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Glenholm (parish)

The following account of the parish was printed in the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, edited by John Marius Wilson and published by A. Fullarton & Co. in 1868.

GLENHOLM, a section of the modern united parish of Broughton, Glenholm, and Kilbucho, in Peebles-shire.  It consists of a vale 2 miles broad, and nearly 7 miles long, drained by Holms water.  Along one-half of its eastern boundary, it is traced and enlivened by the brilliant Tweed; and, along its northern boundary, it is separated from the parish of Stobo by Biggar water.  Nowhere does it touch Broughton except at its north-west angle; but, over two-thirds of its length, it marches with Kilbucho.  It is beautiful and lovely in its features.  Nearly all of it is a delightful pastoral vale, cut lengthways into two nearly equal parts by Holms water, which flows so gently, and lingers with such fondness amongst the charms of the overseeing landscape, that the northerly or the southerly direction of its motion is doubted by the tourist till he comes close upon its banks.  Yet the stream, though placid, is not sluggish; and the valley, though soft and mild, is exultant in the gorgeous framework of one of the richest districts of the southern highlands.  Collateral glens, too, come down upon the main valley, and seem like joyous and beautiful children pressing upon the sides of a happy and rejoicing mother.  Glenhigton, Glencotho, Glenkirk, and Glenludo, all partake the beauteousness of the parent valley of Glenholm, and bring down upon its smiling stream their tributary rills.  Glenholm was anciently a rectory in the deanery of Peebles.  In the upper part of it, at a place called Chapelgill, there was formerly a chapel.  The parish-church, though now abandoned for that of the united parish situated in Kilbucho, was rebuilt so late as 1775.

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