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Bethesda Presbyterian Church

4858 McConnells Highway
York, SC 29745
Telephone (803) 328-1360
Roll of Honor, Confederate Soldiers

Adams, William Speight
Adkins, John J.
Bookout, Marmon D.
Bratton, James Rufus M.D.
Bratton, Thomas
Burris, George R.
Burris, Hugh
Burris, John
Burris, Thomas C.
Burris, Z. D.
Byers, W. Bolivar
Crawford, James H.
Crawford, W. T.
Davison, F. D.
Davison, John A.
Davison, Robert L.
Elder, W. N.
Erwin, J A.
Garvin, John W.
Gordon, Calvin
Gordon, Wm. M.
Grier, Edward H.
Guy, A. Hall
Guy, Wm. N.
Hanna, Dr. Robert C.
Hanna, S. M.
Harshaw, Hugh John
Hinson, John F.
Howell, John Thomas
Jackson, William Floyd
Kuykendal, James W.
Lindsay, Philip W.
Lindsay R. M.
Lindsay, John W.
Logan, David J.
Love, A. F.
Love, Samuel M.
McConnell, Reuben
McConnell, William E.
McCully, Samuel B.
McNeel, G. L.
McNeel, William R.
Mendenhall, Robert
Montgomery, R. F.
Moore, Daniel D.
Moore, James J.
Moore, John M.
Moore, John W.
Moore, Lieut. Jessie N.
Moore, Lieut. Edward
Moore, Philander E.
Neely, R. H.
Poag, Samuel Givens
Poag, William H.
Porter, James Newton
Rainey, Samuel Jr.
Sadler, J. S.
Sadler, Lucieu P.
Sadler, O. W.
Sadler, Richard
Sandifer, Calvin Philip
Star, John Latta
Sutton, W. E.
Wallace, Milton
William, James McLelland
Wyatt, Philip M.

Grave markers for the following names are unknown.They are listed in the Civil War veterans section of the 1994 cemetery survey."Information gotten from the 1938 record of Bethesda Cemetery which is on file at the Rock Hill Library"

Adams, Joe
Aiken, John
Aiken, William
Boggs, Thomas G.
Clinton, John
Clinton, William
Farley, Jim M.
Gordon, Green
Guy, William N.
Hope, Robert S.
Johnson, Nicolson
Lindsay, Milas S.
Sandifer, N. Marion
True, S.N.

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