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Identifying 1920 Automobiles

Above is the title page from the 1920 textbook. Below are the pages that show how to identify gasoline automobile body types.
I do not have any more scans and I gave away the book. Click images to enlarge.

Figure 16:
a) roadster
b) coupelet
c) coupe
d) convertible coupe
e) clover leaf
f) touring car
g) salon touring car
h) convertible touring car
i) sedan
Page 22: Identifying the 16 bodies of Gasoline AutomobilesPage 23: Figure 16

Figure 17:
a) open sedan
b) limousine
c) open limousine
d) berline
e) landaulet
f) brougham
Page 24: Figure 17Page 25: Figure 17 descriptions

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