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This is the entrance to Bridewell Prison located in the village of Judburgh, Scotland on the grounds of the Jedburgh Abbey.

The abbey was founded in the ninth century, destroyed by wars and rebuilt several times, and the prison was added to the grounds in 1843.

It seems that several prisons in the UK were named Bridewell, so to make sure during your research that you have the right prison, be sure to always check the location.




Bridewell/Jedburgh Prison 1851


by Graham Maxwell



Here is the full list of the prisoners in Jedburgh Prison in the 1851
Census: Jedburgh Parish, Book 9, Page 2,
Jedburgh Prison

David Blyth; Prisoner; Unmarried; 12; Hawker; Roxburgh, Kelso

Andrew Cairns; Prisoner; Unmarried; 21; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Nisbet

John McKeady; Prisoner; Unmarried; 30; Mason; Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas

William McDonald; Prisoner; Married; 36; Basket-Maker; Midlothian, Edinburgh

James Buchanan; Prisoner; Unmarried; 19; Railway Laborer; Donegal, Donegal

William Wallace; Prisoner; Married; 35; Fishmonger; Down, Roughisland

William McFarlane; Prisoner; Unmarried; 25; Stocking-Weaver; Roxburgh, Hawick

Benjamin Lamb; Prisoner; Unmarried; 21; Stocking-Weaver; Roxburgh, Hawick

Thomas Costello; Prisoner; Unmarried; 23; Railway Labour; Ireland, Coshcallighan

Andrew Wilson; Prisoner; Unmarried; 18; Slater; Midlothian, Dalkeith

Robt. Elder; Prisoner; Unmarried; 22; Tailor; Roxburgh, Hawick

Peter Blyth; Prisoner; Unmarried; 18; Hawker; Roxburgh, Kelso

Matthew Blyth; Prisoner; Married; 38; Basket-Maker; Roxburgh, Yetholm

William Crocket; Prisoner; Unmarried; 35; Cotton-Weaver; Lanark, Biggar

John Ferguson; Prisoner; Married; 55; Stocking-Weaver; Roxburgh, Hawick

Robt. Miles; Prisoner; Unmarried; 18; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Kelso

William Bailie; Prisoner; Unmarried; 19; Basket Maker; Roxburgh, Kelso

Elliot Aling; Prisoner; Unmarried; 25; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Kelso

James Rutherford; Prisoner; Unmarried; 21; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Kelso

Simon Hossack; Prisoner; Unmarried; 18; Baker; Roxburgh, Kelso

Thomas Hogg; Prisoner; Widower; 49; Fisherman; Roxburgh, Roxburgh

William Scoon; Prisoner; Unmarried; 33; Cattle-Dealer; Roxburgh, St. Boswells

Michael McAndrew; Prisoner; Married; 21; Shoemaker; Mayo, Kilcommon

George Scot; Prisoner; Unmarried; 38; House Servant; Roxburgh, Ancrum

George Scot; Prisoner; Unmarried; 28; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Kelso

John Taylor; Prisoner; Married; 52; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Yetholm

William Taylor; Prisoner; Unmarried; 22; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Yetholm

John Bolton; Prisoner; Unmarried; 25; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Yetholm

Helen Kirk; Prisoner; Married; 47; Housekeeper; Dumfries, Holywood

Elizabeth Ritchie; Prisoner; Unmarried; 12; Nill; Roxburgh, Kelso

Margaret Duncan; Prisoner; Unmarried; 22; Hawker; Fife, Cupar

Jane Kyle; Prisoner; Unmarried; 26; House-Servant; Roxburgh, Kelso

Janet Mundle; Prisoner; Unmarried; 21; House-Servant; Dumfries, Dumfries

Catherine Elliot; Prisoner; Married; 47; Hawker; Midlothian, Edinburgh

Agness Wilson; Prisoner; Married; 29; Hawker; Midlothian, Edinburgh

Hope this helps,

Graham Maxwell