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Campbell Family Bible Records

The following was copied from a Campbell Family Bible, York County, South Carolina.

Submitted by
Buzz Davis

Campbell Family Bible Marriages

Andrew P.C. Campbell and Mary McMahhan was married November the 13th 1849.

Margaret M.J. Campbell and Andrew Jackson was married August 13th 1850.

Samuel L. Campbell and Margaret Rebecca Wallace was married March 4th 1851.

Clementine L. Campbell + J.R. Wallace were married April 26th 1853.

William E.I.A. Campbell and Fannie E. Dulin was married May 13th 1869.

D.M. Campbell & M.J. Miller was married May 24th 1859 by Rev. W.W. Carothers.

Campbell Family Bible Births

Isaac Alexander Campbell was born May AD 1769.

Elizabeth George Campbell was born September 3rd 1802.

Andrew Patterson Cherry Campbell was born May 13th 1827.

Samuel Leroy Campbell was born August 23rd 1829.

David Marshall Campbell was born February 21st 1832.

Margaret Mary Jane Campbell was born June 1st 1834.

Clementine Lawrence Campbell was born December 12th 1836.

Abigail Eliza Ann was born December 25th 1838.

William Elias Isaac Alexander Campbell was born February 1st 1843.

Francis Elizabeth Campbell was born August 13th 1848.

R__ubin Lesley Campbell was born January 31st 1870.

Isaac Howard Campbell was born April 9th 187_.

Elizabeth Caroline was born August 29th 1874.

Andrew Lee Campbell was born July 17th 1876.

Henrietta Campbell Traywick was born Feb. 12th 1877.

Hattie Lynn Campbell was born Sept. 10 1886.

Sarah Jane Campbell was born July 31, 1878.

Campbell Family Bible Deaths

Isaac A. Campbell died July 23 1854 aged 85 yr. + 2 month.

Elizabeth G Campbell died Jan 20th 1878 aged 75 years 4 M + 17 days.

William E. Campbell died April 14th 1888 aged 45 yrs 2 mo and 14 days.

Andrew Campbell died July 31st 1892 aged 65 yrs + 6 mo.