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"We celebrated the 210h  birthday of Sumter on
January 1, 2010


 The past is but the beginning of a beginning and
 all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn.

H.G. Wells

The Sumter County, SCGenWeb site
 is dedicated to the memory of my beloved daughter,
Melissa Leigh Sutton
Carolina Girl turned Hodkgin's Warrior,
turned Carolina Angel.
June 6, 1978 - May 19, 2004

Your Sumter County Connection

Welcome to Sumter County. My name is Cindy Ridgeway Parker. I volunteered to coordinate the
Sumter County, South Carolina USGenWeb homepage because all of my roots go back to the original settlers of Old Sumter District. I was born in and I live in Sumter County, less than 20 miles from where
my ancestors were farmers and then planters from as early as 1740.
My parents, my grandparents, their parents, and on back were born in Clarendon County which was part of Old Sumter District. My Old Sumter District ancestors all moved inland from the low country of South Carolina before the Revolutionary War, having settled in South Carolina from as early as 1680.

I graduated from Sumter High School in 1973. I started my college education at the University
of South Carolina at Sumter. I completed my B.A. in education at Coastal Carolina University in Horry County
and my M.Ed. at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. In 1999, I completed my specialists certification in mathematics, with 18 of those 30 post-graduate hours in educational technology. I serve as math department head and I teach seventh grade mathematics at Alice Drive Middle School here in Sumter. I also serve as an adjunct instructor via the College of Charleston (graduate school). I get to teach other teachers how to utilize the computers and other technology in their schools. 

If you have Sumter District roots, then I might be your cousin. If you ever come by this way, l
et me know. I might be going to the local archives that day. Feel free to e-mail me anytime.
(Be sure to put Sumter County in the subject line. I receive a lot of e-mail so I only read the
ones with interesting subject lines or return e-mail addresses that I recognize.) In the meantime,
visit me via my homepage where you will find the basics of my personal genealogy. I am quite willing
 to share what I have on the surnames that I research, but please understand that I am an amateur
 genealogist, researching my own family lines. I do not have the time to research other surnames.
I am happy to share my knowledge of Sumter County and to do quick lookups in the resources that
I own, but I am not available for research. I have posted some information on researching in South
 Carolina on line. Please check out these lessons . Maybe they will help.

If you have other data to add to the files that you find posted on this web site, please let me know.
 I will be happy to get them on-line for you.

"Each smallest act of kindness reverberates across great distances and spans of time, affecting
lives unknown to the one whose generous spirit was the source of this good echo, because kindness is passed on and grows each time it's passed, until a simple courtesy becomes an act of selfless
courage years later and far away....."

This Momentous Day , H.R. White

The Opera House
Opera House


Postcard donated to Sumter County, SCGenWeb by Earnest Scarborough.

Mary Wilder sent the card to his father,
Ernest Scarborough at St. Charles, S.C. in 1907.

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Links to Sumter County Researchers
Sumter County Queries
(Family or geographic questions posed by researchers)

Sumter County Surnames
(Links to others researching your surnames)

Old Salem and Old Claremont County Queries
(Family or geographic questions posed by researchers)

Old Sumter District Family Reunions
(Maybe yours is listed or needs listing)

Lumbee Indians and Goins

Sumter County Documents and Data 

Sumter County Obituaries
(Transcriptions of obituaries donated by researchers.)

Sumter District Bible Records
(Transcriptions of Family Bible Records donated by researchers.)

Sumter District Wills Project
(Volunteer to help with this project.)

Sumter County Records and Documents
( Please help with this project.)

Old Sumter District Letters Home
( Transcriptions of old letters. Please donate yours.)

USGenWeb Archives, Sumter County

1868-1869 Stateburg Township, Voter Registration List

High Hills Baptist Church Constituents

Post Offices of Sumter District

Stateburg Slave Names

List of Sumter District Slave Owners

1860 Slave Schedule With Surname Matches from 1870 Census

Commencement Announcement
(Sumter High School, 1915 - names are included.)

Sumter District 1865 & 1866 Freedman's Contracts
(Contacts signed by African-Americans for work, after the War Between the States)

Sumter County Cemetery Transcriptions
(Please help with this project.)

Sumter County Reference Information 
Sumter County References
(Information on books, lookups, etc.)

Sumter County Map 

Sumter County Mills Atlas Map

Places in Sumter District

Sumter County Plantations

A Brief Sumter County History

Sumter Photograph Album
(Pictures of kith, kin, and places)

Sumter County Postcards From the Past
(Thanks to Ernest Scarborough!)

Sumter County Census Data

1790 Claremont County (Sumter County) Federal Census 

1790 South Carolina Federal Census Index (graphic images)
(Look for the Claremont County Images)

1800 Sumter District Census Index (Partial)

1810 Sumter District Census Index (Partial)

1820 Sumter District Federal Census

1850 Sumter District Census Index

1850 Sumter District Census

1850 Partial Sumter District Census

1860 Partial Sumter District Census

1860 Sumter Slave Holder Census

1870 Stateburg Census Excerpts

Newspaper Obituaries, 
and Books,and Other
of Interest

Death Notices and Obituaries
(Old Sumter Newspapers)

Marriages and Obituaries
(From the Southern Christian Advocate)

Boykin Mill Drownings
(Special to the Sumter Watchman)

Obituary Search Engine
(Search present day Sumter area obits)

Sumter County Obituaries
(Transcriptions of obituaries donated by researchers)

Dr. Moses Moore
(Information about his Confederate Service)

Sumter in 1855
(Tour in prose by Joel Brunson)

Sumter District Newspapers
(List of newspapers published in Sumter District)

Richardson and Buford Families
"A Genealogical Record with Reminiscences of the Richardson and Buford Families" )

Sumter County Military Information

Hampton's Legion, Claremont Rifles

Hampton's Legion, Clarendon Guard

Hampton's Legion, Misc. Information on Sumter Men

Hampton's Legion, a Short History

starCompany H, 26th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers csaflag  

Company K, 23rd Regiment South Carolina Volunteerscsaflag

Company F, 9th Regiment South Carolina Volunteerscsaflag

20th Regiment South Carolina Militiacsaflag

Company I, 7th South Carolina Cavalrycsaflag
(Also known as the Claremont Guard, Holcombe's Cavalry, Company A)

2nd Regiment, South Carolina Volunteerscsaflag
(The Sumter Greys)
2nd Regiment South Carolina Volunteers, Co. Dcsaflag

DeSaussure's Light Artillerycsaflag

Confederate Dead Monument Transcriptioncsaflag
(Names of those who died in the conflict from Old Sumter District)

African-American Confederate Pensionerscsaflag
(Names of those who received a pension from the government for their service.)

1868 Stateburg, Sumter District Militia

Sumter Light Infantry, 1898

Sumter District Federal Pensions Report of 1835

A Lost Cause, But an Honorable One, by Lewis Regensteincsaflag

SC 3rd Battalion Light Artillery Company C, Culpeper's Batterycsaflag

Claremont Riflescsaflag


A View of Main Street
Postcard donated to Sumter County, SCGenWeb by Ernest Scarborough.
Mary Wilder sent the card to his father, Earnest Scarborough
at St. Charles, S.C. in 1907.
The number 10 on each light pole is an advertisement for Cole Bros. Circus, Oct. 10.

More Sumter County Links and Information

South Carolina USGenWeb Links 

Other South Carolina Links

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At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web page. The SCGenWeb Project is an extension of the KYGenWeb Project. This project is now nationwide. The USGenWeb Project is becoming one of the largest volunteer efforts on the Internet. Its growth and utility will depend upon you---the user.
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Be sure to place Sumter County in the subject line 
or I will miss reading your message.

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