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South Carolina


In the Name of God Amen I James Atkinson ofSt Marks parish Craven County and Province of South Carolina Planterbeing thro the abundant Mercies of God, in perfect Health and soundand discerning mind and memory Do, for avoiding Controversies aftermy Decease make publish and Declare this my last Will and Testamentin the manner following And first I commend my Soul into the Handsof Almighty God that gave it not in the least doubting that I shallreceive the same again at the Resurrection of the Dead thro themerits of Jesus Christs, my Saviour my Body I commit to the Earth tobe Buried decently at the Discretion of Such my Frends as shall havethe direction thereof; and as touching and concerning Such Estate and affairs where with it hath pleased God to ble(s me in this world,I give and bequeath thereof as follows &endash; I leave to my loveingWife Elizabeth Atkinson during her natural Life and no longer the useand profits of the Plantation whereon I now live situate on BlackRiver; as also the use and labour of the three following Negro Slavesviz, David (crossed off and replaced by Daniel), Jenney and, Jack andEight pick Cows & Calves and Eight sows and pigs as also a Fetherbed and furniture &endash; I give and bequeath to my son MarmadukeAtkinson one Negro man slave named Ned &endash; I give and bequeathto my son Shadrick Atkinson one negro man slave named Will and oneNegro Woman slave named ris. And the increase of her Boody, the saidNegroes he now has on po(se(sion - I give and bequeath to my sonAdwill Atkinson one Negro man slave named Issac and one negro boySlave named Joe and one Negro gairl Slave named lucy and bed andfurniture now in his po(se(sion &endash; I give and bequeath to theheirs of my Daughter Martha Lenior deceased one negro woman slavenamed Sarah and the increase of her body which Said negro they nowhave in po(se(sion &endash; I give and bequeath to my Daughter LucyCro(swell and the Heirs of her Body one negro woman slave and herincrease forever which said Negro they now have inpo(se(sion and hername is Mall &endash; I give and bequeath one Negro woman Slave namedWinney and her increase for ever the said negro they have now inpo(se(sion &endash; I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sylvia Spightand her Heirs three Negro gairls Salves named Pegg Sarah and Cate andtheir increase for ever, and after my Wifes Decease I give to myafore said Daughter Sylvia the above mentioned negro Woman Slavenamed Jenny also a Feather Bed and furniture the Said Bed she has nowin po(se(sion &endash; If my son Marmaduke Should survive me, I giveand bequeath to him one other negro man slave named Jack &endash; andit is my will and Desire that the above mentioned Negro Dannel Shallbe appraised by my three sons Shadrick Fedrick and Adwill after myWifes Decease and one of them to purcahse the said negro paying onethird of the appraisment to each of the other two and after my WifesDeceased I give and bequeath to my son Adwill Atkinson the plantationwhereon I now live &endash; I give and bequeath to my children namelyMarmaduke Sharrick Fedrick Lucy and Elizabeth to Each of them twentyfive pounds out of a note Due from John McQueen to me and all myother Estate not bequeathed above to be sold my Debts and funeralExpenses to be paid and the Remainder to be equally Devided betweenmy then Surviveing Children &endash; and I nominate & appoint myloveing wife Elizabeth Atkinson Executrix and my two Sons Shadrick& Fedrick to be Exectors of this my last will and Testament inwitne(s where of I have here unto set my hand & Seal this 31stDay of October 1785 &endash; Signed Sealed Published Pronounced andDeclared to be his last will and testament in the presence of WilliamDavis, Mathen Carter, Redden McCoy


Interlined before asign,d with this wordSylvia



James X Atkinson



Not recorded in Will Book

Bundle 119 &endash; Package 1.