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Neely's Creek ARP Church

974 Neely's Creek Road
Rock Hill, SC
Telephone No. (803) 324-1361

Roll of Honor, Confederate Soldiers

The Ann White No.123 UDC Chapter has recorded twenty seven Confederate graves at Neely's Creek A.R. Presbyterian Church. When the Monument was erected it had only twenty six listed, since then we have located another Confederate Veteran and the Ann White Chapter has placed an Iron Cross at his monument. We have cataloged all of the graves in this cemetery and have forwarded the listing of these graves to the Business Office in Richmond Va. to be placed on microfilm. The list is as follows:

Allen, I. H.
Boyd, John T.
Boyd, William J.
Carder, William Hinson
Clinton, Thomas Franklin
Cornwell, William J.
Edwards, John J.
Faris, John A.
Ferguson, J. T.
Gettys, Ebenezer
Gettys, Thomas E.
Hayes, W. R.
Lesslie, David T.
Leslie, James N. C.
Martin, William
Milholen. J. A.
Murphy, Dr. E. Y.
Orr, Thomas Jefferson
Pitman, Wylie M.
Reid, William C.
Roddey, Thomas Elihu
Walker, A. J.
Westbrook, James A.
Whitesides, T. W.
Williams, C. H.
Williams, John Joseph
Williford, James M.
Others unknown

Monument to Willian Hinson Carder whose name was omitted from the original Monument above.


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