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West Lothian Surname List


Surnames F

FAIRLEY; pre 1855; Uphall; Harold Poile

FAIRLEY(IE); pre1850; Livingston; Frances Braddick

FAIRLEY(IE); post 1800; Bathgate / Kirkliston / Uphall; Mary Connell

FAIRLIE; all dates; all places; Fiona Wark

FAIRLY; pre1850; Livingston; Frances Braddick

FAIRL(E)Y; all dates; all places; Fiona Wark

FAIRWEATHER; all dates; Bathgate / Linlithgow / Livingston / Whitburn; Pam Thomson

FAIRWEATHER; all dates; Bathgate > BC, CAN ; Pam Thomson

FARQUHAR; pre 1956; Bo'ness; Angela Gerber

FERGUSON; 1891 to present; Linlithgow; Agnes Johnston

FERN; all dates; Whitburn; Bart McIlroy

FERRIER; all dates; Linlithgow; Alan Deller

FILLANS; all dates; Bathgate; Forbes Taylor

FINLAY; pre 1800; Whitburn; Brian Martin

FINLAY; post 1922; all places; Jim Lang

FINNIE; 1775-1875; Linlithgow; A Norman

FISHER; circa 1830; Uphall; Sharyn McLellan

FLANNIGAN; pre 1930; Bo'ness / Carriden; Ian Black

FLEMING; all dates; all places; Fiona Wark

FLEMING; 1700s; Bathgate; Fiona Draper

FLEMING; post 1740; Kirkliston; Louise Smith

FLEMING; circa 1800-1820; Torphichen; Rosemary Probert

FLEMING; circa 1830-1890; Bathgate > Edinburgh MLN; Rosemary Probert

FORDYCE; post 1800; village of Whitburn, Whitburn; Alex McVey

FORGIE; 1816; Bo'ness; Ann Marie Barbas

FORREST; 1700-1760; Bathgate; Robert Forrest

FORREST; post 1700; Kirkliston; Graham Marshall

FORREST; 1770-1835; Kirkliston / Uphall; Fiona

FORREST; pre 1810; Whitburn; Brian Martin

FORRESTER; circa 1850 - 1900; Bathgate; Roy Forrester

FORSAITH; circa 1792; Torphichen; Judy Auld

FORSAYETH; circa 1792; Torphichen; Judy Auld

FORSYTH(E); circa 1792; Torphichen; Judy Auld

FOX; 1850-1880; Uphall; John and Betty Fraser

FRASER; 1800-1830; Linlithgow > LAN, ENG; Jan Rapacz

FRASER; 1982; Bathgate; Ardgour

FREW; circa 1821; Carriden / Linlithgow; Jocelyn Wilms

FRISLE; 1780-1830; Bathgate / Uphall; Colin Walker

FRIZAL; 1780-1830; Bathgate / Uphall; Colin Walker

FRY; post 1879; ANT, IRL > Oakbank / Pumpherston, MLN > Broxburn, WLN; Matthew Fry

FURLEY; all dates; Abercorn; Stan Barclay

FUR(E)Y; post 1860; IRL > STI > Bathgate; Anna Rufer