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East Greenwich Academy, Rhode Island

A.K.A. Kent Academy, Providence Conference Seminary, East Greenwich Seminary, and Greenwich Academy.

A postcard of the "East Greenwich Academy, Main Building" mailed in 1907
"Catalogue of the East Greenwich Academy, Founded 1802, East Greenwich, R. I.
For Five Terms Ending June 22, 1893.
" Page 2.
Scan numbers do not correspond with page numbers.
Page 23: Summary of students Page 24: Courses of study; English, College Prep Page 25: College Prep
Page 26: College Prep Page 27: Art; Elocution Page 28: Courses
Page 29: Courses Page 30: General Information Page 31: School history
Page 32: General - Religious Page 33: General Page 34: General
Page 35: Prizes Page 36: Prizes Page 37: General
Page 38: General Page 39: General Page 40: Co-Education
Page 41: Commercial College Page 42: Commercial Page 43: Commercial
Page 44: Commercial Page 45: Musical Institute Page 46: Musical
Page 47: Musical Page 48: Expenses & charges Page 49: Expenses
Page 50: Expenses Page 51: Requirements, prohibitions Page 52: Prohibitions; Program Anniversary Week, 1892
Page 53: Program Anniversary Week, 1893 Page 54: Calendar 1893 & 1894 Page 55: Text Books

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