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Banffshire Surname List


Surnames W

WALKER, all dates; Banff; Robert Knapp

WATSON; post 1760; Alvah / Marnoch; Jackie Carlton

WATSON; all dates; all places; Suzanne Tainsh

WATT; post 1680; Gamrie; Margaret Shand

WATT; pre 1840; Mortlach; Lyn McConnell

WEMYSS; pre 1850; Gamrie; Sue White

WEST; 1865-1870; CON, ENG > Gamrie > MOR, SCT; Craig D Wood

WILSON; all dates; all places; Ann Skinner

WILSON; all dates; BAN > ABD; Dawn Riddoch

WILSON; all dates; BAN > AUS; Ann

WILSON; 1750-1850; Keith > Cullen > Rathven > Gamrie; Jan Bremner

WILSON; 1750-1870; Fordyce; Adrian Verry

WILSON; 1780 to present; Keith; Dorothy Graham

WILSON; 1800-1900; Alvah / Banff; Don Wilson

WILSON; 1800-1875; Alvah / Banff / Gamrie / Macduff, Gamrie; Ian Mann

WILSON; 1840; Boharm > Keith; Katherine Blake

WINCHESTER; 1700-1900; Keith; June Young

WISEMAN; all dates; all places; John McKay

WISEMAN; all dates; Banff / Gamrie; Susan Wiseman

WISEMAN; post 1680; Gamrie; Margaret Shand

WISEMAN; 1700-1880; Keith; Wendy McLean

WISEMAN; 1750-1900; Rathven; Sarah Walker

WISEMAN; 1760-1820; Banff; Brett Prentice

WOOD; pre 1900; Gamrie; Sue Jones

WRIGHT; all dates; all places; Maggie Barron

WRIGHT; pre 1850; Alvah; Martin Phelps

WRIGHT; 1800-1850; Fordyce; John Tomkies

WYSEMAN; all dates; all places; John McKay