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Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery

Sumter County, S.C.


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J.P. Buddin, b. 3-2-1843 d. 1-3-1882

Sarah L. Tomlinson Buddin, b. 7-11-1844, d. 2-22-1928, wife of J.P. Buddin

Margaret A. Coker Buddin, b. 8-12-1869, d. 5-6-1952,
wife of A.T. Buddin

John Edgar Dubose, b. 8-19-1901, d. 5-24-1968

Ella J. Dubose, b. 9-23-1862, d. 9-11-1896, dau. of B. L. & M.A. Dubose.

Laura Dubose, b. 1-6-1874, d. 1-20-1875, dau. of B. L. & M.A. Dubose

Mary A. Frierson, b. 2-5-1831, d. 6-8-1888

Robert Mack Frierson, b. 5-7-1862, d. 9-15-1862 (Infant)

Joseph Mack Frierson, b. 11-22-1827, d. 12-1-1881, age 54

Martha Ann Garland, b. 9-28-1834, d. 6-8-1895, m. M. Frierson

Thomas Goodman Gamble, b. 8-2-1848, d. 10-31-1900

S. Ellen Long Gamble, b. 10-27-1850, d. 4-25-1914

Sallie E. Black Gamble, b. 9-12-1889, d. 9-5-1918

Lavenia Gamble, b. 11-5-1925, d. 8-1-1926, dau. of D. C. Gamble

Sue Ellen Gamble, b. 11-7-1910, d. 11-4-1911, dau. of J. W. and Mary A. Gamble

Robert Thomas Gamble, b. 3-30-1908, d. 9-19-1922 son of J. W. and Mary A. Gamble

Robert Talmadge Gibbons, b. 6-10-1888, d. 12-1-1954
[2nd husband of Annie Belle Hicks Lavender. -EP.]

Adolphus J. Goodman, b. 5-5-1870, d. 8-25-1914

Rebecca Carraway Goodman, b. 1-30-1877, d. 4-20-1961

Adaline A. Goodman, b. 2-19-1838, d. 9-2-1867,
wife of E.R. Goodman, b. 7-8-1826, d. 5-19-1912

Carlyle Whittier Goodman, Sr. b. 11-18-1901, d. 2-25-1973
Neva Juleah Green Goodman, b. 1-11-1903, d. 4-12-1976 wife of Carlyle Whittier
Goodman, Sr.

Mary E. Green, d. 6-28-1872, dau. of D.M. & Julia Green

Juleah Green, b. 4-19-1839, d. 4-17-1897

Elizabeth L. Green, b. 9-17-1862, d. 5-17-1886
[Wife of R.W. Green]

D. M. Green, b. 11-15-1848, d. 3-25-1918

Pamelia Ann Green, b. 1-8-1933, d. 1-23-1936

Catherine D. Jones, d. 6-6-1889, aged 87 years, 1 mo. 23 days
Ezekiel Keels, b. 8-13-1801, d. 6-4-1873

Isabella Keels, b. 11-26-1807, d. 11-4-1865

Sarah Elizabeth McElveen, b. 9-2-1830, d. 5-15-1900, m. John K. McElveen

Lavinia McElveen, b. 10-2-1855, d. 1-14-1929, dau. of Sarah Elizabeth and John
K. McElveen.

Mary Ann Player, b. 7-3-1837, d. 11-7-1924, wife of B. L. Dubose

Benjamin Dubose, b. 1835, d. 5-3-1902, aged 67 years, 5 mo. & 14 days

Elizabeth J. Player, b. 9-22-1830, d. 2-21-1899, wife of John P. Player.
[Daughter of John and Agness Lavender -EP.]

John P. Player, b. 3-27-1807, d. 2-12-1894

Henrietta Player, b. 2-9-1816, d. 3-12-1874, wife of John P. Player

G. T. Player, b. 2-14-1817, d. 4-27-1889

Infant of F. D. & L. J. Tomlinson, d. 10-14-1903

Ethel Tomlinson, d. 8-8-1908, age 21 years, 11 mo. 27 days,
"Only daughter of Frank and Mary Tomlinson."

Johnnie Tomlinson, d. 3-26-1884, 23 yrs. 6 mo. 5 days.

Susan Ann Tomlinson, d. 4-28-1904, age 66.

Coy Tomlinson, d. 7-17-1905, age 14 years

Thomas Tiller Tomlinson, b. 6-20-1873, d. 9-5-1894, son of Samuel Tomlinson and
Sarah L. Tomlinson

Mary E. Tomlinson, b. 2-20-1860, d. 2-15-1933, wife of F. M. Tomlinson

Lena Bell Tomlinson., b. 5-2-1888, d. 6-16-1978

F. Dewitt Tomlinson, b. 6-20-1885, d. 3-1-1956

One stone:
Carlyle W. Goodman, Jr., b. 12-7-1922, d. 7-12-1972, son of C.W., Sr. and Neva
G. Goodman
William McDonald Goodman, b. 9-21-1928, d. 6-10-1950, son of Neva G. and C.W.
Goodman, Sr.

Eugene Beasley Gamble, M.D. b. 11-19-1886, d. 7-22-1959

One stone:
Paul C. Pearson, b. 11-17-1903, d. 6-30-1970
Kathryn G. Pearson, (Recently buried, no dates on grave.)

Robert Hartman Gamble, d. 10-26-1879, d. 1-27-1950
Mary Allison Buddin Gamble, b. 11-7-1875, d. 1-1-1929 wife of Robert Gamble

One stone:
Thomas Carl Gamble, b. 1891 d. 1957
Rosa Coker Gamble, b. 1891, d. 1972 wife of Thomas C. Gamble

Children of D. N. and M. D. Gamble:
Helen Gamble, b. 10-7-1917, d. 11-15-1920
Infant son, b. 3-6-1913, d. 3-7-1913
Frances E. Gamble, b. 8-23-1884, d. 8-23-1890 [Exactly 6 yrs.later. -EP.]
J. Lucius Gamble, b. 2-4-1882, d. 12-31-1882
Son: WDN b. 12-15-1874, d. 4-19-1876

M. Drucilla Gamble, b. 10-19-1852, d. 10-18-1900 wife of D. N. Gamble

David Nelson Gamble, b. 11-6-1850, d. 7-24-1903

W.C. Blount, b. 11-27-1827, d. 5-22-1886

  This is still not all from Shiloh, but will get back there soon. The graves
are in order as buried. We went side to side, row by row. You will notice that a
Catherine D. Jones is buried between Johnnie and Susan Ann Tomlinson.

  We drove on down to Turbeville and New Zion in a terrible storm but managed to
get names from stones at New Zion United Methodist Church (Pastor, Charley B.
Dudley) and will list them below. These are just a few of the stones.

William E. Lavender, b. 3-1-1847, d. 12-6-1915

Annie E. Lavender, b. 9-28-1852, d. 6-5-1907
[First wife of Wm. E. Lavender, maiden name Johnson. -EP]

Leila I. Lavender, b. 9-7-1874, d. 3-9-1912,
wife of W. E. Lavender [Wife no.2 -EP]

Mary R. Evans Lavender b. 9-3-1884, d. 12-21-1918,
Wife of W. E. Lavender [Wife no.3 -EP]

John Lavender, b. 9-30-1797, d. 6-12-1870

Agness Lavender, b. 8-28-1807, d. 1-26-1865
[Wife of John Lavender. -EP]

Flavilla N. Lavender, b. 8-13-1825, d. 12-19-1895
[Wife of Daniel N. Lavender -EP]

Daniel N. Lavender, b. 4-16-1827, d. 12-30-1862

Mary Elizabeth Coker, b. 1854, d. 3-23-1901 (Wife of R. J. Coker)

Eva B. Lavender, b. 8-31-1901, d. 1-7-1976,
[Eva Belle Jones Lavender, Wife of William Albert Lavender -EP]

Infant of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Lavender, d. 7-24-1924

William Albert Lavender, Jr., b. 5-4-1926, d. 1-8-1949

Charles Wells Lavender, b. 7-4-1881, d. 1-10-1939

Annie Belle Hicks Lavender, b. 10-5-1893, d. 3-3-1980

Robert Lavender, b. 1-25-1843, d. 10-1-1890

Henry F. Lavender, d. 7-30-1886, aged 41 years, 6 mo. 27 days

Annie Alene Lavender, Infant dau of W.E. and A.E. Lavender b. 1-17-1888, d.

Laura Elizabeth Lavender, b. 7-17-1882, d. 9-20-1902, Dau of W.E. and A.E.

Carlisle Lavender, b. 6-21-1899, d. 10-25-1981

Sarah E. Lavender, b. 9-16-1849, d. 5-14-1896
[Dau. of John and Agness Fitzpatrick Lavender. -EP]

William T. Welch, b. 1-28-1836, d. 9-16-1884

Salaska A. Welch, b. 10-2-1842, d. 8-2-1884
Roberta Edwards Wheeler Fleming, b. 11-25-1864, d. 8-6-1949,
dau Capt. & Mrs. R. E. Wheeler

Robert E. Wheeler, d. 7-30-1864 aged 37

Mrs. M.E. Wheeler, d. 12-21-1904, aged 73 years, wife of Capt. R. E. Wheeler

M. Janie Wheeler, b. 12-23-1859, d. 9-23-1931, dau of Capt. R. E. Wheeler

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