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Laurelwood Cemetery

Located Betweem W. Main and White Streets
Rock Hill, SC

Roll of Honor, Confederate Soldiers

Memorial honoring our Confederate Soldiers was unveiled May 10, 1922 in Confederate Park and later moved to Laurelwood Cemetery. Ann White Chapter No. 123 has a listing of 202 veterans buried there and will begin cataloging the graves in the future.

The Confederate Soldiers are as follows:

Alderson, William T.
Alexander, Stanhope W.
Alston, Butler P.
Anderson, William
Ayers, John H.
Bailey, J. F.
Bailey, James A.
Bays, Hezekiah Webb
Betchler, Fred Nash
Beckham, T. C.
Best, John J.
Black, William E.
Blake, D. R. S.
Brice, James Yongue
Brown, Robert Lawson
Brown, William
Bryant, S. A.
Button, Daniel Asbury
Byers, J. W.
Campbell, James B.
Caton, J. H.
Clendering, James
Cobb, C. E.
Comer, James R.
Comer, W. S.
Creighton, Eli
Creighton, J. P.
Creighton, W. S. Sr.
Crook, Joseph T.
Davis, Luther M.
Deas, Wilson
Devinney, John McFarland
Dillingham, William
Downun, William F.
Dunlap, E. C.
Dunlap, John James Sr.
Dunlap, W. B.
Dye, John
Fewell, J. W.
Fewell, Samuel M.
Fincher, Silas
Foust, Louis
Friedheim, Arnold
Fudge, Henry W.
Gardner, Churchill
Garrison, Thomas J.
Giles, James O.
Giles, M. O.
Givens, George A.
Glenn, David L.
Gordan, David
Greene, Alexander Hamiliton
Gregory, William M.
Hagins, David Marion
Hagins, John Joseph
Hagins, Robert Jefferson
Hand, Robert H.
Hart, Hiram H.
Henry, William Robert
Hinson, Joshua H.
Hoke, John G.
Holler, A. D.
Holler, Lem
Hough, J. C.
Howe, Robert T.
Huey, James
Hull, J. J.
Hutchinson, A. E.
Ivy, J. M.
Johnson, Miles
Johnston, Samuel Lee
Johnston, T. L.
Jones, Iredell
Keesler, Samuel Golden
Kerr, Robert M.
Kersey, Stephen
Koonce, W. A.
Lee, Thomas A.
Lewis, James Amzi
Lineberger, T. J.
Marshall, John Wilson
May, R. Thomas
McCosh, R. H.
MeCraw, Jacob
McElwee, J. Louis
McFadden, Jefferson V.
Mills, Edwin Ruthvin
Miskelley, J. J.
Mobley, Edward Biggers
Moore, J. Lawrence
Moore, W. S.
Morison, Roberts
Neel, Preston A.
Neely, David Franklin
Neely, John Harvey
Neisler, Joseph
Oates, Isaac Reid
O'Neal, John F.
Orr, W. J.
Owens, Manilus Loreign
Owens, R. D.
Pitman, Atlas
Poag, J. G.
Poag, William Juan
Rainey, Robert
Raterree, John
Rawlinson, J. W.
Rawlinson, W. Joel
Rawls, James Brantley
Reid, William Gregg
Roach, John J.
Roach, W. L.
Robertson, John
Robertson, W. L.
Roddey, William Lyle
Rogers, Sam
Ruff, A. Fletcher
Rutland, Calvin S.
Sadler, Samuel N.
Scoggins, Thomas W.
Shaw, James J.
Simmons, G. H.
Simpson, Isiah
Sitgreaves, F. A.
Smith, A. E.
Smith, A. J.
Smith, Andrew Kohath
Starnes, C. R.
Starnes, Rufus
Starr, William S.
Steele, John G.
Steele, John Newton
Steele, William Amzi
Stevens, James H. W.
Stricklan, Johnston H.
Sturgis, James A.
Sturgis, R. D.
Taylor, Jonathan Walker
Walker, John A.
Wallace, Alexander L.
Waters, John J.
White, Andrew H.
White, James S.
White, Joseph William
Whyte, William
Wilkerson. Leroy D.
Williams Daniel
Williams, Daniel C.
Williams, T. L.
Williford, Jessie
Witherspoon, John Crawford
Wood, Thomas
Wood, Thomas F.
Workman, John Franklin
Workman, Reese Washington
Wright, J. S.


Arledge, Thomas
Black, David
Cherry, Elijah Hyatt
Clark, R. A.
Dillingham, E. A.
Dons, D. M.
Dunlap, J. G.
Garrison, J. T.
Goins, (1st name unk)
Harrison, J.T.
Hart, Captain (1st name unk)
Hayes, J. H.
Hinson, York
Holloman, W. M.
Hough, J. M.
House, (1st name unk)
Howe, John
Huntley, J. W.
Irby, W. J.
Johnson, M.
Johnson, Sam
Jones, Cadwallader
Jowers, John
Kerr, Chap. (1st name unk)
Kirkpatrick, H.
Lazenby, John
Lee, J. C.
Little, W. J.
Manguss, (1st name Unk)
Martin, Perry
Matton, Perry
Montgomery, H.H.
Morrison, B. H.
Morrison, D.
Price, William
Rawlinson, B. H.
Reid, George
Robertson, (1st name unk)
Rockholt, Isom
Sharpe, J. C.
Starnes, A. J.
Stroud, G. W.
Vincent, (1st name Unk)
Wherry, William Coutler
Wood, Thomas F.
Workman, Ryan H.

Thanks to The Micah Jenkins Camp,Sons of The Confederate Veterans for compiling this list.


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