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1881 Scranton Industries, Statistics and Trade Review

Richard Edwards, Editor and Publisher.

The pages of the book only include the towns mentioned, with the page numbering being that of the original work for the whole state. Scranton is on pages 288 (the etching above) to 318. Included are the sections of Providence, Dunmore and Hyde Park. Names in ( ) are the proprietors or managers listed. Linked from the page number is a scan of the original. The scan sizes range from 200 kb to 350 kb. 
Page 289
Historical and Business Review: Banks, Education, The Press, Churches, etc.
Page 290
The Weston Mill Company, Limited
Page 291
T. D. Lewis; Dr. Horace Hollister; Charles Henwood; Joseph Ansley
Page 292
William B. Rockwell; R. M. Lindsay; John Benore; D. Bartholomew
Page 293
John B. Boyle; Catles & Innes; Forest Home; D. F. Kearney; C. B. Nash
Page 294
Luce & Shoemaker; Morris W. Hughes; T. W. Phillips & Co.; D. D. Jones; Louis Driesen
Page 295
George W. Fritz; Eugene Carr; L. S. & E. C. Fuller; C. H. Hazlett; L. B. Powell
Page 296
The Hinsdell Clothing House (illustrated); George Keller
Page 297
E. Sobel & Bro.; S. Reynolds & Co.; P. C. Dolphin; Susquehanna House (Oscar Carpenter); Williams & McAnulty
Page 298
F. W. Watson & Co.; Cleland, Simpson & Taylor; The Lackawanna Valley House (J. E. Whipple); Riley Sickler
Page 299
Lackawanna County Herald (N. Kiefer); Riker Brothers; A. E. Burr, M. D.; James Horton; F. G. Hughes
Page 300
St. Charles Hotel (D. S. Brainard); Academy of Music (C. H. Lindsay); John T. Porter; C. W. Freeman
Page 301
A. Harris; Clark & Snover; B. Moses; The Moosic Powder Company; P. J. Vetter
Page 302
Hill, Keiser & Co.; John Lutz; J. W. Davis; Frank Thompson & Co.; McHale Bros.
Page 303
Kaufhold & Co.; Hess Bros.; Jones Bros.; Zeller & Lorenz; H. Kramer
Page 304
S. Y. Haupt; Doud & Nichols; Levy Bros. & Co.; Casey Brothers; Ha. A. Coursen
Page 305
T. Moore; W. G. Doud and Co.; W. H. Hazlett; J. N. Gardner; Owens Bros.
Page 306
Mursch & Moore; J. L. & A. Hull; Henry Frey; The Star Ale Brewery
Page 307
The Scranton Republican (Hon. J. A. Scranton); Scranton House (Victor Koch) illustrated
Page 308
Scranton Brass & File Works (James M. Everhart); The Sunday Morning Free Press
Page 309
Megargel, Connell & Col; The Scranton File Works (Charles Griesford); Simon Rice & Bro.
Page 310
John Jermyn; Commercial European Hotel & Dining Rooms (J. A. Van Horn); Frank L. Crane
Page 311
Fred J. Amsden; E. Merrifield; Ackerman Bros.; Dr. P. C. Morgan; Frank E. Nettleton
Page 312
W. B. Duggan; Augustus C. Nettleton; Goldsmith Bros.; Charles Schlager
Page 313
Whyte's Hotel; Dr. David B. Hand; The Third National Bank of Scranton; T. H. Watts; Providence Register (Lent & Tunstall)
Page 314
The Scranton City Foundry; William Lewton; G. C. Courtright & Co.; Hugh Culkin
Page 315
G. W. Bushnell & Son; Forrester Bros.; M. Brown; J. Bernstein; A. D. Lord
Page 316
Swan & Price; Morgan & Co.; W. J. Watkins; Rufus Messenger; Jas. H. Johnson
Page 317
Hyde Park Courier (John Morriss); Julius G. Bone; Daniel Swartz; Dan Powell; A. C. Konarson
Page 318
W. J. Maddox; M. O'Boyle; John Klein; Jocob Lotz; William Bright; F. Alexander

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