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Historical Sketch of Carlisle, PA

Cumberland Fire Co. Centennial
Carlisle Old Home Week
August 23-28, 1909

Click all images to enlarge. The original publication was not this color, but converted so it would be legible.

The historical sketch begins: "Carlisle, the county seat of Cumberland County was founded in 1751, when Pennsylvania was an English Province under the proprietorship of the three Penns -- John, Richard and Thomas. The lot occupied by the Carlisle Deposit Bank was the first grant of record in Carlisle, May 17, 1751."

 Mollie Pitcher's GraveShelling of Carlisle in 1863
The Good Will - First Hand Fire EngineInterior Bowman & Co.Notice about photographs
Bowman & Co.'s Department Store 
Cumberland Fire Co.Union Fire Co.
Empire Hook & Ladder Co.Shelling of Carlisle, July 1, 1863
Public Square 1862Good Will Fire Co.

Vintage Postcards of Carlisle, including Dickinson College.
Conway Hall, Carlisle, Pa

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