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Lane Cemetery
Sumter County, S.C.

Photos and transcriptions donated to
the Sumter County, S.C.
USGenWeb home page by
Gloria J. Lyles.

Lane Cemetery is an African American burying ground
on Loring Mill Road
.4 mi.
north of the intersection of
Loring Mill Road and Patriot Parkway,

 SC 204 and Hwy 441, respectively.
  It is located at Lat. 33.94386N and Lon. 80.421188W. 

This transcription of the information from the tombstones
 was complied and the photographs of the markers in
Lane Cemetery were taken by
  Gloria J. Lyles with a digital camera
during the summer of 2008.

Name Birth Death Notes
Bradley, Paulean Harvin Lane Jackson    b. 16 Dec 1890  d. 27 June 1994
Dicks, Adeline Lane    b. 06 Jan 1906  d. 04 Jan 1988
Dicks, William   b. 06 Feb 1898  d. 20 May 1966
Howard, Alice "Naomi" b. 03 June 1910 d. 23 Aug 1980
Jackson, Carrie L.  b. 16 Oct 1914  d. 01 May 2005
Jackson, Gus B. b. 01 Dec 1912  d. 05 Oct 2006 Sumter Funeral Home
Johnson, James Van    b. 07 Jan 1920  d. 13 July 1989  US MARINE CORPS
Lane, Benkie     b. No Date d. 18 Jan 1916
(65 years) 
wife of Charlie
Lane, Charles b. No Date d. 28 Feb 1915 Age 78
Lane, Cyrus R.   b. 1919  d. 1959
Lane, Earl Jr.    b. No Date d. 19 July 1992 Scriven Funeral Home
Lane, Edith    b. No Date d. 1980
Lane, Emanual    b. 09 Aug 1881  d. 16 Oct 1961
Lane, Ernest J.    b. No Date d. 18 Jan 1991
Lane, Hariett Patterson    b. 14 May 1877  d. 27 Jan 1959 
Lane, Hattie C.   b. 1928  d. 1991
Lane, Henry W. b. No Date d. No Date James Funeral Home
Lane, James J.   b. 19 June 1926  d.1967 WORLD WAR II Pvt.
Lane, Othneal    b. 04 Apr 1905  d. 07 June 1981
Lane, Sarah Holly or Molly     b. No Date d. 12 April 2003 Scriven Funeral Home
Lane, Victoria    b. 31 Dec 1901  d. 07 Oct 1918  dau. Lane, W. M. & Harriett
Lane, William    b. 25 July 1899  d. 31 May 1971
Loney, Willimena    b. 06 Nov 1910   d. 23 July 1943 wife of James Loney
Ludd, Abram    b. No Date d. 26 May 1996 Scrven Funeral Home
Richbow, Ceaser    b. 24 Dec 1892  d. 05 Feb 1963
Richbow, Sarah Lane    b. 05 June 1884  d. 16 March 1968
Richburg, Don Wise    b. 02 Feb 1957  d. 25 Dec 1991
Richburg, Thomas    b. 1912  d. 1994  PVT US ARMY
Thompson, Minnie    b. 1920  d. May 1972
Wright, Emma    b. 26 Oct 1902  d. 26 Nov 1943

There were several  graves with funeral home markers,
 but the names were faded or missing.
Paulean Harvin Lane Jackson Bradley


Adeline Lane  Dicks

 William Dicks

Alice Naomi Howard

Carrie L. Jackson

Gus Jackson 

James Van Johnson

Benkie Lane w/o Charlie Lane

Charles Lane

Cyrus R. Lane

Earl Lane Jr.

Edith Lane

Emanual Lane

Ernest J. Lane

Harriet Patterson Lane

Hattie C. Lane

Henry Lane

James Lane

Othneal Lane

Sarah Molly Lane

Victoria Lane

William Lane

Willimena Loney

Abram Ludd

Ceasar Richbow

Sarah Lane Richbow

Don Wise Richburg


Thomas Richburg

Mrs. Minnie Thompson

Emma Wright

No Names on Markers

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