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High Hills Baptist Church
Meeting House Road, Stateburg
Sumter County, S.C.

Historical Marker Erected by
 Sumter Historical Commission-1950

High Hills Baptist Church was a leader
in the early struggle for liberty, religious and political.
And was the mother of many churches.
 Inspired by Dr. Furman, Rev. John M. Roberts,
pastor here by 1799, opened Robert’s Academy,
first baptist educational institution in the state.
 Furman Institute followed in 1826 and later,
the Southern Baptist Seminary.

High Hills Baptist Church History and Photos

High Hills Baptist Church Cemetery
 as transcribed by

Anita Schwartz

~ - Denotes shared marker 
Ft - Denotes a footstone

Dr. Richard M. 1827-1899
Mary B. 1828-1890 w/o R.M Moore
Thomas Matthew Jul 20, 1872-Feb 2, 1938
Isham Dec 31, 1864-Jan 2, 1940
(stone erected by Isham Moore)

Bernice Jeffers
 Jun 14, 1925-Feb 26, 2006

Austell Anderson Sr.
 Aug 6, 1909-Oct 1, 2000

LeNOIR, James Folk

LeNOIR, Mary A.
 Oct 17, 1856-Feb 1, 1922


 (four-sided spire marker-fourth side blank)

Richard M. Died Nov 1892 Age 49 yrs. 
s/o Major Isaac N. & Sarah A. LeNoir

Major Isaac N. Died Oct 1889 Age 71 yrs
Sarah A. Died Sept 1866
 Age 43 yrs w/o Major N. LeNoir

LeNOIR, N. Polk
Apr 11, 1851-Mar 13, 1923

LeNOIR, Walter M. -
no dates- ‘Artificer’  SC Inf Spainish-American War

LeNOIR, William W.
 Dec 5, 1919-Sep 14, 1942
SC Cpl 5 Regt Usmc 1 Div WWII

DIGGS, Christopher Wilkinson who departed his life on
 the 8th day of Jun 1833 in the 13th year of his life.
 A native of Sumter district, he has left a fond mother and
 other relatives and friends to lament his early death
 Born in anguish, nursed in sorrow journeying thru a shadowy span,
fresh with health today, tomorrow cold and lifeless such as man.

PITTS, Christopher Washington
 s/o Joseph M. & Adelia A. Pitts
 Departed this life on Nov 21, 1833
 age 1 yr, 8 mos and 19 days.

Lewis Dinkins 1853-1932 ‘Uncle Toot’    Ft: LDS
Edward Richardson 1847-1920              Ft: ERS
Grandfather Wallace 1849-1923          Ft: WS
Garner  1842-1914                             Ft: GS
Parker  1851-1867                             Ft: PS
(stone erected by R.M. Moore Jr.)


SANDERS, William Marion
 erected by Elijah Sanders & Family

SANDERS, Elizabeth Richardson
erected by Hattie Sanders Moore

SANDERS, Amelia O.
 Jan 13, 1817-Jul 6, 1831
Oldest d/o of  Garner & Rebecca  Sanders

SANDERS, John O. E .
 Aug 25, 1815-Aug 21, 1831
 Eldest s/o Garner & Rebecca Sanders -
Just ripened into manhood his rising genius and
 strong mind gave great promise of future usefulness.

SANDERS, Cornelia
 Jan 3, 1828-Oct 22, 1831
Youngest d/o Garner & Rebecca Sanders

-Early bright transient chaste
as morning dew she sparkled was exhaled and went to heaven.

SANDERS, Rebecca T.
 Dec 25, 1796-Feb 4, 1831
w/o Garner Sanders 
-Blessed of a sound mind, affectionate heart, kind and -- manner.
 She discharged the various duties and relations of life with credit
to herself usefulness to her family and friends

 Feb 7, 1796-Jan 6, 1845
s/o William & Eunice Garner Sanders

Nov 5, 1846-Feb 25, 1913
 This stone was erected from his pension

Futhermore Lewis
Jul 18, 1919-Apr 17, 1988

Helen S. May 30, 1933-

JOYE, Mary E. Jun 15, 1856-May 10, 1936 ‘At rest’

John  Aug 16, 1816-Sept 6, 1887 -Father
Mary J. Feb 6, 1819-Nov 21, 1879 -Mother

Mary Ann Raye Mar 13, 1927-Feb 9, 1994      Ft: Daughter
Mamie R. Raye Feb 22, 1900-Feb 16, 1988    Ft: Mother
MOORE, Infant Jan 11, 1951 d/o Burrell M. & Mary Ann Moore 

Burrell Moody Dec 13, 1925-
Clara McAllister Mar 12, 1927-Jan 25, 1997
 ‘Forever with God’

Robert Mellette Jr. Aug 31, 1912-Dec 3, 1991
Louise McClam McKenzie Apr 9, 1914-

Isham Jan 28, 1914-Apr 27, 1978
US Army WWII ‘Weep not, he is at rest’

Ida Holland Feb 22, 1915-Oct 7, 1997
 ‘Heaven means to be one with God’

Elizabeth Moore
Mar 8, 1918-

Williams Cummings
Mar 27, 1917-Jan 17, 2003

Robert Mellette
Jul 18, 1883-Jul 27, 1970

Hattie Sanders
Jan 13, 1891-Apr 1, 1969

                    MOORE ~                    
Capt. Isham
 1829-1894 -Father

Martha Ellen Mellette
1855-1928 -Mother

Helen LeRoy 1885-1902
Sallie Ann 1885-1897
Mary Theodosia 1881-1895
Emma Austin 1888-1902
Elizabeth Dicky 1889-1892
(Erected by R. M. & Dr. T. M. Moore)

THOMAS, Mary Aug 19, 1917-Nov 22, 1922
 d/o of Dr. & Mrs. T. M. Moore

Thomas Mellichampe M.D.
 Oct 28, 1892-Sept 1, 1968 SC

Mary McLeod Apr 19, 1896-Feb 14, 1986

MOORE, Robert Manning
 Oct 7, 1935-Apr 17, 1999

Robert 1855-1929
William W. 1857-1945
Burrell 1862-1960
William W. 1828-1863 Died at Morris Island, SC -Father
Frances T. Richardson 1830-1905 -Mother
Elizabeth L. James w/o Burrell 1856-1929        Ft: ELJM
Col Richard Moore and Isham marks the spot where their dear
  beloved father who fulfilled all the secret duties
he departed this life on the 27th day of feb 1831 in the 62th yr of his age.

POLK-Wooden gated family plot:
Sarah T. died Jan 1816 Age 4 yrs 2 mos. Parents last gift
John Bingley Oct 4, 1835-Dec 31, 1836
  Age 1 yr 2mos 27days s/o Charles B. and Sarah J. Polk
It’s a sweet flower that scents the morn but withers
in the rising day thus lovely was the infants dawn tho swiftly
 led its life away it died  -- its expanding soul had
ever burnt with wrong desires had ever spurned at heavens
 control or ever quenched its sacred fires, it died to cares but
 for a moment felt the rod oh mourners such the
Lord declares such are the children of our God.

DECOIN, Martha T
 Feb 9, 1808-May 17, 1843
 34 yrs 3mos and 8days
loving wife of Richard E Allen deceased.

Mary Jane d/o Richard E. and Martha F. Allen Oct 5, 1836 Age 7 yr 8 mos and 3 days

Illegible stone

ALLEN, Sarah Elizabeth Rebecca d. Oct 15, 1836
 age 1 yr 1mo 20 days d/o Richard E. and Martha F. Allen

Henry Lee Jun 13, 1891-Oct 8, 1969
Ruth Wooten Sept 16, 1898-Oct 2, 1969
BELK, John S. Died Sept 14, 1897
 Age 45 yrs 5 mos s/o Henry & Martha Belk

Henry Sept 22, 1869-Apr 3, 1949
Daisy Nov 15, 1881-Dec 29, 1964

  Mar 6, 1949-Jul 1, 1990 w/o Gary, m/o Toby

BOYKIN, Manly Hartwell
Apr 16, 1844- Dec 25, 1923
CSA Co G 20th Scv
s/o John A. Boykin & Frances Tabitha Jennings;
Grandson of John Jennings & Tabitha Howard;
 Great-grandson of Dr. Heli Howard & Ann E. June

BOYKIN, Sarah Ann
 Jun 5, 1839-Feb 9, 1905 w/o Manly H. Boykin

ALLEN, Samuel W.
Apr 23, 1910-Dec 9, 1988 ‘Gone but not forgotten’

ALLEN, Edward Lee
Mar 23, 1870-Sept 15, 1962

ALLEN, Mattie Lee
Sept 19, 1876-Aug 12, 1913
“She died as she lived, a christian’

JACKSON, William

WARREN, Eleanora Jackson
 Jan 1, 1890-Oct 1, 1962

B. 1858-1896 -Father

YOUNG, Nellie G. w/o J.W. Young
 Apr 6, 1845-Jun 8, 1923
 On my left my two brothers,
J. E. Jackson and Frank B. Jackson at rest.

COLCLOUGH, Eugene Sanders Jr.
May 6, 1937-Sept 28, 1943

Martha Jackson Jun 14, 1893-Sept 2, 1977 -Mother
Elijah Jul 25, 1888-Aug 1, 1967 -Father
JACKSON, Carrol 1890-1895
JACKSON, Jeremiah 1850-1922

TINDAL, Agnes F. Jul 6, 1827-
Joined Calvary Baptist Church 183?
 Was baptized by Rev. W. H. Mahony,
Married Washington Allen Feb 14, 1844,
was the mother of nine sons, eight daughters.
Departed life Feb 4, 1910 Faithful christian,
loving mother, her last words were
 “Jesus can make the living loving bed soft
as downy pillows while I breath out my life ? there.

ALLEN, Washington
Jul 15, 1821-Jan 9, 1909

 Oct 1, 1847-May 20, 1899
 d/o Washington & Agnes Allen

ALLEN, Silas
Feb 15, 1861-May 31, 1892

ALLEN, Silas
 ‘Gone but not forgotten’

POTTS- Gated family plot
Margaret Sacred to the memory
 of Margaret Potts, w/o Samuel Thomas Potts
 and d/o Hugh and Mary Swinlon.
She departed this life on the
 7th day of August 1822,
aged 26 years old and 5 days.

Elijah McKinney,
 Aug 9, 1950-Aug 1, 1975 PFC US Army Vietnam

Elijah Jr.
Aug 11, 1920-Jun 6, 2004 Dad

GIBSON, Marguerite Vivien
 Apr 4, 1920-Mar 28, 1997 Mom

Charles s/o W. J. & Katie
May 3, 1885-Feb 26, 1904

BENENHALY,  Eliphare d/o Randal & Martha OXENDINE,
 w/o Thomas departed this life May 23, 1894 aged about 52 years old.
Blessed are the dead who die in Christ,
she was a consistent member of  High Hills Baptist church
15 years and died in full hope of a blessed immortality.

THOMPSON, Debra Lynn
d/o Sandra P. and Thomas P. Thompson Sr.
May 20, 1965-Nov 19, 1983.
She brought joy into our lives. FT: Debbie

Irene A. Dec 29, 1910-Apr 27, 2007 FT: Irene
Walter J. Mar 1, 1900-Aug 10, 1981 FT: Jim

William E. Jan 9, 1934-Jun 8, 1938
Walter J. Dec 4, 1931-Sept 5, 1933
J.P.T.  no dates  
J.A.T. no dates

 (four-sided spire-type stone; fourth side blank)

J. P. 1850-1897
J. S. 1843-1917
J.A. 1837-1895

THOMPSON, W. A. Jan 15, 1806-Apr 30, 1859

McEACHERN, Sarah Ella Nora,
Sept 4, 1863-Oct 22, 1892
w/o Whiteford S. THOMPSON
married Dec 20, 1882

Whiteford Smith Jul 4, 1858-Mar 13, 1923 FT: Father
Laura Ida Lee Jun 1, 1874-Mar 20, 1930    FT: Mother
KNOTTS, Helen THOMPSON May 16, 1917-Feb 19, 1991
My peace I give unto you John 14:27 FT: Daughter

John Williams Jul 5, 1860-Oct 23, 1919 “Father”
Leonora Virginia SEALE Mar 18, 1861-Feb 13, 1888 “Mother”
Gone but not forgotten. Erected by their daughter and only child, Elliott H. McEntire.

MOORE, Richard Manning
 Oct 31, 1871-Jul 4, 1898
In loving remembrance of my beloved husband…
thou has taken my angel guide,
be merciful oh Lord and grant us that priceless boon
a joyful reunion on the resurrection morn.

MOORE,  Annie R. w/o R.M. Moore
 Jan 26, 1872-Jul 14, 1900
 Lord she was thine and not our own
, thou has not done us wrong.
Sweet be thy rest til he bids the arise.

SEALE, Rebecca H. d/o W. T. & F. L. Seale died May 24, 1857

SEALE, Etoile E. d/o William T. & F. L. Seale d. Nov 11, 1864 age 5 mos.

SEALE, William Thomas & his wife, Francis Leonora,
the former was born May 1, 1811 and died Feb 16, 1877.
The latter was born Jan 6, 1836 and died Jun 14, 1896
 Leaves have their time to fall and flowers to wither
at the north winds breathe and stars to set
but thou has all seasons for thy own of death.

HUGER, Ellie  w/o M. P. MOORE
Sept 12, 1868-Oct 8, 1893
She has gone to the mansions of rest.

LYNAM, William Bruce died Aug 5, 1885 age 33 yrs At rest.

OXENDINE, Charles died Nov 30, 1881
age 40 yrs old We will meet again.

BUCKNER, John W. born Sept 21, 1863,
death of Typhoid Fever Nov 2, 1881
 Johnie was a noble youth and was beloved by all who knew him.

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