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Bradford Cemetery

Sumter, South Carolina

transcribed by

Elizabeth Lee Girardeau

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The cemetery on Georgiana Drive, which is on the left off of Pinewood Road, was once on the property of Richard Bradford. Richard and his wife, Elizabeth Singleton, died c1826 and c1829. I have been told that a deed to the one half acre lot known as the Bradford Burial Ground is recorded in Book RR, Sumter, page 532 and 533, recorded 30th of June, 1868. I have also been told that Richard and Elizabeth Bradford were buried in the Singleton Cemetery in Sumter County - I do not know where this is. Perhaps it is the cemetery called LEWIS-SINGLETON, p. 308, The Cemetery Surveys of Old Sumter District, S.C.; Volume I, Part I, Sumter County, S.C. Their son, Robert Bradford who married Nancy Singleton, is buried there.

The Georgiana Drive Cemetery is listed as Cemetery #27, p. 310 of the Cemetery Surveys Book. The cemetery survey book was not used for the following list of graves. I have used comments of Cassie Nichols as printed in a newspaper article, a survey of the cemetery made in 1967 by Mr. and Mrs. W. Loring Lee [my parents], and pictures that I took in 1995.

Family of Matthew Bradford, son of Richard and Elizabeth

"The grave bearing the oldest marker", according to an article by Cassie Nicholes entitled "Graveyard Survives Time's Ravage," "is that of Harriet Angelina Mellett, who died on December 27, 1849, at the age of four years, one month and ten days. She is said to have been the baby daughter of William Eldridge and Mary Louise Bradford Mellett." This article was reprinted in Historical Sketches of Sumter County, Vol. II, 1981. The newspaper article was written by Miss Nicholes for The Sumter News some time between 1967 and 1980. Mary Louise Bradford Mellett was the daughter of Matthew and Harriet Dingle Bradford Mary Louise Bradford Mellett was a granddaughter of Richard Bradford. Her husband's grave is marked in the cemetery with a stone that reads :

Sacred To the Memory of


Who Departed This Life

Jan. 4, 1858

Aged 39 Years, 10 months, 5 days


Matthew Bradford, born 19 June 1789, died 1846; Harriet Bradford, born 29 Sept.1799, died 17 Aug. 1835. Their grave sites are not known but one would think that they were both buried in this cemetery.

Robert Dingle Bradford was the son of Matthew and Harriet Bradford and his tombstone reads: (I have a picture taken in 1995)

Sacred to the Memory of


Who was born the 2nd of June, 1820

And departed this Life

the 27th of August, 1853

aged 33 years, 2 months /and 25 days.

I loved thee fond Husband /And Love was Thy Due.

I Loved thee fond Partner / And Tenderly too.

Sarah Bradford, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Elizabeth Bradford No stone has been found for Sarah Bradford Brown but her obituary , c1870, states "interred at the Old Bradford Cemetery". She married Ervin Adam Brown, thought to be a son of William Brown, Sr. He died in 1817 and was probably buried in the cemetery. Richard, one of the sons of Sarah and Ervin Brown [married Caroline M. ___] who died around 1853, had a tombstone still in the graveyard in 1995:

My beloved Husband


May we Meet in Heaven

Another daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Bradford was Mary Bradford who died c1804. Her daughter, Elizabeth Ann Brown, daughter of Jeremiah [also thought to be a son of William Brown, Sr.] and Mary Bradford Brown, is buried in the cemetery. Her stone reads:


To the Memory of


Who Died 13th May, 1864

Aged about 64 Years.

She Died in the Triumph of

The Christian Faith

Elizabeth Brunson was the wife of William Leonard Brunson, son of Elizabeth Powell and William Brunson. His stone reads: (I have picture taken in 1995)

A Tribute

To the Memory of

Our Beloved Father


Was Born Oct. 14, 1789/

And Died Oct. 29, 1868

Soveign Omnipotent and Father of Love

A Father from Earth Thou hast Taken Above

We children.....[can not read]

Note: All other sources give birthdate as Oct. 6, 1789.

Manly A. Brunson was a son of Elizabeth and William Leonard Brunson. (I have a picture taken in 1995 of his tombstone)

To Cherish

In Affection the Memory

Of One very Dear, This

Tablet is Erected Over

The Ashes of


He left us in his 22nd Year

8th of Jan., 1858

The next two graves are within a fence that is falling down. Mary Marsena Brunson was the daughter of Elizabeth and W.L. Brunson. Her husband, Lucius Pitts Loring was the son of Rebecca Matilda Pitts and Daniel Loring. (I have pictures of these graves taken in 1995).

In Memory of

My Beloved Husband


God in His Wisdom Called

Him to His Heavenly Home.

Oct. 10, 1886

In 67th Year of His Age.

Oh! Father

Thy Will Be Done

Oh Blessed Truth

Tho We Must Weep

He Giveth His Beloved Sleep.

Loving Memory Of

Our Dear Mother


Relict of the Late

Capt. L.P. Loring

Born in Sumter, S.C.

Aug. 18, 1820

Died at Home in Sumter

Apr. 9, 1898

There remaineth therefore a

rest to the people of God.

Heb. 4 - 9 v.

Four infant children of M.M. and L.P. Loring have one marker. This marker was taken from the graveyard by someone and was then returned to Mr. W. Loring Lee, Jr. where it remains in his yard. The children were:

Fannie Loring, born & died 2 Jan. 1842

Lucius Pitts Loring, Jr. born and died 10 Nov. 1845

Emma Loring, born and died 10 Aug. 1858

Mary Wesley Loring, born 15 June 1861, died 9 Sept. 1862

The small monument is four sided: Fannie/ Lucius/ Emma/ Mary Rest/ Sweet Spirit/ Rest

Another son of Elizabeth and W.L. Brunson was Francis Lawson Brunson (15 Jan.1831 - 22 May 1897) who married Mary Alston Brunson (9 Apr 1834 - 12 Mar 1926). According to family records, their son, William Ervin Brunson, erected a cast iron fence around their graves in the cemetery. There are no markers.

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