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Will of William Brandon

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QUERY by Gloria Brown, who submitted the following will:

In William Brandon's will, recorded in Union, SC [Will Bk. A, p.118, 11th Feb 1801], he names as his executor John Brandon, Jr. He identifies John Brandon, Jr. as the son of the widow Jean Brandon [written in the margin - Jean Todd Brandon]. Witnesses to this will: Thomas Brandon, Arthur Brandon, James Brandon. Is this John Brandon, Jr. the same John Brandon, Jr. (1764-1865) who left a will recorded in Macon Co., TN and Monroe Co., KY naming as executor William Jordan Wilson (husband of Elizabeth Brandon)? In his will he identifies two daughters who live with him: Jane Woodson and Mary Ann Brandon. He refers to other heirs, but does not name them. Can anyone identify these Brandons?.



Thomas Brandon, Ordinary


Will of William Brandon:--made Dec. 13, 1790 and recorded in Will Bk. A., pg. 118 on Feb. 11, 1801--Box 3, pkg. 2.

In the name of God, amen, this thirteenth day of December 1790, I William Brandon of the state of South Carolina, of Union County, being of sound mind, and many thanks to almighty God for the same but calling to mind it is ____ appointed for all men ____ to die. I make and ordain this my last will and testament that is today first of all I give and recommend my sole unto the hands of almighty God who gave it and my body to be buried in a Christian-like manner at the discretion of my executor hereafter named nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly goods with which it has ordained God to bless me in this life I desire and ____ in the following manner and form ____ I give and bequeath to George Brandon son of Richard Brandon a tract of land lying and being between Farfors (Fairforest) and Tyger River known as Mulkey old place. Also 30 acres joining it and conveyed to me by Basil Wheate. Also all the remainder of a tract of land pattoned in my own name except what is conveyed Thomas Green and a hundred to be conveyed to my brother, Thomas, joining his land he had of Patrick Early confirming all and every part of the above land as described".........etc. "I give my nephew William Brandon, son of my brother, Thomas, my riding horse and sadal to his only use.....I do appoint John Brandon Jr., son of widow Jean Brandon, to be my executor untill the parties comes of age to whom she ?one? bequeathed.



only use....and I do hereby M.... disalow revoke and disannull all and every other forms testament with Leaguseys and bequest and executors by me in any above ____ will and bequest. Ratifying and confirming ____ and no other to be my last will and testament in wittness whereof I have set my hand and seal this day above written. Signed sealed pronounced and declared by this, I William Brandon. Also I do appoint John Brandon Juner son of Widow JEANE Brandon to by my executor to take care of the ____ Leagisys to the party comes of age to whom the one bequeathed.

In presence of us--his:

Signed William (X) Brandon

Thomas Brandon

Arthur Brandon

James Brandon (Inventory of the effects of William Brandon, decest, made by us this 27th day of May 1800."

"Being appointed by the Court of Ordinary and duly sworn, have made the above inventory."

Signed: James Bell

Arthur Brandon

Harrison Brandon



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