West Lothian Surname List


Surnames H

HAGGARTY; 1840-1914; all places; Elaine

HAGGIE; pre 1881; Bo'ness / Carriden / Kirkliston; Bob Nield

HAGGIE; pre 1927; Livingston / Whitburn; Barney O'Shaughnessy

HAMILTON; all dates; Bathgate; Diane Lindsay

HAMILTON; 1700-1800; town of Linlithgow, Linlithgow; Jenny Goy

HAMILTON; circa 1790; Bo'ness; Dorothy MacGregor

HAMILTON; 1790-1900; Bathgate; Janet White

HAMILTON; 1850-1870; Bathgate / Whitburn; Pam Mare

HARDIE; all dates; Linlithgow; Lyn Beeley

HARPER; 1849-1890; Bathgate; W Gover

HASTIE; all dates; Whitburn; Karen Russell

HASTIE; 1800s; Bo'ness / Carriden; Janice Matthews

HASTIE; 1817-1911; Bathgate; Janet White

HAZELMERE; circa 1850; all places; Cas Liber

HAZLEMERE; circa 1850; all places; Cas Liber

HEPBURN; 1900 to present; Linlithgow; Bill Shanks

HENDERSON; pre 1850; Bo'ness; Patricia Breen

HENDRY; post 1830; Whitburn; Sharlene Torres

HENNING; circa 1846; all places; Nancy Griffith

HENRY; 1775-1820; Bo'ness > QC, CAN; Ann MacKay

HENRY; 1830; Bo'ness; Jeanette Peters

HESLIN; all dates; Linlithgow; K Robertie

HETHERTON; post 1725; Kirkliston; Louise Smith

HEUGH(ES); all dates; Bathgate; James Heugh

HEWETT; 1783-1830; Bo'ness / Linlithgow; Roz Monaghan

HIGGINS; post 1680; Linlithgow; Trey Higgens

HILL; 1600s; Kirkliston; Brian Rough

HILL; pre 1850; Linlithgow; B Ford

HILL; 1800-1850; all places; Joan Conboy

HOSSACK; pre 1908; Bathgate; Shifter

HOWISON; all dates; Linlithgow; Alan Deller

HUME; all dates; Linlithgow; Noreene Meldrum

HUME; pre 1800; Winchburgh, Kirkliston; Jack Hayes

HUNTER; 1830-1840; Bathgate; Claire Smith

HUNTER; post 1880; Fauldhouse, Whitburn; Mary McIntyre

HUNTER; 1880-1900; Kirkliston; Alison La-vine

HUNTLEY; 1890-1930; Furnace Row, Bo'ness; Jayne Ross

HUTTON; 1750-1880; Bathgate; Janice Poskitt

HUTTON; 1800-1900; Linlithgow; Karl Ransome