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Peebles Railway

The following lengthy account of the Railway was printed in the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, edited by John Marius Wilson and published by A. Fullarton & Co. in 1868.

Peebles Railway, a line of railway from the town of Peebles near the centre of Peebles-shire, to a junction with the North British railway at the Eskbank station, in the south-western vicinity of Dalkeith in Edinburghshire.  It was authorized by parliament in July 1853; and was commenced to be formed in August of that year, and opened for traffic in the end of June 1855.  It is a single line, with the narrow gauge.  The act of parliament for it cost only about £1,000; the land for it was nearly all obtained at agricultural prices; and the total cost of its construction, including all expenses, was about £4,500 per mile.  Its length is 19 miles; and the length of the part of the north British which connects it with Edinburgh is 8 miles,--making a total distance from Peebles to Edinburgh of 27 miles.  The line runs northward, up Eddlestone-water, from Peebles to the boundary between Peebles-shire and Edinburghshire; and it runs north-north-eastward down the right side of the basin of the North Esk, from the boundary between Peebles-shire and Edinburghshire to the junction with the North British.  The stations on it are Eddlestone, at 5 miles from Peebles; Leadburn, at 10 miles; Penicuick, at 12 miles; Roslin, at 15 miles; Hawthornden, at 16 miles; and Bonnyrig, at 18 miles.  Coaches run in connexion with it, from the Peebles terminus to Innerleithen, and from the Leadburn station to Romano-bridge, Broughton, and West-Linton.

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