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Slocum family information in:

Excerpts from the History of the Scranton Postoffice by Col. E. H. Ripple, 1901. Some information not pertinent to this page has been cropped from images. Click most images to enlarge.
The complete book is available in scanned form on The book includes pictures of all the employees in 1901, as well as information on the International Correspondence School in the back of the book.

Page 11: Early History of Lackawanna Valley Postoffices Page 12: Early History continued
Page 13: Early History continued Page 19: Biography of Benjamin Slocum
Page 20: Benjamin Slocum continued, and Frances. Page 21: Slocum family continued. Successor John Vaughn, Jr.
Page 41: Dr. William H. Pier Page 83: Slocum postmasters
Page 84: Slocum postmasters. Ira Tripp family. Page 7: Books consulted - [recommended references]

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