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Opening of Gandy Bridge, Tampa, Florida
November 20,1924

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Page 1: Bouton & Cermak Page 2: John Alexander Kelly Page 3: Pomello Park - Houk Realth
Page 4: Enlargement of letter. Page 5: Enlargement of letter. Page 6: Donovan & Sons
Page 7: Fisher & Deaderick; Dan MorrisPage 8: Babson Park - StephensonPage 9: Fogarty Brothers
Page 10: N.E. Jones & W.A. ChandlerPage 11: Bostain's Uncle BuddiePage 12: Pheil Hotel, R. T. Thorne; Ray Kimball; Princess Martha, Sherman Dennis; Hillsboro Hotel
Page 13: J.b. Green; W.J. Warrington; Trumpet's Tribune; Foley-CarterPage 14: Trice-O'NealPage 15: Page Brothers; Bonney; Wood; Copeland; Fogg; Page; Graves
Page 16: George S. "Dad" GandyPage 17: Opening ProgramPage 18: Gandy's dream
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