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Elizabeth Cemetery
Sumter County, S.C.

Elizabeth Cemetery is an African-Amercian cemetery.
The cemetery is between Wedgefield and Pinewood.
There is a sign on highway 261 for Fuller Earth Road.
Turn at the sign, and you will find the cemetery.

These photographs were taken with a digital camera by
Cindy Parker on July 18, 2001.

It was late in the afternoon,almost evening.
There are a number of stones in the cemetery.
Names such as Thompson and Williams, abound.
Many graves are marked with what looked like homemade stones,
molded from cement, with Christian crosses, neatly etched, and painted black.
There are other graves marked only by a Wedgefield stone.
(That's the odd sort of rock, that is rather pourous, that farmers
in the area used to find in their fields.)
Some of those stones have names and dates.
Many of the graves fly, faded American flags.
I could determine that the cemetery is an African-American one,
because there was a photograph on one of the stones.

(I took a good many more pictures, but they didn't show the carvings on the stones.)


A panoramic view of Elizabeth Cemetery.
It's a very quiet place.
Notice the small, white markers, with the black crosses.
This cemetery is filled with these markers.
They look homemade.
Some of the graves marked like this, had American flags.
That leads one to assume that someone knows who is buried where.


Notice the small American flag, Someone recalled that Mr. Bracey served his country during WWI.


This is a grave, marked with a Wedgefield stone, dated 1881.
(Sorry about my toes showing up in the photograph.)

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