SC 1802 leaving a will naming his children as : William Henry Jr. (b 1780, VA) md Barbara Ann C. Cromer; Abraham md Nancy Boyd and lived in Anderson SC; David; Paul; Catherine md Christen Seitz; Christina md Christopher Dickert; Susann md Frederick Farr; Elizabeth; Barbara; Margrat Keisler. I know about Wm. H. Jr. he went to GA and I have some of that history. Abraham went to Anderson Co SC, Where did the remaining children go??? I will gladly swap my info with yours I just want to learn about the overall family and put it together for anyone who might be interested.
Charles C. Miller : Posted: 12/12/1997

Am Looking for the parents and orgin of Roger Kelly, who died in 1912 (?) and is buried in Saluda, SC. I believe his mother’s maiden name was GRIER. He was my grandfather.
A. Grier Kell, Jr. : Posted : 10/10/1999


Searching for information on the parents and grandparents of "black" Andrew Lee (1745-1807). He was married to Ann "Nancy" Wilson (1759-1818). His will, filed in the Edgefield Co of 1796, descries large land holdings on both sides of the Saluda River; some near Hamlich Creek. He is thought to be the father of Col. John William LEE. It is also thought that he migrated to then Edgefield Co as a young man. Any information or leads will be appreciated.
Wyndham Clarke : Posted : 6/10/1999

LEOPARD See BUTLER Posted : 2/10/2000

LIGHTSEY ~ See ATTAWAY Posted : 3/23/1998

I am researching the family of Warren Thomas LINDLER. He is the 4th child of Jacob and Margaret (BOYD) LINDLER. Jacob (born on 12/13/1802 and died 2/23/1893 in the Dutch Fork section near Ballentine SC). He married Margaret Boyd (b 3/17/1807 and died 11/5/1889), on July 18 1823. Jacob and Margaret came to Saluda Co. in 1849 and settled in the Delmar community near Leesville, SC. They were members of St. Marks Lutheran Church and are both buried there. Warren Thomas was born 12/12/1832 and was a CSA vet., however I can’t find any reference to Company C. 52nd SC infantry. He married Lucinda Chapman 12/28/1853. He moved his family to Emanuel Co, GA in 1860’s. I would appreciate any info on this and would be willing to share any I have. I am also interested in info concerning St. Marks Lutheran Church, as many LINDLERs are buried there.
Harry L. Brumfield III : Posted : 9/21/1998

Seeking any information on : Mark B. LOTT (b 1872, d 1938) md Nan SAWYER (b 1874, d 1927). Lived and died in Saluda Co, buried near Batesburg. Farmers who had 3 children. need info on their birthplaces, parents, etc.
Bob Cluff : Posted : 7/11/1998


MAYES See RUTH Posted : 5/18/1999

MAYNARD ~ See MURRELL Posted: 9/17/1997

MCCARTER See SMITH   Posted : 11/18/1999

My Father's family is from Saluda County. His Father was Ben MCCARTY, buried in Providence Cemetery, Batesburg. His Mother was Addie Mae MCGEE, - born 23 August 1898 in Edgefield. She died 23 May 1992 in Lexington and was buried in the same cemetery as my Grandfather. My oldest Sister Joan MCCARTY born 27 July 1949 in Batesburg, she died 11 December 1949 and is also buried in the same cemetery as Grandparents. My Father's family is not too happy about my wanting to know where I came from, but I really could use some information on how to go about doing my research over the net?
Sandy Rogers : Posted : 2/10/2000

Looking for any and all info on Samuel Preston MCCARTY, born 1879 Edgefield Co (present day Saluda Co) married Margaret Estelle PERRY born 1889. She is of the PERRY family from Perrys Crossroads. Sam is buried in Butler Cemetary and was a Methodist minister. Their children were Willie Mae, Perry, Sarah, Phillip, Dawson, Paul and Margaret.
Paul M. McCarty, Jr. : Posted : 6/10/1999 See also PERRY

MCGEE See MCCARTY  Posted : 2/10/2000

McGEE ~ See CROUCH Posted: 7/3/1997

Looking for any information on the MCILHANEY/MCILHENNY surname. This would be before or in 1776 and up to 1791.
Rosalee Clark : Posted : 1/21/2000

Anything on Ainsworth, John, or Jean MIDDLETON - c. 1750? Thanks
Dick Lewis : Posted : 10/10/1999

I'm searching for info on my great grandfather, John Rhett MILES ' father, James Rhett MILES. I found John was baptised at St. Patrick's Ch. in 1839 and Roland Smith Rhett and Mary Ann Smith Rhett and Jane Ball were sponsors. Can't find his mother's name, or anything else about James, except that he was a descendent of Col. Wm. Rhett.
Patricia Hartz : Posted: 5/1/1997

Interested in any info on the MILLER family from around Saluda or Edgefield Co.
Joy Polk : Posted : 3/31/1999

MINICK ~ See WHITTLE Posted: 5/27/1997

MOBLEY ~ See COLEMAN Reposted: 7/14/1997

Looking for ancestors of Thomas MORGAN & Alice Field(s) living in Saluda Co. I know that there are some that are still living in or around that area. Other names associated with this family are : Moates, Summers, Motes, Gresham, Wehunt, McCormick. If you have any of these names in your family, please contact me.
Mary M. Robertson :  Updated : 5/1/2000

I am trying to located information on the following individuals who were Black : James MOSS (dob unknown); his wife, Ella BUTLER (dob unknown); their daughter, Louise BUTLER (born 9/12/1998); and her husband, Curtis Robert HIGHTOWERS (born 7/2/1878). They married 3/12/1916. Mr. HIGHTOWER’s parents were Jack HIGHTOWER and Emma BORAM. I have no birthdates for either. Nor do I know when they married.
Sheila Hightower-Allen : Posted : 5/18/1999

Seeking info on Laura MURRELL Maynard (b. 11 Cctober 1840 - d. 12 November 1905), buried at Bun? Pine Pleasant Cemetery in Saluda County, SC). She was married to John Washington MAYNARD whose parents were James and Mary Scurry MAYNARD. Her father was Benjamin MURRELLl and Rebecca Hatcher MURRELL. Need further details on the MURRELL/MAYNARD lines. Thank you.
Philip Wilson : Posted: 9/17/1997


Seeking any information on the above family names for the period 1850-1880 Any names place where they were or burial plots any and all help will be appreciated
R E Napier :

NORWOOD ~ See CROUCH Posted: 7/3/1997

NULL ~ See HAZEL Posted: 5/1/1997

[O P Q]

Looking For Henry OLDHAM born around 1800. I have been trying to connect him to other OLDHAMs in SC for 20 years. He was in MS for 1850 census. Family names William Tolbert OLDHAM, James Earl OLDHAM, Robert E. OLDHAM. Thanks for your help.
Mary O. : Posted: 12/10/1997

ORANDER,William (Bill) md Hattie BUSBEE. Of children, one was Lillian (b July 29, 1892, Saluda Co and d Aug 27, 1964 in the Leesville area of Lexington Co). Lillian md Albert WHITTLE (b Oct 9, 1882, Saluda Co and d Sept 18, 1961 in the Leesville area). Albert’s parents were Green Berry WHITTLE and Nancy WARREN. Any info would help on any of these folks.
Vickie Weaver : Posted : 01/01/1998

Seeking info about Rev John Hopkin PADGETT (b 11-12-1812 in Cloud’s Creek, Edgefield District (now known as Saluda Co, SC). He moved to GA before 1820. Seeking info about his parents, also. He is the son of Hopkin and Sarah Ann PADGETT. He is a descendant of Rev. Elijah PATCHET. Would like any info about any PADGETT or other spellings found in SC.
Julie Johnson : Posted : 9/21/1998

Information on Armistead PARRISH (b. 1795) resided in area 1823 to 1869; married Susan ORANDER had John A., Armistead, Jr, Virginia, Wesley, Gilliam Dinwoody. Second marriage to Rebecca ?? had George Washington, Missouri, Winfield, Amelia, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Nancy, Wyatte, and Mary.
Teresa Escue : Posted: 9/17/1997

PATCHET See PADGETT Posted : 9/21/1998

Searching for the grave of Henry Patrick, who received a 1767 grant of 100 acres from King George III which was on 96 creek and the Saluda River. Some of his children went to Alabama, and one of his grandsons, Lewellen Patrick, went to Old Tishomingo County, MS. Would like to have help finding his grave, which was probably near the home place.
Bob Mays 191 CR 107 Corinth, MS 38834 662-287-7391 : Posted : 8/13/2000

I am trying to locate any information on a Thomas H PERRY born in 1840. He was married to a Georgia ADAMS; their children were Curry, Bennie, Tom and Lake. They left SC in 1886 and settled in Ida, LA. They both are believed to be from Perry’s Crossroads in what was the former county of Edgewood. Any help would be great.
Thomas H Perry : Posted : 2/10/2000

Looking for any and all info on Margaret Estelle PERRY born 1889, Edgefield Co (present day Saluda Co) married Samuel Preston MCCARTY, born 1879 same area. She is of the PERRY family from Perrys rossroads. Sam is buried in Butler Cemetary and was a Methodist minister. Their children were Willie Mae, Perry, Sarah, Phillip, Dawson, Paul and Margaret.
Paul M. McCarty, Jr. : Posted : 6/10/1999  See also MCCARTY

I am researching the ancestors of Crawford PERRY, who died in the part of Edgefield County that became Saluda County. His will was written 3/16/1854. He was the father of each of the following children: Bennett, Mary Polly, Nancy, James, Elizabeth, John, and Drucilla. His wife was Sarah and he had at least two grandchildren: Heathy Smith and Wesley PERRY. Was Crawford PERRY’s mother a Crawford? Any help is appreciated.
Travis Goodman :

PHILLIPS See DUCKETT Posted : 5/7/1999

PUGH ~ See ATTAWAY Posted : 3/23/1998


Martin RAWLS (b.1840, around Ridge Springs, SC or near Augusta, GA, or near Columbia, SC - d. about 1925). Buried in Red Bank Cemetery at Red Bank Baptist Church. Brothers:. Brantly, Bradly, Benjamin. Martin RAWLS’ wife was Lucy Jennings. All I know about Lucy M. RAWLS child.Benjamin, Frontis, Lucy I think died. Lucy married a Timmerman. Thanks
Bill Rawls : Updated : 3/31/1999

Enoch Rawls was living in Saluda in 1920, I am told that he is buried in the cemetery there with his father Martin, I would like to get in touch with his ancestors as they would be relatives of mine. Any help on this would be appreciated greatly. Bill Rawls: Posted: 7/30/2000

Hi Folks - I believe this family was from the Saluda / Newberry / Lexington Area. Can anyone help me with the descendents Angella Isabella BEDENBAUGH (daughter of James T. BEDENBAUGH -b. Sept. 20, 1839 - d. Nov, 1820 - and his wife Margaret Angeline "Maggie" RINEHART BEDENBAUGH b. Feb. 17, 1868 - d. Oct. 1937 - James and Angeline are both buried in Nazareth Methodist Church Cemetery. Angella Isabella married A. Pickens RINEHART and they had at least 5 children - according to the 1900 Saluda Co. Census. Three had died prior to 1900. The two surviving children were%3A1. Eva RINEHART b. ca. Feb. 1892 - md Ira Shealy (son of James Elmore Shealy and Missouri Rawl. 2. Eufally RINEHART b. ca. Nov. 1894Ira %26 Eva had one child. Zelotes Shealy b. Aug. 5, 1918 d. Jan. 23, 1992Can anyone tell me if there were other children - Where did Ira Shealy and Eva RINEHART Shealy live - and when did they die. Eufally RINEHART - Did she marry - and if so who. I would certainly appreciate any help on this Family. Thanks Dorothy Rinehart Taylor
Dorothy Rinehart Taylor : Posted : 5/1/2000

Am interested in locating anyone with any Rinehart Connection in their family includes Koon, Snelgrove, Hartley, Etheredge, Duncan, LaGrone, Kinard, and others.
Dorothy Rinehart Taylor : Posted : 10/10/1999

ROGERS See TEMPLE/TEMPLES Posted : 7/27/1998

Father of John RUSHTON, Born 1805 died 1850. Saluda County.
David E. Rushton : Posted : 03/03/2000

My GGGGrandfather was Jonathan RUTH, a revolutionary war soldier whooriginally immigrated from Wales, was in NC, then took a land grant of 450 acres on the banks of Big Creek, a tributary of the Saluda River, in 1790. This was near the town of Saluda and I have the survey, census, and other records alluding to his presence in the area. Some of his descendents later moved to the Pendleton District and Abbeville. The survey was done by Samuel Mays, who was probably the same Samuel Mays who went on to become a noted planter, soldier and politician.  Jonathan's original RUTH spelling was Routh, but he supposedly dropped the o after he and his brother Job Routh, a Tory, squabbled over politics after the war. The ones I know about and have records on were: Jonathan Ruth, b. 1751, d. 1805-1810, presum. Saluda area. His son-Solomon, b. 1795, d. 1865, disappeared while traveling from Memphis to GA. ... presumed robbed and murdered. Other son-Adam Ruth Solomon married Naomi Chastine, b. 1797, Abbeville, d. 1855, presm. TN. Surnames of interest are: Chastine, Chestine, Chastain, Ruth, Burris, Burres, McCoy. Family lore suggests Naomi Chestine might have been part Cherokee, and I have a 1837 land transfer from Solomon Ruth to a John Chastine in Pendleton dist. Naomi Chestine's mother was Leah Chestine. Her people may have been descendents of Pierre Chastine who settled in that area-James Chastine was one, and he was also on the land transfer. The spelling of Chastine is all over the map on the documents and in my family lore.
Dwane Powell : Updated : 10/10/1999


Looking for info on Abraham Absolom SANFORD married to Catherine SNIDER daughter of George SNIDER. He sold land in Saluda Co. Mother was Lavina and father was Thomas. Absolom came to AL with his brother, William. These Sanfords/Samfords were all hatmakers by trade. Posted : 7/21/1998

SAWYER See LOTT Posted : 7/11/1998

SHEPPARD ~ See CULPEPPER Posted: 6/3/1997

SHIRLEY See VANDIVER Posted : 10/31/1998

Am seeking any information on following individuals once residents of Saluda, SC about 1830s-1840s. John CREAMER married to Lucy SIMMS they had at least one child Charlotte who was born in Saluda about 8/26/1840. Any information on these individuals or related lines would be appreciated.
Linda P. Kenny : Posted : 2/10/2000

Looking for info on SIMPKINS family. William SIMPKINS was one of 17 children. He married Eva who was born in Feb 1892. She died in 1992. They had 5 children and left SC in the 1920’s. They moved to NJ. William died in March 1958. They lived, I believe, in Johnson City.
S M GARRY :  Posted : 10/10/1999

SKAIFE (SCAIFE)   See JONES Posted : 10/10/1999

Looking for information on Samuel Daniel SMITH and Thomas Issac WATERS
Michael E. Waters :   Updated : 3/06/2000

On 25-Oct-1792, a John SMITH sold 300 acres of land to Moses MCCARTER, that was located on Broadmouth Creek, waters of Saluda River. On 6-Jun-1784 he had 200 acres of land surveyed on Big Generoste Creek, waters of Savannah River. Do you know if these locations are close to each other?

Paul Kankula : Posted : 11/18/1999

Seeking any and all information regarding the SNIDER surname.
Perry Snider : Posted : 1/28/1998

SNIDER See SANFORD Posted : 7/21/1998

Seeking info on the family of William SNIPES who appears in the 1910 census in Saluda. His daughter may be Amy SNIPES who appears in 1910 and 1920 living with an uncle, Daniel ROWE in Saluda.
Bill Snipes : Posted : 1/21/2000

[T U V]

I am trying to find out the parents of George Tillman TEMPLE. I know his father was William TEMPLE. I have no dates when he was born or died. He is buried in the cemetery on Lee Street in Leesville at the Church. Can anyone help?
Nancy Spires : Posted : 1/1/1998


Trying to find information on Temples of Saluda. Seaborn Temples 1820-1906. His father, William C. Temple, was killed in the Florida Indian Wars. Seaborn married a Rebecca Ann ROGERS.
Robert Temples : Posted : 7/27/1998

I am looking for information on a place/farm/plantation called "Kalorama". My great-grandfather’s obituary says he died at Kalorama in Edgefield Co, SC in 1876. My research so far has not found any Kalorama in that county. I am wondering if Kalorama stood on the land that became Saluda Co later on.My great-grandfather’s name was Richard Judson TOWILL. I believe at the time of his death he was living with his father-in-law, George Bell. Richard’s wife was Angeline BELL Towill. Can anyone help with the location of "Kalorama"?
Daisy Crowley : Posted : 5/18/1999

There is a John TUMLIN and a James TOMLIN in the 1790 SC census in old Edgefield County. Are they related? Do you know their wives and children? We believe John’s sons (William and John and wife Anna) came to GA. William to Gwinnett County and John and Anna to Hall County.
Paul Tumlin : Posted : 1/1/1998

Any relations of Henry H. TURNER m. Addie Mae CORLEY. Had 8 daughters and 1 son: Sue, Ruth, Ethel, Tura, Rachel, Doris, Mazel, Henrietta, and John W., Sr. John was born in Edgefield - 1927/29. Any help on either, or both of, these lines greatly appreciated. See also CORELY.
John W. Turner : Updated : 11/12/1997

TURNER See JONES Posted : 5/1/2000

Are their any records or minutes for Turkey Creek Baptist Church, Saluda? Looking for Jonathan and Ambrose Foster VANDIVER. Was Ambrose Foster son of Jonathan VANDIVER? Jonathan's wife supposedly Miss Foster, perhaps daughter of Ambrose Foster who attended Turkey Creek Baptist Church along with the SHIRLEY families.
Nicole : Posted : 10/31/1998

I am looking for any information on Thomas VAUGHAN born 1816. He had five sons. Three who married into the Inabinet family from Orangeburg (James, John, Thomas). Samuel and William married Cummings sisters. This family settled in Colleton County but had relatives in Saluda. Samuel was a circuit preacher. Any information would help. Posted :11/18/1999



WAITS See BUTLER Posted : 2/10/2000

WARREN ~ See ORANDER Posted : 01/01/1998

WATERS see SMITH   Posted : 2/10/2000

Looking for the family of William Fincher WATERS. His dad was the ferry master on the Saluda River around 1910. Thomas Franklin WATERS.
Michael E. Waters : Updated : 3/06/2000

Looking for info on B. Zeddie WATKINS (perhaps Benjamin) who was married to Nellie Wise. They had many sons, one of which was Murray Zeddie WATKINS b. approx. 1897 perhaps in Saluda County, SC. I’m just starting out and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks
Carole Watkins Wydur : Posted : 1/21/2000

I am looking for information on John WATKINS. He was born 20 Oct 1755 in Fairfax County, VA. He married at least twice in North or SC before coming to Greenville and Saluda County where he had 2 brothers and a mother living. I believe the brothers names are William WATKINS and George WATKINS. John went on to settle in Giles Co., TN where he lived until 3 Jan 1860 - 104 yrs old. I believe he had several wives and children. Some of the children’s names were David, Simon Peter, Solomon, Luke and possibly GeorgeWilson. Any information on John or any of the other family members is welcome. I would like to find the brothers and mother. I will share with anyone interested.
Judith Watkins-McClara : Posted: 7/14/1997

Looking for any and all information for Amanda Bates WATSON, Thomas Bates WATSON, Artemus Briggs WATSON and Luther EDWARDS, Louis Samuel EDWARDS and Lizzie JAY.
Jane Keegan : Posted: 7/8/1997

My great,great,great,great, grandfathers name was Ambrose WHITTLE. He was married to Rebecca Duncan. He was born in 1797 and died in 1880. Seeking any information on his father, brother and sisters, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. He was from the Edgefield District (Saluda County).
Kathryn : Posted : 5/19/2000

WHITTLE  See ORANDER Posted : 01/01/1998

Seek parents of James Burroughs WHITTLE (1745-1782) of Clouds Creek area of old Edgefield County. Patriot soldier whose widow Winny’s application for pension was denied. His son James WHITTLE had plantation near Old Providence Methodist Church between Batesburg and Saluda in present-day Saluda County.
Claude Medlin : Posted: 9/17/1997

WHITTLE ~ See CROUCH Posted: 7/3/1997

Seek date of death and place of burial of Malachi WHITTLE (b. August 1842, d. around November 1908). Confederate veteran, married first to Mary Ann MINICK and married second to Sarah E. CHARLES. Last listed in 1900 census in Germanville Township of Saluda County.
Claude Medlin : Posted: 5/27/1997

Searching for the descendants of Solomon WILSON & JENNETT born circa 1825 and also the descendants of Nancy Bryant & King Solomon WILSON born circa 1868. Please contact me at Other linking last names include Belcher, Isom, Raindrop, Green(e), Cade. I look forward to hearing from you. Posted : 2/10/2000

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