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June 2003– January 2005

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Cindy Ridgeway Parker
My address is: 6 Sandalwood Lane, Sumter, S.C. 29154

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WELCH - MCKNIGHT -  I am trying to find the parents of Samuel Welch, who appears on the Sumter Co., SC 1850 census, with wife, Rebecca. Children:  Sarah, Tency, Nancy, Martha, and Edward. I think Rebecca was a McKnight.  Living in this same 1850 household is Adam McKnight and Mary. Would enjoy contacting other Welch and McKnight descendants.  Thanks. June 9, 2003

Sue Gill

WHILDEN - WHEELDON - I am seeking info on WHILDEN slaves in Sumter Co,SC. I believe my ggrandfather, WILLIAM L. WHEELDON may have chosen surname from SARAH WHEELDON(WHILDEN), a Sumter slaveholder. WILLIAM m a CHARATA BROWN and was living in NC in 1880. June 9, 2003

Carol Wheeldin Warren

PARISH - Looking for information or descendants of Thomas PARISH who was living in SUMTER TOWNSHIP with Wife Marth E. and Son George A. PARISH.  Martha and George show up on the 1920 CENSUS with grandson FRED.  Any information on this family is greatly appreciated.  6/9/2003

Brenda Wagner

SUMTER - I would like any info on my deceased grandfather, Weston Sumter or any of
his living relatives in Sumter. June 10, 2003

Tracy Yvette Mills

BROWN, STOKES, DORITY - I'm looking for genealogy information on: * Joshua A. Brown (1843-1911/buried at Concord Methodist Church/Confederate soldier) [[parents: Joel Jackson Brown (1819) & Matilda ???]] married to * Martha E. Stokes (1847-1913/buried at Concord Methodist Church) [[parents: Hiram Stokes (1810) & Harriet ???]] * Elias Burrell Brown (1840-1920/buried at Cedar Creek Church/Confederate soldier) [[parents: unknown]] married to
* Rhena Rovertie Dority (1852-1922/buried at Cedar Creek Church) [[William J. Dority (1818/died in Bradford Springs) & Martha ???]] June 18, 2003

Jenny Leonard
9688 Beachwood Park
Hamlin, NY 14464

WINGATE - JAMES REMBERT WINGATE Born May 1 1870 Died May 4, 1932 Buried in Sumter Cemetary. Who was James' Mother Father Brothers Sister. I know he was a blacksmith in Sumter, Sc.  However, have not been able to find any other informaton on him 2 July 2003

Don Wingate
(239) 945-2516
 2224 SW 44Th Terrace
 Cape Coral, Florida  33914

 BROOKS, HENDRICKS, LYNCH, SCHULMEYER I am Looking for information on the Lynch family that includes Brooks, Hendricks and Schulmeyer. I would love to have my name and e-mail listed so that someone might be able to help me in my search.

Rosa Lee Lynch Sims


Isaac Jordan, born between 1780-1784, left a will in Monroe county, Alabama. Within the will, portions of the estate were left to half brothers and half sisters in 1844.  Probate records between 1844 and 1853 settled this estate. Named in probate records as half brothers and sisters of Isaac Jordan were Tyre Jackson and Susan Graham.

Susan Graham (wife of Arthur Turner) was deceased before the settlement in 1853. Her children were: Harriett Turner (Wife of John Giddings), Mary Turner (Wife of Edward Giddings), Arthur Giddings, and William Giddings.

 Tyre Jackson was deceased before the settlement in 1853. His children named in the settlement were: Susan Jackson (Wife of Everett Turner), Mary Garnett, Isabella Jackson (wife of David Corbett), and Frances Jackson (wife of Isaac Bratcher). Unknown parents of Tyre Jackson, but he appears to have married a Rebecca Kolb.

 Also named were half brothers Hugh Graham, Matthew Graham, Thomas Graham, and Nelson Graham.  Nelson was deceased before the settlement in 1853, and his heirs were Frances and Mary Graham.

 Susan Graham (Unknown maiden name) appears to have been married at least 3 times.  To an unknown Jordan, Tyre Jackson, and William Graham. She was also married to Tyre Jackson and an unknown Jordan.

 I find in the Sumter district, South Carolina the will of William Graham. Witnesses to this will were Isaac Jurden (Jordan) and Tyre Jackson.  Some of the Graham heirs of Isaac Jordan were also named in this will.

Any information on these Sumter District (County) families would be appreciated. July 24, 2003

 The Ingram Family

TISDALE - 1) Francis Tisdale had a daughter by the name of Caroline Elizabeth Tisdale who married Thomas Brantley of N. Carolina on Nov. 9, 1829.
2) Francis Tisdale has died sometime's between 1820-30.
3) My GG Grandfather belonged to either Francis Tisdale or Thomas Brantley.
4) Is there a list that I can go to that would name the slaves for tax purposes for Francis Tisdale?
5) *If* I can eliminate Francis from owning my GG Grandfather, who by the way states on the census that he was born in S. Carolina ca. 1820, I can concentrate on the Brantley's.
6) If you can help with any suggestions, it will be most appreciated. July 24, 2003

Dena Calbert-Jordan

STONE - I am looking for my grandmother's roots.  She was Mary Emma Cocran Stone, wife of Phillip Wade Stone.  On the legacies history for the Stone's , there is no information about who her mother and father were.  I know she had a sister, Martha, who married her husband's brother, George McDuffie.  This resulted in a large number of "double-first" cousins.  My father has been dead for 24 years, George Sedric Stone, June 13, 1909 - Feb 19, 1979.  He was one of 9 children.  He told me he grandfather on his mother's side was John Hodge. August 3, 2003

 Deborah Stone Alford
2416 Toxoway Drive
Sumter, SC  29154

SNOWDEN - I am looking for an ancestor : William J. SNOWDEN. Born May 4 1775, Sumter Co. SC; died December 26, 1850, Monroe Co. Alabama. I would like to identify his parents and ancestors. August 3, 2003

Kathy Snowden
3611 Indian Springs
Marshall, TX 75672

ABERNATHY - I need the obit. for Elizabeth Abernathy who died in Sumter
Co. on April 3,1876. There is a copy in the Sumter Watchman. August 3, 2003

Caroline Schoch

RODGERS, HODGE - Joseph William (?) Rodgers b. SC or TX  m. Josephine Elizabeth Hodge abt 1893. Looking for any information on him. After his death abt 1896 Josephine married Henry Washington Poplin both of Sumter. August 3, 2003

Donna Ellison

WATTS - I'm trying to find where Ora Watts fits into the Watts family.  I have her
Death Certificate and she died on August 18, 1972.  She was born on June 22, 1897, Her parents were Alexander Watts and Tammie Gardner.  She lived in Dalzell, SC and was married to a Jones.  She is buried in Horeb Baptist Church Cemetery.  There is a Tammie A. Watts Broadway also buried in this cemetery and I assume that this is her mother.  I'm compiling the descendants of Thomas Watts of Kershaw County and would like to place her. August 3, 2003

Alton J. "Bo" Watts
14 Wesley Dr. Apt B
Asheville, NC. 28803

HUNTLY - My name is Richard Huntly; my dad, Willie Huntley, was born in Sumter on May 12th 1908. I have been trying to find some more Huntleys there. I contacted the records office in Sumter, SC. and they can't find anything on him from birth or other wise, How would I know of his name was changed or not. If you know, please help me out. We Huntleys live  in Orlando, Florida and are directly related to the Robinsons (Warren  Robinson, great great uncle his children Ada Robinson and Eloise Robinson. )
Richard Huntly

BROOKS - I am researching the William Malone Brooks family. He was born in Sumter County, South Carolina in 1803 or 1804. I don't know much about him, other than his wife's name which was Sarah? His father was also named William Malone, as he is listed in the 1820 census records of Sumter county. and would have been 16 or 17 yrs. old. He moved on to Franklin County, Alabama and had (that I know of) one son who was also named William Malone, born in 1823. I think William the first may have been born in Virginia. They were definitely in Sumter County from 1803 thru 1820. All help appreciated. August 27, 2003

Margaret(Brooks) Beaver

PRESCOTT - I live in Durham , NC. My family, the Prescotts, are originally from Sumter County.  They appear to have been concentrated in the area that became part of Lee county in 1902. I looking for person or persons who have done some detailed geneaology  research in the african american community in Sumter and Lee counties. Please Help !! September 7, 2003

Leo Farmer

JACKSON, STARR -   My ancestors were slaves, perhaps on the plantation of John Starr. They were Samuel, Thomas, Amos, and Henry Jackson. Emily Starr was born in 1757. If you can assist me in finding any information, it would be greatly appreciated. September 28, 2003


DURANT, LAWS, DICKS -  I'm looking up information on my great-grandfather who happened to be living in Sumter, SC in Sumter County under the name HARVEY DURANT. My great-grandfather married my great-grandmother by the name of RACHEL LAWS.  RACHEL LAWS DURANT and HARVEY DURANT had children one by the name of MAMIE DURANT who later married PETER DICKS SR. all of Sumter County.

If possible, can you inform me of any relatives named under HARVEY DURANT, RACHEL LAWS, MAMIE DICKS, and PETER DICKS SR. in your ancestry/genelogy located in  Sumter County, so that I may be able to determine how to began my search, I would be most greatful. September 28, 2003

Mona Jackson

ABERNATHY - ELIZABETH ABERNATHY died in Sumter Co. April 12,1876. I know there is an obituarty in the Sumter Watchman. Would someone please send me a copy? Thank you, November 27, 2003
Caroline Schoch

WILLIAMS - John WILLIAMS was born in Sumter county, SC, 10 Nov 1805.  He married Martha SPANN in Hinds county, Mississippi, in 1834 and he died there 21 May 1859. I am looking for his parents' names and origins. I have information on his progeny to share. November 27, 2003
 Joseph Leo Haining 
 338 Arapaho Ln
Madison, MS  39110.

KING - Trying to find information on ancestors.  I am A decendent of William Coplin King (Br Sumter district SC November 15, 1822) and Roseda Sawyer( Br May 23 1826 GA) the King side Parents were married in Sumter Co. abt 1821.   William King (born About 1795 in North Carolina) married Nancy Ann Cole ( Br Kingstree, Williamsburg Dist.SC August 17, 1804 )

Trying to trace ancestors of William King back further and where they came from in North Carolina.  There seems to be plenty of William Kings in the areaand in to North Carolina, more then likly relations we think? any help would be appreciated. November 27, 2003

John King

SCOTT: Looking for genealogical info about the family of Harm SCOTT m Jane ?, Eddie SCOTT m Emmer GREENE, Clyde SCOTT m Susie LAWRY, Theodore SCOTT m Mary ?, Michael SCOTT, Eric SCOTT and Steven SCOTT. Sumter and Lynchburg, SC areas. Some of these SCOTTs later migrated to the northern states. 11/28/03
Brenda Jackson

NICHOLS -  I'm writing to see if anyone has anything information on Mabel Nichols; she was born in Sumter County in 1908 - 1910 ; she is my Great -mother I don't know very much. December 21, 2003
Tawanna Hughes

SPARKS - Sarah Spakrs was b. 1781 near Sumter, South Carolina. She d. 12 Oct 1872 Fayette Co. Ind. She married James  Connaway on Oct 1795.  I need to know who Sarah Spark's parents were. December 21, 2003
Geanellen Kuranko
P.O. Box 260
South Prairie,WA 98385-0260

ATMAR , HENSON - I am looking to confirm the marriage of Henry Haynesworth ATMAR and Addie HENSON in Sumter County on 8 January 1862. I am also curious as to whether Ms. Henson's family may have resided in Sumter at that time.  My records show her birth about 1841 in Isney, Choctaw Co, AL.  As far as I can determine, Mr. Atmar resided in Wayne Co, MS at that time. December 21, 2003
Richard Ballard

LONDON -I am looking for information on the parents of Josephine London, born 1858, died 1898.  She married John Knox Newman and lived behind Zoar Methodist Church near Britton Siding. December 21, 2003
Debra Newman Ream

HOLLADAY , HOLLIDAY- I am looking for the parents of Susannah Holladay, who first married a Norton and then married Samuel James Newman.  She lived 1816 - 1865 and is buried at Zoar Methodist Church. December 21, 2003
Debra Newman Ream

YATES - I am looking for confirmation of the parents of L. Boyd Yates (1851-1906).  His siblings included Martha, Montgomery (M. M.), Elizabeth Emma, Mary, Henrietta, Joseph.  L. Boyd Yates's father is listed by various names in the censuses :  Jesse, Issac W. L., and J. P.  His mother is named as Martha.  I have conflicting info about her maiden name--either Hodge(s) or Seymour, but no confirmation.  Also, any info on the parents of Jesse and Martha will be most appreciated. December 21, 2003
Debra Newman Ream

ROGERS - I am looking for the parents of Elizabeth Rogers (1784 - 1850).  Elizabeth Rogers married Samuel Newman and is buried at Lewis Chapel.  Any help most appreciated.December 21, 2003
Debra Newman Ream

OSTEEN - I am looking for the parents of (Mary?) Nancy Osteen , born about 1785, who married Jacob Geddings about 1800.  Any info much appreciated. December 21, 2003
Debra Newman Ream

NIPPER - I am searching for info on a John Nipper and a Samuel Nipper whocreceived land grants in Sumter county. Feb. 21, 2004


DORRITY -  I'm looking up information on my great great-grandfather William J. Dorrity who was living in Sumter, SC during the 1850 Census. The 1850 Census of S.C. reel M432-859 page 380A line 26 shows all his children and ages as following: William age 30, Martha age 29, Thos age 13, Julia age 11, Henry age 9, Elizabeth age 7, Manning age 5, Mary age 3, Abigail age 2 and Minerva age 1. William served in the Civil War as a Confederate soldier. He was in the 20th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry along with his sons Manning and Thomas and his nephew Thomas G. Dorrity. I would also appreciate any information concerning my great great-grandmother family. All I know about her is her first name Martha. (February 21, 2004)

Herman Griffin

SNOWDEN - I am seeking information on Joshua Snowden, born abt. 1730, married Mary Blain(?) (Belin?) Nov. 1762, St. Philips Church,Charleston, SC. possible father of William Snowden, b. May 4, 1774 (5) in SUMTER Co, SC. Joshua's father was Joshua Snowden, b. before 1711, married Elizabeth Evans, Sept. 20, 1729 in Charleston, SC. I am looking for a paternity connection between him and William Snowden. (February 21, 2004)

Kathy Snowden
3611 Indian Springs
Marshall, TX 75672

QUINNEY - Looking for information on John Quinney listed on the 1810 census. (February 21, 2004)

Nita Quinney

COLE - DNA Project Announcement
 This announces the establishment of a COLE Surname Y-DNA Project.  There are two objectives for this project:  1)  Determining whether three specific SC families are related, and 2)  Connecting other various COLE lines. The primary objective of this project is to determine if three COLE families in the Sumter/Darlington Districts SC are related or not.  These families are:
1)  John M. COLE Sr of Lynches Creek Sumter district;
2)  Daniel COLE of Darlington District Lynches Creek, m. Marie DUBOSE;
3)  William COLE of Darlington District Jeffrey's Creek, m. Rachel ?.
The secondary objective is to test other COLE subjects to find connections with these or other COLE lines.
For information about this project or to request DNA testing of individuals, please contact me by email at (February 21, 2004)

Jerry Cole
Austin, TX

JENNINGS - I am looking for info  on a John Jennings who was a patriot in the Revolutionary War.-   He was From the Sumter area.  Some of The Children Were- James- Born- 1788- n. car. William- born-1793-1799-  Fairfield Co. S. car.allen - Born-1800- Ky. John- Born 1802 And Virginia. Feb. 22, 2004


COLE - Does anyone have information on a Benjamin COLE in Sumter and Darlington Districts SC in the 1790 to 1810 time frame.  I tracked Benjamin COLE in the censuses and found the following:
1790 SC Census--Cheraw District (Darlington)
1800 SC Census--Darlington County
1810 SC Census--Darlington County
Sumter County deed 1805

Benjamin did not appear in 1820 Census for Darlington or Sumter.  Are all these entries the same Benjamin COLE?  Did he die or move to somewhere else?  I didn't find out where he was born or died.  3/16/2004

Jerry Cole

McEACHERN -  I am looking for any information concerning James A. McEachern who served in  Hampton's Legion, Co. G during the War Between the States. He entered service  in Feb or March 1861, was at Fort Sumter, fought in the Virginia for most of  the war under Jackson and Longstreet.  He surrendered at Appomattox.  He married Victoria Ham in 1862 or 1863.  He had two children-George McEachern and Carson McEachern. 3/3/04
William D. McEachern

WILSON/BRADLEY -  I'm seeking information on James Edmund Wilson who married Martha Janet Bradley.  I'm interested in death dates and burial sites.  03/18/04

William A. Teasley

ROLLO - My 3 Great Grandfather, Jesse Godbold Rollo, was born 1 Jan 1805 in Sumpter Dist., SC and came to Alabama in 1818 with his father, John H. Rollo.  I would love to make contact with anyone that is researching this family or knows of this family. March 21, 2004
J.D. Weeks
1636 Magnolia St. Gardendale, AL 35071
My Web Site:
I collect old Birmingham Postcards and Tuck Postcards of cities in AL
STONE, MOSELEY, AYCOCK, and many more!
My Gedcom file:
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ARTHUR - I am having a hard time finding ANYTHING about Rueben D. Arthur and his family. Born 1733, died March 11 1833, Sherrif in 1808, [Kershaw Co] member of legislatures Widow and four children removed to Alabama 1843. Married Mary Hannah Camber Brisbane Nov 26 1805, Presbeterian from beguning to end. He is buried in the Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Camden. He lived in Sumter and Clarendon also. March 21, 2004

Peter Gold

CANNON - Seeking parents of John Cannon, who appears in the 1800 Sumter Census  [Clarendon district].  I believe he is the John Cannon who married Jemima Broughton.  He died and left a will in Sumter in 1809.  I wonder if Nancy Cannon, who turns up in Salem, Sumter, in 1810, might be a relative.  Any help at all would be appreciated. 30 June 2004
Dale Volberg Reed
126 Mallette Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
LOWREY, NESBITT - Looking for parents/siblings of Henry Alexander LOWREY (born in Ireland) and his wife Elizabeth NESBITT (born about 1805 in SC).  On 1850 census for Sumter District, Elizabeth is listed with the following children:  Alexander (age 17), Mary J. (age 11), Correnia (age 9) and Henry J. (age 7).  Family later moved to Fairfield County. 30 June 2004

Jay McLeod
PLAYER  - DNA Test results show that Sumter Co. and Kershaw Co. Players are related!  John Player (b. 1808-d. 1870) m. Betsy/Eliza___ (b. 1810 - d. after 1880) They were living in Kershaw Co. in 1850, 60, and 70.  Children: Robert Reese Player, Henry Columbus Player, Hannah Player (m. Jesse "Tink" Atkinson), Francis Player, John D. Player, Jr., Ann Player, Elizabeth Player (m. W.H. Cappell), Nancy Player ( m. Richard Brown), and Thomas Doctor Pinkney Player.
Any help linking this Kershaw Co. Player family to the Sumter Players would be GREATLY appreciated!  June 30, 2004
Nancy Player Meissner

HAIR, EVERLEIGH - I am looking for information of ancestors of Robert Hair born about 1810 in SC, married Elizabeth Eveleigh in late 1840's. In Sumter County, SC 1850 census they had 2 small children. She was sister to the Eveleigh's listed on the Civil War monument in Sumter. July 3, 2004.

Roy Wessinger

ANDREWS - Robert Andrews familyof Sumter ccounty. One of his sons was Captain Robert W Andrews, born around 1733 in Northampton, Va. July 3, 2004.

 James Martin
1207Shawnee Dr Hartselle, Al .35640

MAYES - I am trying to help a friend in Ohio with her family tree. And we have traced her great grandfather to South Carolina. His name was James or Jim Mayes/Mays. On the censuses it list him as being born in South Carolina 1845 and 1850. And he was living here in Greenville from 1870 to 1910 when he died, he was married to Harriet Sherman. if any of this rings a bell or you have any input please e mail. July 3, 2004.

Ellie Gill
212 Paris View Drive
Greenville, SC

BARFIELD , MATHIS - Searching for relatives of John BARFIELD b.1877 d.? and his wife Daisy(MATHIS) Barfield Smith b.1888 d.1927. Children are Hayward BARFIELD, Lathan BARFIELD(my grandfather), Marie (BARFIELD) Chewing, Robert BARFIELD, Jessie BARFIELD, Mae Rogers and Daisy Genva Smith. July 5, 2004
Jim Burk

LAWRENCE,THIGPEN, HODGE - I  am researching my LAWRENCE family ancestors who supposedly came to Early Co, GA from Sumter, SC. My GrGr grandfather was Peter E. Lawrence DOB 1827 Sumter, SC.   His father's name was BENJAMIN LAWRANCE.

Here is all we know:
Peter E. Lawrence came to SW GA before 1850 census with a Brother, Joseph Washington Lawrence DOB 1829,a sister, Sarah Elizabeth Lawrence DOB 1820. They came from Sumter, SC.  Their father was BENJAMIN LAWRENCE who married a widow THIGPEN whose maiden name was HODGE.  They had a 1/2 brother named Henry Friendly THIGPEN, a brother named JIM Lawrence and either another brother or maybe a cousin named JEFFERSON LAWRENCE who remained in SC. The time period would be between 1800 and 1850.
If anyone has any connections to or any information on any of these names, please contact me directly. July 5, 2004

 Diana M. Pate
Fitzgerald, GA

GIBBONS and HARDY - Requesting any data regarding William H. Gibbons (born about 1818) specifically his parents, their parents, etc. We know that he was living in Sumter County in 1850. Also, the same information on Thomas Hardy (born about 1801). He was also residing in Sumter County in 1850. I will throughly appreciate any help you can provide. July 26, 2004
Bruce W.Gibbons
Mailing address:
12 Azalea Ave
Middleburg, FL 32068

MANNING - I am looking for a direct line descendant of: Jno. (John?) L. Manning, Manchester P.O., Sumter District, South Carolina AND/OR W.H. Manning, possibly his son, who served in the Army of Northern Virginia,  during the War of Northern Agression, also known as the Civil War, or the War between the states. If you know someone who is doing this research on the Manning surname, please feel free to forward this message on to them. July 26, 2004

 Stephen Myers

HAGANS or HAGINS -  I am looking for Malachiah Hagans or Hagins born say 1758, head of a Sumter County, South Carolina household of 11 "other free" in 1800 [SC:935]. 

In my earlier research I found The Hagins family probably came from Hanover County, Virginia, where the "Widow Hagin & son Zachariah" were listed in a merchant's account book for 6 April 1744 [Magazine of Virginia Genealogy 34:196].

Three mixed-race Hagin/ Hagins children, "Base Born Malatas," were bound apprentice to Arthur Due in October 1760 by the Johnston County, North Carolina Court [Haun, Johnston County Court Minutes, I:46]. They were

1        i. Obediah, born say 1754.

2        ii. Zachariah, born say 1756.

iii. Malachiah, born say 1758, head of a Sumter County, South Carolina household of 11 "other free" in 1800 [SC:935].


1.    Obediah Hagins, born say 1754, was bound apprentice in Johnston County in 1760. He was head of a Wayne County household of 4 "other free" in 1800 [NC:245] and apparently moved to Sumter County, South Carolina, that same year when he was head of a household of 4 "other free" [SC:935] and 6 in 1810 [SC:217a]. He may have been the father of

i. Flavd, head of a Sumter District household of one "other free" in 1810 [SC:217a].


2.    Zachariah Hagins, born say 1756, may have been the Rias Heagin, a "Malatto," who was in Cumberland County, North Carolina, on 14 January 1797 when the court ordered that he receive thirty-nine lashes [Minutes 1791-97, n.p.]. He was taxable on 100 acres in Prince Frederick Parish, South Carolina, in 1786 [S.C. Tax Returns 1783-1800, frame 119]. His son Thomas Hagans was living in Marion District, South Carolina, on 14 August 1809 when he refused to pay the levy "upon all Free Negros Mulatoes and Mestizos," claiming that he was a white man. Robert Coleman and John Regan testified at the October 1812 session of the Marion District Court of Common Pleas that Thomas was the son of Zachariah Hagans and his wife Kesiah Ivey, who was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Ivey of Drowning Creek, Bladen (Robeson) County. The court ruled that Thomas Hagans was of Portuguese descent and acquitted him [NCGSJ IX:259]. Zachariah and Kesiah were the parents of

i. Thomas, born say 1785.


Other members of the family in North Carolina were

i. Amy, head of a Martin County household of 3 "other free" in 1790 [NC:67] and 3 in 1800 [NC:395].

ii. Mary, head of a Wayne County household of 1 "other free" in 1790 [NC:150].

iii. Penny, head of a Martin County household of 4 "other free" in 1810 [NC:437].

iv. Priscilla, head of an Edgecombe County household of 3 "other free" in 1810 [NC:764].

If you find any information will you please share. We want to know why there is so little information on the Hagans in North Carolina. I am suspecting they all left and migrated to NC/SC borders. I also would like to know if there is a cemetery? Are they listed as White or Black? Are there any Hagans left. July 26, 2004

JC Futrell

TRULUCK - I am looking for a family by the name of Truluck.  They would have been in the Florence County-Sumter County area in the early 1800s.  I have found one lady by the name of Marie Truluck Arnold.  I am checking to see if I can find further information about her family.  Please let me know if you have any information on the Truluck family.  I am specifically looking for a Sally Truluck, born 1810, my many times back grandmother.  August 10, 2004

WILSON -  I am looking for information on my grandfather's Family.  His name is Harold Wesley Wilson and I think his father's name was Jake Wilson.  I am trying to trace back the line to see if we came from Scotland.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  August 14, 2004
Melanie Wilson

COGHLAN - THOMAS JEFFERSON COGHLAN, 2nd Mayor (Intendent) of Sumterville.  He was also High Sheriff of Sumter County, State Senator, Blacksmith, Whitesmith.  He married Penelope Sledge and they had no issue.  He was born circa 1803 and died circa 1880.  He was brother to my paternal great grandfather, ANDREW JACKSON COGHLAN, and they were both baptised in a Catholic Church in Charleston, SC.  Anything? Thanks. September 11, 2004
Charles Coghlan
416 Fernway Drive
Central, SC 29630

COLLINS - Leads to lost family of G A (Gehue Ashby)(sp?) Collins born Sumter District Jan 21,1868 first marriage to Bernice ? second marriage to Lilliea Hortense Grier, Daughter of Francis Grier of Marion District SC. Moved to GA 1895. Lilliea first husband was Saul A. Collins b/1840. Spring Hill, Sumpter Dist. September 11, 2004
Barnie T. Collins, Jr.
1734 Cedarwood Rd.
Milledgeville, GA 31061-2411
478 452-9017

HARVIN - I'm searching for my grandfather's parents, March and Mariah Harvin from the Alcolu and Manning area. They had seven children: Chamberlain, Henry, Samuel Simon, Ned, Mary, and Catherine. 
Chamberlain married Hannah Ramsey and had 7 children: Hosea (Theo), Simon, Ramsey, Elena, Alice, Eleanor, and William. The family later moved to Wedgefield in Sumter County. They were members of Bethel AME Church there. Chamberlain died in 1954 and Hannah died in 19 51. They are both buried in the Aycock Cemetery in Wedgefield.

I am develping a family history booklet on my ancestors for our upcoming reunion. I hope that someone can help me with more information. September 25, 2004

Pat Mathews

BROWN/ROBINSON - Searching for information on my grandfather’s side of the family.  His name is Willis Brown and he was born on July 4, 1915 in Sumter, South Carolina.  His parents were Willis Brown (DOB: January 1, 1885) and Matilda Robinson (DOB: 1886?), both from Sumter, South Carolina.  Willis’ father’s name was also Willis, mother’s name unknown, sister’s name was Sophie.  Matilda’s parent’s names were William and Janet Robinson and her brother’s name was Sam.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  September 25, 2004

Sharon H. Newman 

80 Payne Street, Elmsford, New York 10523

Voicemail:  (914) 995-6268

RILES - Seeking any info on the Vincent "Vince" RILES (RYALS/RIALS) family.  Vincent b abt 1870 Sumter Co SC, d 15 Jan 1939 Sumter SC;  parents-?  Vince marr abt 1890 SC, to Caroline Elizabeth PARTIN/Parton (b abt 1875 SC, d 26 June 1933 SC).  Need Vince & Carrie Elizabeth's parents, sibs etc.  Known children: 1).Horace (m Rita?); 2).Ed "Eddie" (m Hilda?); 3).Rosa (m Mr Hussy?); 4). my
ancestor "Carrie Belle" Caroline B. b abt 16 June 1890? SC, d April 1967 Miami FL, m #1 Archie Harold PORTER abt 1904 SC;  5). Perry Moses b 09 May 1895 SC, d 29 Jan 1973 Sumter SC, m Louise Inez "Nannie" WINDHAM (b 1915 SC) on 28 Oct 1938 Sumter Co SC.  Any suggestions, help, data greatly appreciated.  Will exchange fam info. September 25, 2004

Kathleen Hozza

YOUNG and WRIGHT - My grandmother's name was Sammie Young.  Her husband (my grandfather) was Joseph Young. They had 13 kids.  My grandmother's maiden name was Wright.  Her sister's names were Dinah, Lottie, Bessie, and Cassie.  I don't know much about them and would like to find out. My mother's name was Josephine Young.  She was the second eldest and is now deceased.  I am the sole survivor of Josephine (Young) Butler's descendants.  My mother was married to Abraham Butler.  All of Sumter, SC and Rembert, SC.  I'm not sure what town they were born in - but I do know they were members of Rafting Creek Baptist Church.  Any help would be appreciated.  October 17, 2004
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PATE, BROWN - I'm hoping to locate a marriage date on Elijah Pate & Martha Emma Brown in the 1850-1852 range & if possible, a probate for Lewis Pate sometime during the late 1820s.  Thankyou. January 24, 2005

Charles Lynn Parker

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